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  • Star Citizen - Development Updates

    Doesn't matter whether a something is brand new or 100 years old; what matters is: is it in the game or not. All games at the end of the day can be considered a collection of features.

    Dismissing a feature because its 20 years old is churlish. Especially as it still isn't in alpha!

    The key point is that 3.1 has been released to Evocati. Which suggests that the alpha should get the 3.1 update at the end of the first quarter.

  • Mirkwood

    To early to give any meaningful comments yet to LotR's newest content - also known as Update 22.

    The update itself went smoothly however and I thought the occasion should at least be bookmarked.
  • Why I think AGS(Amazon) won't release a single game

    AAAMEOW said:
    BruceYee said:
    Quizzical said:
    Your argument is that Amazon won't release any games because they have released a lot of other things?  I don't follow you.
    How much money can actually be made from New World and Crucible if those games are still even being developed and is it worth it for them is what I'm wondering.
    Looking at Amazon historic data they are not a profitable company.  Actually never was for 20 years.  But the scary part is they are so big now, they own almost everything.  

    Jeff Bezos is the richest man alive and his company was not profitable for 20 years.  

    If you measure profitability as Income - (total) Expenditure yes.

    If you measure profitability as Income - Cost of Existing Operations (free cash flow) then Amazon are, and have been, hugely profitable.

    And unless a business is simply "squandering" its free cash flow it is the second measure that investors are interested in. Which is why Amazon's share price has continued to increase. Amazon is spending the money it makes to get bigger rather than paying huge dividends.

  • Minimum system requirements?

    If you are concerned I would suggest the best course of action is to wait. Being unfinished how it performs today may not be a good guide to how it performs in the future.

    Even when released the minimum and suggested specs suggested don't always give the whole story - sometimes you can get away with less, sometimes you need more. That will - probably - only unfold around launch time. What you want to do as well e.g. take part in big battles etc. will be a factor as well.

  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Asking for a settlement amount - i.e. asking the other side to put a value on their perceived grievance is standard as well. So I think all this does is confirm a) that the process is slow b) that CiG hasn't "cracked" in the face of a discovery motion as some suggested.