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  • CU big announcement Thursday Jan 18th

    MaxBacon said:
    What I worry with CU is that when the beta opens people will be exposed to something similar to this:

    It already got quite the backlash when posted, been from mid-2017, so what to expect from CU's beta is something I wonder.
    What I worry about is people - who may very well not be current backers of the game - clamouring to see something and when something is released bashing it for not being polished, running well, poorly optimised and so on. And if they don't put something out its a case of why so secretive, MJ will never finish the game, its been x years already, yada, yada, yada.

  • Miners make it harder to find budget video cards

    @Quizzical The other advantage that Maxwell had was its power efficiency. Which @DMKano 's buddy obviously considered.

    For those unaware cryptocurrency "mining" can be thought of as searching for prime numbers. Something I assume most people are familiar with.

    Once an "algorithm" is set up the first results - "coins" - will emerge quickly. Subsequent "coins" take increasing amounts of computation and so become more and more expensive and consequently less attractive. In theory an electronic currency the amount of which is limited could exist. If a standard was ever agreed. And then there is the issue of chips becoming more powerful and, in particular, more power efficient. 

    The power aspect is a big thing. Its why Kodak's share price rose mid-week when they said they were hiring out banks of cards. It wasn't on the back of them setting up the banks of cards it rose because of massive underused power generating facility they have - meaning they can supply power much cheaper. 
  • Early Adoption - How will things work in the future?

    There are pretty frequent "free fly" weekends for non-backers to try the game out before making any decision. And you can get an idea for yourself e.g. how the game currently runs on your machine, how good the graphics are etc. 

    3.0 only released shortly before Christmas so the next one may be a few weeks off but they do happen at pretty frequent intervals.

    As mentioned there should be an in-game path to update to better ships if you get a "starter" package.

    Worth noting that a "ship" is essentially a character slot and there is a link to professions as well - if you later decide you want a mining ship say but started with a "fighter" your (probable) choices would be to earn in-game currency, buy in-game currency or buy another package. And earning in-game currency is OK with some not for others etc.
  • Every Time Star Citizen Gets a New Update Everyone Forgets What an Alpha is

    Is it an alpha? Doesn't matter. 

    It is what it is. And backers can check it out. Decide for themselves on whether its good, or bad, or simply OK. Decide for themselves how much progress has been made. Its one of the trials that CiG have to live with since its a crowdfunded project.

    On the plus side though it leads the talk. Haven't seen anyone say its all just jpegs. Or suggest that there won't be any female avatars. Or moon, or vegetation on the moons or ....

    It also brings publicity - good and bad. Which may result in some people seeing what all the fuss is about and - potentially - deciding it could be something they might like.

    At the end of the day the alpha - or whatever it is - is out there. A double edged sword cutting equally through false negativity and inflated hype. 

  • Major security flaw in ALL intel chip......

    The base links:

    Reading these indicates that the fundamental issue stems from how computing has developed in the last few years.  As the Spectre paper concludes the drive to maximise performance.

    Both papers make clear that as all manufacturers / developers have gone in the same general direction this a cross-hardware, cross-operating system issue. The fact that something they did worked on one combo and not another, in their opinion, doesn't suggest a given combo is "immune" simply that they hadn't got the "attack" right. 

    What is comforting is that this stuff is pursued by e.g. the EU and fully supported by Intel/Qualcomm/AMD/ARM/MS/Google etc. 

    And its why people should keep their software up-to-date!  (Yes, yes its the Martian conspiracy.)