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  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    Forgrimm said:

    His possible sentence should be higher since he's a repeat offender who has already served jail time for bomb threats.

    But these kind of pranks are allowed and such pranks that could result in harm of a person falling, running into another, or injury even death in some of them, and they are allowed on YouTube for that matter?
  • Alleged Perpetrator of Call of Duty WWII 'Swatting' Death Indicted for Involuntary Manslaughter - M

    I don't agree with Swatting, but still he isn't the one who did the murder, he did a crime absolutely, but as we all know police who shoot innocent people get away with pretty much everything and are not held accountable simply because of the fact they are the LAW, and because of Training, even though it was clearly a hoax they could have prevented the shooting in the first place I mean Swat Team has AR-15's with scopes they could have known if they were armed for sure.

    Also, clearly this kid was dumb because he clearly used his home phone, with spoofing APPS to make a prank call, this is something you would never do, and it is absolutely possible to SWAT people while remaining 100% untraceable, and Anonymous given the fact anyone can buy disposable phones which are only used one time, and much better methods to actually make it untraceable which is why this kid was indeed stupid.

    3 Years may not seem like a long time to most, but 3 years in jail is a long time to those who are actually in jail/prison for years.

    Either way Law Enforcement needs to do a better job at screening these calls because even I knew just by listening to the 9/11 call that this was a hoax, but then I've been around the whole internet trolling/griefing thing for years to recognize these kinds of calls very easily.
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  • New Combat System to Arrive on Testlive in February - Conan Exiles -

    The game still uses Denuvo DRM though and requires more resources than your computer really needs to give for the game right?
  • Suspect in Call of Duty 'Swatting' Death to be Extradited to Kansas to Face Charges - General News

    The person who gave the false address needs some jail time as well.

    Infinity Ward, Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, and Activision need to step up and remove all betting from the game.
    True, but is there any proof he gave it with the intention they knew they were going to SWAT someone and did they know what Swatting means?

    Also, he is not the one who murdered anyone while his actions lead to someone's death the real person who actually did the crime goes free because they are Law Enforcement?
  • Monster Hunter World Being Optimized for PC & Primed for an Autumn 2018 Release - News

    If this game doesn't use a "Rootkit" aka Game Guard for example, then perhaps the game could bring down NCsoft's Blade & soul which has many problems from certain game-play to crashing of peoples computers if running Asmedia Sata Drivers.

    Also Goodbye Dauntless because this game could easily make this become one of the biggest flops given character models in MHO look better than Dauntless anyways, and cosmetic options that are there.