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  • Nvidia announces Turing architecture

    Hm so are these graphics cards coming to PC is my 1080ti no longer top of the line );?
  • Job Postings Show Up for 'Next-Gen Console / PC MMO' Based on Aion IP - Aion - MMORPG.com

    Free 2 Play, With Pay 2 Enjoy NC Coin Cash Shop !

    $10 Per Plastic Surgery Ticket, while BDO is like $10 for an entire month of character editing...
  • Blizzard Will Fix the Leveling Pace...Once Devs Know Where the Issue Is - World of Warcraft - MMORPG

    Only 200k more boars to go...
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  • Crowfall - 5.5 Milestone Overview

    Renoaku said:
    Looks great, and looks like a good investment into Crow Fall for $1000 <3...

    Player Driven Economy, is something I miss, and have asked about on Crow Fall, Chronicles OF Elyria, ArcFall, Ashes OF Creation, an important thing is that players will once again be able to freely Gift, Invest, or give away Currency, Resources, or items such as Weapons & Armor to new players or their friends without risk of getting banned from the game just for giving away or accepting items, I brought this up with the developers of each game, because I know EVE Online let me give away free miners, and ORCA's to newbie fleets and stuff before, but it seemed for awhile that some games were getting away from the whole Player Economy but advertising themselves as a sandbox game.

    One of the features that I love about Crow Fall, is the Eternal Kingdoms being able to sell loot directly to others from your own vendor makes it a great experience.
    Not sure it's a game I'll drop a big buck on. But even just the alpha, combat is fleshed out really well so far. I'm glad they shot for that first. Race/Class combos took me by surprise, I paid in to test to find it's not race/gender locked as shown in very tech demos and videos. 

    It will certainly be worth a box price and active sub while playing. I dropped 60 on it. I'm glad to see something with a clear vision, and actually doing something with it. A lot of "alpha" out there that don't even have a combat system yet. Released MMO's with abandoned dev teams even. I'd give more just for something to play today a complete game that isn't rampant with exploiting -- I've been burned recently by Wildstar where cheating is the norm and no one doing anything about it. Made p13's a joke when every other fight can be skipped without doing mechanics.  
    Well yeah, it's alpha so it's hard for me to say how great the game will be yet, but the only thing  I can do is put faith into the game that it will be great.

    The types of bugs where you describe are "Game Design Bugs, or Exploits" that should never make it into the game and if are found should be fixed, it's kinda like the recent laborer journal thing with Albion where the developers made the mistake but threatened players with bans for doing it, and even banned accounts off steam discussions for letting them know it wasn't players fault that is just bad development.

    I too would love to pay for a game without cheaters of any kind, I hate cheaters in Arche Age for example how people would skip parts of different instances and boss, and I would join a random group and ask them not to do it and they would exploit/bug it anyways...

    In any online game there will always be cheaters so to speak, the question is how the game company will address the issue, they can either "ban all payers on a first strike whom of which they think bought currency or items with real money" which clearly didn't work out for the company that did this, or they can do like what EVE Online does, and make it a true economy based game, and just remove illicit goods as they go along when possible, because obviously sometimes a player can get involved with a person who cheated a game, and not know it.

    I think the biggest problem currently of 2018, is to address "Credit Card Fraud" in online games like World OF Warcraft, where people can buy WOW Tokens, sell it for in-game gold, and then sell it to other players through a 3rd party website which is illegal, or Bots in general like those that run around harvesting and stuff or teleporting around.

    If there is a way to detect and prevent AFK botting, and Fraud, I really wouldn't care, nor should a company what people do with their items thus making a game a (free player economy) but without cheaters, RMT may still exist but who cares as long as both are prevented.

    The one reason I miss playing EVE is actually helping new players and giving away items in it given I used to run multiple accounts and make tons of isk a day.
  • Accident During Virtual Reality Session Leads to Man's Death - MMORPG.com News

    New warning labels?