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  • FBI urging people to reboot or reset and update the firmware of their home routers.

    Not shocked, I've found 3 businesses IRL that have used "Default Passwords" on their free WI-FI, and also access to their Modem right where I could plug-in a malicious device as well, and possibly do bad things worst of all the Modem in question also was being used for "Credit Card" transactions not to wonder how hackers are doing identity fraud...

    But yep I always keep mine updated and back-Up of odler Firmware as well.

    Oh and I actually pointed this out to the employee at the place, they didn't even know what the device was lol.

    LI-ION battery packs, and Servers ON A Stick are easy enough to plugin to modems and IMO do some pretty good, or bad things, there is always good with technology but you can't leave your stuff exposed to possibly attacks.

  • How players destroy fantastic features: a very interesting interview of Richard Garriott

    Yet SOTA on Steam has mixed ratings, and I just hear bad things about it compared to other games? Ultima Online is one thing but appears the future of games is still degrading for the moment?
  • Bless - Exploring Monetization with Neowiz - MMORPG.com

    So here is the question?

    The Exchange point's is not like "Albion Online", "Guild Wars 2", or "Warframe" where gold sellers and other people can commit fraud by buying in game currency and trading it to others right just to confirm I would hate to see this in another game.

    Although I really don't trust NeoWiz, or that Bless will even be successful at all, I do wonder if it will be worth playing, or if it will be pay 2 win / pay 2 advance like in BDO / Arche Age.

    BDO isn't bad, but like trying to even get a TET Dandellion can cost you hundreds of dollars (25 TET Attempt fails in a month.) at least $100 real dollars put into it.

    Not hard but very consuming.
  • Maelstrom - Battle Royale on the High Seas - MMORPG.com

    The game is fun, but there is only one problem this game has (Cheaters) basically early during the day its usually great fun, get to night time you got people who start teleporting around basically after u fire ur cannons someone has already teleported like a couple of feet ahead and things miss either its cheating, or people with really shitty ISP's in the game but still cheating and messing with legitimate players in the game.

    The game needs Region Locks, and Ping Limits not above 150 at max in order to play on release because its annoying.
  • MMO Sites Are Lying To You For Money

    I wouldn't say it's really MMO sites that lie about games I mean look at what the MMO game companies do themselves after luring consumers into their product I've seen it quite a few times before.

    Trion Worlds - Advertise its game as an MMORPG, with No Tricks No Traps, but in reality, you really have to pay a subscription to enjoy even enjoy the game, and Arche Age was one of the worst disasters done by the company because you pretty much had to pay for everything and in the end it was ruined.

    Sandbox Interactive, Game advertise as a Sandbox MMORPG, but under its EULA may ban players just for trading under 4.5.1 this has never been done in any Sandbox game before because trading is part of the MMORPG & sandbox genre advertising itself as a sandbox isn't right.

    Even Star Citizen, I don't remember where the entire list is, but I believe they even removed content from the game that was promised from the original Kickstarter or made changes not to say it will be a bad game because I don't know yet.


    The word MMO, simply means (Massively Multiplayer Online) so in reality World OF Warships, Dauntless, Skyforge Heroes OF The Storm, League OF Legends, DOTA 2, could be considered Massively Multiplayer because there are over 1000 players playing the game, however, MMORPG is different which advertise the game as a (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) would mean something like Dragons and Dungeons, or Elder Scrolls Online.

    I think (Sub Genres) need to be more organized in sites like MMORPG, MMO Games, and even Massively Overpowered though to sort games by types for example.


    Elder Scrolls Online
    Dungeons & Dragons

    MMO-TCG (Generally any game like HOTS that has over 1000+ Players and takes less than 10 seconds to find a match

    Example, HOTS, Shadowverse, Magic The Gathering

    MMO - Sandbox (Any game that allows freely trading to other players, and allows free progression of character / game-play, but doesn't contain quests, Can't think of any like this at the moment.


    MMORPG - Sandbox Online, (Any game that is a full sandbox with free trading, but also has questing and playing as a character/role.)

    Life is Feudal MMORPG has a few quests.

    MMO-FPS (Any game that has an FPS aspect and over 1000 active players at a given time, but doesn't have quests or a story line.

    MMORPG - FPS (anything that has Questing / Story Line.)

    Warframe, because it has a storyline that is really great.

    MMO - MOBA

    League OF Legends
    DOTA 2

    And yeah in my eyes "World OF Warships" is a good game, although what ruins the experience is 3rd party add-on's that are allowed by the developers of the game in my eyes are cheating, when people can use add-on to make their life easier such as be able to detect how fast a ship is moving, or if it's moving backward vs players who don't use them shouldn't be allowed so I uninstalled the game when I found out about this after spending about $300 in the game in total I think not playing it until that is no longer allowed. I do consider (WOT & WOWS) an MMO, just under a sub genre like a MOBA, because in reality, it's just a MOBA of being matched with X amonut of players then fighting.