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  • From seamless universe MMO to region locked fixed single map arena game with multiple instances.

    Kefo said:

    Don’t take it personally. The fans will spin anything to make it look like this was planned all along or that it’s not as bad as it seems or this was in the expanded vision. Anything that casts SC in a negative light, no matter how small, is misinformation and must be yelled down. 
    Don't take it personally but the trolls will spin anything. Anything that casts SC in a negative light no matter how small must be reported and embroidered. See what I did there?

    The title is misleading. 

    As for 20 year old i.e. 1998 technology the OP obviously never played multi-player games back then.
  • Hawaiian Bill Targets Games with Loot Boxes & Limiting Sales to Minors - General News

    The State will protect you from evil loot boxes! The State will parent your children for you! The State will guide you! The State will provide for you! All hail the Almighty State!
    Fortunately this type of mentality pretty much died out round about the Late Stone Age / Bronze Age allowing mankind to climb out of barbarism.

    But hey scrap the military (its a state function), police - or are you advocating that "the state" shouldn't stop e.g. drug traffickers selling hard drugs to kids; schools (mostly state); courts; infrastructure etc. etc. etc. .......

    Can there be to much control - absolutely; most countries though have found a balance. Most.
  • BioWare's Success with Anthem is Key to Its Future as Release Slips to 2019 - Anthem - MMORPG.com

    acidblood said:

    gervaise1 said:

    Albatroes said:

    Just say "Anthem will not have loot boxes" and its already a success.

    Serious question: how much should the game cost to buy?

    With no loot boxes and no subscription (think Wildstar, ESO, SWTOR etc.) the box price will need to cover all the development costs, marketing costs, running costs and provide a profit. 

    Will you expect follow on content? As DLC? If so how much should the DLC cost? How frequent?

    It depends on what the final product offers, but as a standard I would say 60 USD box price... and no doubt there will be 70-80 USD 'special' editions.

    As for on-going content, running costs, etc. that is covered by additional content releases (and on-going sales). Again, the cost depends on the content, but 15-25 USD every 3-6 months would be reasonable for significant content. An expansion could also be offered every 18-24 months for 40-60 USD.

    And before we get onto 'too expensive'; remember, this is software, only the first copy actually costs X millions to make; making additional copies costs next to nothing; i.e. more copies sold past the breakeven point = vastly more profit (which also applies to additional content).
    I have no problem with the concept of paying for games. Some do as you obviously appreciate.

    What I would question is whether $60 standard is enough. 

    What EA will get per sale depends on what assumptions are made but - assuming the $60 does NOT include sales tax - then on a set of assumptions (see below) EA will get about $42 per sale in revenue. 

    To cover @DMKano 's figure of $250M EA will need to sell over 6M copies. Beforer profit?  

    And if the number is higher than $250M ..... Activision Blizzard warned shareholders Destiny might cost $500M then you are looking at over 13M sales. Admittedly the $500M included Bungee's costs although not AB's and (probably) running costs. Note: on-going running costs rise with higher sales numbers.

    Either way: serious sales numbers. Destiny, The Divison, BF, ESO (eventually) etc. A lot of games don't generate such sales. Which is why you get crates.

    So should they charge more - at what though do sales fall by more than the price increase?

    I suspect a no loot box game would have to adopt what is often called a "luxury" pricing strategy. So a significant price hike - maybe $400 (before tax). A strategy design to make buyers feel both special and exclusive. With an aim of selling 1M copies (to recoup $250M). That would be a brave - or should that be stupid - decision?

    Assumptions for above calc that gave $42.
    a) Tax not included - has to be added to the $60 - $80 price
    b) EA adopt a broad sales strategy to give best chnce of high sales number namely Origin, other retailers, boxed retail copies.
    c)  Sales distribution assumed: 35% sold via Origin with 5% sales&transaction charge; 35% other online with 70% to EA; 30% retail with 25% to EA.
    d) 80% of sales @ $60, 20% sales @ $80) 

  • Curiosity ..

    Employee numbers, especially when they are trying to hide things, is a very misleading number in accounting.  Now, employees with health benefits, that is a good number.  Would they ever release that?  The answer is as simple as: will SC deliver on their promises - no.  (unfortunately)
    The numbers are identical in Germany and the UK; its a non-issue.
  • The 10 Best MMOs of 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    Zenislav said:

    SBFord said:

    Rhygarth said:

    Lol the first 4 are not even MMO's :P

    And so it begins....

    There is nothing to begin. They are not MMOs at all. Warframe is just Diablo style game in third person and PoE is top down hack and slash. You had to stretch this list by puting 5 extra games as there were no new MMOs worth mentioning and just old ones with some crappy DLC like patches except WoW and FF14 that actually get good content.

    "Some crappy DLC like patches" .... hmmm OK so you think Morrowind sucked maybe ....

    However - back in the day - a game like GW1 wasn't considered an mmo - by lots of people. My point being that games have - and continue - to change as technology, software development tools etc. have advanced.

    Dismissing a game because we don't believe it fits our definition of some label - I suggest - is stupid. Why not give the staff some credit and accept that they may actually know their stuff.

    All the games on their list that I have tried are "good solid games"; not all to my taste but that is different. So I am happy to accept that the ones I haven't tried are as well and if I get time I will check them out. Life is to short to worry about labels.