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  • To Launch Day & Beyond! - Conan Exiles - MMORPG.com

    DMKano said:

    Looking at steam charts - they lost 90% playerbase since steam launch, hopefully official launch will recover some of those numbers.

    Well they lost me because I purchased the game from a reseller without knowledge it had Denuvo once I found out how this impacted multi-tasking, and performance I totally uninstalled and wiped my drive.

    I hope the numbers continue to decline because the decision to have Denuvo in such a game when "Rust" or many of the other games do not have it is an issue.
  • Darkstarr policy statement for RMT just got posted

    Awesome for a game that supports RMT somewhat, now I am not sure I really like Shroud OF The Avatar as a game but it follows the same principle I believe in that users should be allowed to "Sell Their Time" as long as it doesn't relate back to any type of illegal activity such as fraud, or botting / automation.

    . This is a grey area with companies like "Blizzard" saying that users are not allowed to sell Dungeon Runs, aka RMT, for their time spent as a service just like "UBER" or a TAXI Service in Real Life, people using  https://www.fiverr.com/  to sell dungeon runs is said to be ban worthy but people do it IMO it shouldn't be.

    I hope more games support RMT like this in the future IMO there should be LAWS in the U.S which govern "Time Spent" and allow users to sell any in game assets they want to for Real Money, at least the way I see it, and honestly I don't see RMT as a bad thing given games already do this such as.

    Warframe, Blizzard Entertainment, Arche Age, EVE Online, Second Life, Albion, Entropia, all these games have RMT except they do it using their own in-game currency.
  • Season 5 Update Brings Visual Updates & More Immersive Play - SMITE Videos - MMORPG.com

    DrunkWolf said:

    the game is fun, its just to bad their match maker is still a total disaster after all these years.

    I agree the changes are great I would love to be playing Smite just as much as I do League OF Legends, but when you find your account getting suspended (Without reason) due to "Intentional Feeder" or "Other Reports" because players are salty over your performance, or the god you played, then changes need to come to the game to deal with these players who are usually the abusive ones in chat making smite really unsportsmanlike.

    At least both Riot, and Blizzard are making an Effort to deal with this type of toxicity and have done great at it while Smite & DOTA 2 have not, if you are playing just normal games you run into less toxicity, but the moment you hit ranked its Toxic, Normal Conquest is the second most toxic one that I've played but usually players in Normal seem to be more helpful and don't harassment as bad as Ranked.

    The way I see it Hi-Rez should impliment behavior functions like LOL has including removal of End OF Season Rewards if you are toxic, this would make people think twice before harassing users asking others to report one another and much bad conduct this game has.

    Now I think its okay to have games with shit talk, but if I wanted to experience that in a game I would go play a Full-Loot game or hard pvp game.
  • Free Trial Period Begins & Will Run Through January 24th - DarkFall: New Dawn - MMORPG.com

    So far, I see nothing sub worthy about this game.  For the record I hope to be proved wrong.  Best of luck to them.
    Dark Fall, is still one of the best games out there, its 100% Better than Albion Online, has Naval Combat, Full Loot PVP, and better graphics, now I don't know how good the New Dawn servers are last time I tried it it was laggy but may have improved given its been months ago.

    But the Original Dark Fall game I played I loved it the PVP was awesome, and there are just no other games out there like this except maybe Life IS Feudal or Crow Fall, but neither are released yet and I haven't been able to play them in trial yet except Crow Fall in early alpha.
  • Griefers costing me rl money ?

    My understanding is that after being killed once you can't lose anymore spirit for 2.5 hours. So you cannot get camped.

    The direct counter to griefing is if he did kill you 'many' times he would lose exponentially more play time when he gets killed/imprisoned. So while everyone will lose a little play time due to getting killed in general, a griefer will lose a lot more. This balances the practical reality that he is imposing on your playstyle.

    You also have to take into account the OPC feature, which means a griefer can never log off. He can't enter a settlement and is vulnerable 24 hours a day. Unlike in other mmos where a griefer can log in/off when it is to his advantage.
    Yeah that kind of system is flat out stupid IMO, a griefer should be able to log off the same as everyone or the game should be made like rust.

    And cant enter a settlement this is stupid, the only way this should happen is if a griefer murders lets say 20 people and a person survives to tell the NPC merchant which acts as the police no survivors no penalty for a griefer.

    If your going to have a type of Anti Griefing system at least make it realistic if there are no survivors there is no one to tell the tale.