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  • Dragon Bones DLC & Update 17 (with Outfit System!) to Launch in February - Elder Scrolls Online - MM

    Can't wait to see if the customization is just as good as BDO, and or if users will still be charged (Subscription Fee) + $15 per character customization edit rather than just the unlocks.
  • Major security flaw in ALL intel chip......

    Well if they do an update that slows down my system because I benchmark everything even if just by 1 FPS, if there is a class action I will file, because they should be responsible for replacing the exact same chip without the hardware issue or performance slow-downs.
  • Nexon Going Great Guns for Mobile MMOs Including FFXI, LawBreakers a Disappointment - General News

    Nexon has been a failure for many years in many ways part of the problem is the reputation from Combat Arms, Law Breakewrs could be great but it needs many improvements, and more heroes / maps and objectives.
  • The MMOsThat Had It Worst in 2017 - The List -

    Geeky said:
    Good job in "writing" an article that plays right into the MMORPG communities favorite thing. Bashing MMO's. Way to work for the community and industry that is doing so much for you. You do such a shit job at promoting growth and innovation in the genre and are only ever a second fiddle to "breaking news" in the field. This site could and should be such a positive resource for MMO's but it's mouth is stuck around Blizzards cock that nothing decent comes from this site anymore.
    Well I don't see how opinions are bashing MMO's, I've played like every game out there including like all of them on this list I think SOTA too, to know which ones really need to be worked on and the only two I have found worth even playing are ESO, and Black Desert, everything else out there at the moment is just meh, except for like PUBG, or League OF Legends.

    I mean some people don't mind going into an online game like Revelation Online and playing as a total F2P user while having to spend hundreds of dollars on cosmetics to unlock what should be account wide but isn't it's insane, just not my type of games and there are many like it.

    Although I strongly believe that with the games such as Black Desert Online, Crow Fall, Ashes, that it has started a change in the Korean Genere that most Korean Games can't be totally Pay 2 Win or Pay 2 Enjoy anymore or they simply won't get anywhere, I am not sure how many remember how Lineage 2 was, or Last Chaos where you would spend time and money trying to get like a +15 Sword only for it to fail and lose everything and people would spend thousands of dollars on it.

    Even games like EVE Online these days are Pay 2 Win no matter what way you slice it because every character on your account should be able to train at once but they charge you $20 or more per month for Multi-Character Training, while a user who has a million dollars or even $20,000  USD Plus can just throw it into a 1 day old character and get a heavily maxed pilot not many people are going to do this but some have and so it becomes P2E / P2W.
  • Apple now requires games with paid loot boxes to publish the odds

    Awesome great news hopefully Google does the same thing.

    Now if Only Google followed their policy and kicked games that violated the privacy and rights of others by installing Anti-Cheat alongside the game when they told me over the phone that it's not allowed for apps to install other apps including apps such as Nexon Titles that run XingCode, have to disclose this to the players and ask permission first.

    Google should make sure this policy is followed along with the policy of requirement for games with loot-box to disclose percentage.