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  • Dallas Fuel Releases Controversial Player After Second Suspension - Overwatch - MMORPG.com

    SBFord said:

    I could see this coming. His fanbase is extremely racist all the time and toxic as hell. It's not surprising he acts the same way. 

    Honestly, I hope they clamp down hard on this type of behavior. It's bad enough that the OW community in general is toxic and Blizz has to spend copious amounts of time dealing with it, but it's a whole 'nother thing when the "professionals" act like spoiled, entitled, offensive human beings.

    Blizzard and Riot Games crack down on it, but DOTA 2, and Smite do not, I've posted on Smite's forums how Toxic Trolls abuse the reporting system to get players who don't even talk suspended from the game, and what a joke Smite is to be an Esports title, have yet to hear from them on any fixes to the game... Meanwhile the players who abuse the reporting system talk toxic stuff in chat and get away with it.

    As it is when I play Overwatch I usually just turn off text, and voice entirely because its usually just a bunch of kids who argue when playing with randoms I relaly could careless if all 4 other players go AFK they can do whatever they want if I am going to take it seriously I queue as 5.
  • Albion Online - Lancelot Update is Released! (Sponsored) - MMORPG.com

    Best advice I can give is just wait for Crow Fall, a much more better developed game, the character models are a lot better than Albion, the whole housing system is better, and most importantly after speaking with some of the Partners / developers on their forums, you won't get banned for inadvertently getting involved in a trade with someone who commit fraud unlike with Albion you risk your account still based on the Terms & Conditions, and you can't freely trade items without anything they define as Equal Value or you risk banned too, Crow Fall has "RMT" illegal, but said they actually investigate issues, and you are free to trade and give away anything you like as long as you don't do it for Real Money unlike in Albion.

    Albion was a great concept during Alpha, but a good example of a game ruined by developers same thing like Face OF Mankind which still has players who like the game to this day. Edit: https://forum.albiononline.com/index.php/Thread/84720-12-03-Exploit-Warning-Laborer-Journals-and-Salvaging/?postID=767141#post767141 This came with the new update, bugs and exploits and threats to ban users who who may not have been aware it was a bug until they called it and were made aware, again this happens because of improper testing and thinking of the development team.
  • Final Fantasy XV - Windows Edition First Impressions - MMORPG.com

    My biggest gripe Denuvo...

    Denuvo killed the game for me, I have a massive collection of every Final Fantasy series going up to like PS2, and some on Steam, but not buying anymore Square Enix titles until Denuvo is removed because all it does is hurt the paying customer, decreases PC Performance by taking extra resources when Multitasking, and may not be playable in the future just like Securom... All Denuvo does is hurt the customers who actually buy the game, and prevents modding from fans who like to mod their own games, Just Google Final Fantasy XV Denuvo, what happened before it was even released.
  • With 3 Weeks Until Content Lock, Here's What the Teams Have Been Working On - Conan Exiles - MMORPG.

    But still uses Denuvo right? The DRM which causes Extra CPU Calls, and other things that otherwise would not be needed without it?

    In other words slows down other Tasks or games in the background while Conan Exiles is running.
  • Rift - Prepare for Prime - MMORPG.com

    Again Trion screws up not interested in prime, and why I am not, why the heck would you restrict all Cash Shop items that are not actually Pay 2 Win, in fact the game isn't even Pay 2 Win to begin with, I have a character with like all Trade-Crafts maxed on it do you really think I would want to give that up to play on a prime server and have to level multiple characters to do that, No Thanks...

    Personally I am staying away from Trions games at the moment first "Arche Age Ruined", and now Rift, no idea who is in charge of management over there at Trion worlds but clearly they have no idea how to run a MMORPG company, yet there is a reason why "Black Desert" and games like "PUBG" are doing so good at the moment, even Monster Hunter World???
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