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  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Review - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    Looks like a good game to add to the series but won't be buying.

    Game has Denuvo, and every game I've played using Denuvo causes huge performance impacts when running multiple games - CPU Intensive Tasks, so with Denuvo running my frame rate in other games drops to like 40 or below, however when running non Denuvo games i've managed to load up 4+ Games in Ultra Graphics with 100+ FPS on all of them at once.

    Also down the road you may get locked out from playing the game after spending $50 on a product so it's basically a rental


    In short there is no reason why a DRM needs to run anti-tamper checks constantly, and fill up memory buffers when those resources can be allocated to other PC / Gaming tasks.
  • BDO is on sale at Steam for $5. Is it worth it?

    Yes worthit even if you don't like it it's just $5...

    Also be prepared to Swipe $100 a month or more if you really want to enjoy the game IMO it's a requirement to do this. (You don't have to but don't expect to progress anywhere at a decent pace especially beyond TET, the only alternative is to buy them.
  • In-Game Purchase Warning to be Added to Physical Boxes by EU Games Rating Board - MMORPG.com News


    Need a new one that has a picture of A whale for games like BDO, and Game OF War...

    Also many cellphone apps still violating EU gambling law with lootbox.
  • My.com Issues Strikingly Honest FAQ About Ashes of Creation & P2W, Its Role in Publishing the Game

    Okay so it's said there is a contract and it will be the exact same as the U.S, but I really don't trust My.com, sure can give them the benefit of the doubt, but personally unless you're willing to risk lost money I would avoid if you have to deal with my.com as a publisher.

    I spoke about this in "Ashes OF Creation Discord" they didn't like me talking about it when I mentioned how My.com already has all their games Pay 2 Enjoy / Pay 2 Win.

    Skyforge - Instnatly buy high tier weapons
    Skyforge Spend $200+ on 9 event to get top end gear with stats

    Skyforge Every single month or less you get new 9 events new cosmetics you can never get again + certain items that give certain stats effects.

    Skyforge - Pay for weapon can't re-use old skins when new tier weapons come out and you buy them so even if you love that cool skin gotta throw it away later to save inventory space when your like me and own every pack in the game.

    Skyforge is operated just like "Game OF War" basically every few months they just throw in a new cosmetic skin on a weapon make it a tier higher youj lose your money and stuff.

    This does not include the other game called "Revelation Online."

    My.com isn't the worst company, Nexon, NCsoft, and many Mobile APPS are indeed much worse when it comes to Pay 2 Win, but My.com still does to me have that experience where you throw your wallet at them to enjoy the games, and so I do not trust them due to Revelation, and Skyforge being P2E/P2W.

    And another fact to add to the list, they admit they may not meet player expectations, but when games like Skyforge have on - going issues with the game since it's release pretty much un-fixed for years how can you trust they are really trying to improve.

    - PVP, other than battle of Equals is totally unbalanced, rather than beingg a fair game when it comes to Guild vs Guild.

    - No cosmetic system to re-use old cash shop weapon skins on your items and delete them from inventory old tiers.

    - If you miss events you miss out on items you may never get again

    The simplest fixes to make Guild PVP fair like battle of equals, and fix the cosmetic system so the whales who actually spent all the money in Skyforge could keep the skins they have unlocked, but nope no fixes and it's been years, well I was personally one of those whales spent over $700+ USD in the game bought every pack they ever released until this whale finally jumped ship and said enough due to missing a limited time event, and having an inventory full of Legendary that are low tier but I like the skins so can't delete them and no unlock system in place to address the issue.

    But hey let's just wait and see how it goes for this game if it will truly be 100% same as U.S version including cash shop, no Pay 2 Enjoy, or Pay 2 Win aspects and they earn my respect.
  • How does Ashes of creation and Choronicles of Elyria has more votes than Crowfall and Camelot?

    Both games look great and i've thrown $1000 into Crowfall, and $500 into Ashes OF Creation personally.

    Although seeing Crow Fall this late in development there are some things I have been worried about for awhile like the User Interface, and Combat System, just might not be my type of thing but only time will tell on release.

    What draws me to Crow Fall though is the crafting, and ability to craft eternal realms.

    Ashes OF Creation just looked really good on the videos, perhaps I jumped on it too soon, but only time will tell.

    As far as playing "COE" I am uncertain about it friends told me to go ahead and back the game but there's just too many unanswered things especially with the perma death system kinds turns me away from the way the game works and stuff.