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  • Pre-Alpha Starts Today!

    I call this the pre-payment phase, because its before my first payment.  Will be looking forward to post-payment as soon as they set a date.
  • Starting Cities

    I dont think players should get a free ride to another starting town or the ability to be born there.  Each race should start at their own town and help populate that area.  If you really want to join friends at another town then hoof it over there.  That should not be impossible, just difficult.  That extra effort is the penalty you pay for abandoning your own noobville.  That would also be an adventure.
  • The many lessons of Agnarr

    Distopia said:
    Dullahan said:
    Distopia said:
    Dullahan said:
    Nostalgia is the argument of the feeble-minded when someone likes something they do not. None of the things I've posted have anything to do with when games were made. I've played the new, and I've played the old. Games revolving around accommodating the player and making the experience convenient have all, outside of one outlier, been poor performers that people mostly abandon after a few months.

    People simply have to get over the fact that not everything in open world mmorpg is going to be accessible at all times. That instant gratification mindset has got to go. There should be plenty of viable alternatives for players to enjoy themselves and continue their progression, but in a virtual world, you should have no expectation of being able to do exactly what you want, exactly when you want. Otherwise it's just a game, and not a virtual world.

    Maybe I'm mistaken, but I believe Pantheon is supposed to be the latter.
    So now having something interesting to do is convenience or instant gratification? That's a flimsy retort to what I was pointing out you realize that right? Limiting people's options by design isn't exactly sound in my eyes. Not at a time when the genre is overrun with free options. 
    And that's a flagrant misrepresentation of what I said. Notice the part about "there should always been viable alteratives for players to enjoy themselves and continue their progression". The difference is that in one game, it's your way right away. In the other, you may have to choose another "interesting" alternative other than the interesting thing you had in mind.
    Being able to grind random mobs isn't what I'd call interesting content. It's not a misrepresentation in that regard, because of one simple issue. It's an Indie game made on a limited budget.

    Do you really envision it having a whole lot of content at the early stages of it's life? Especially in terms of level appropriate content? 

    Even vanguard had plenty of level appropriate content at release.  The only reason why content ran out was because there wasnt enough players to support an expansion.  And the huge exodus of players was not due to lack of content but due to bugs.

    So yes, Pantheon could very well have enough content at release, and if they succeed in not releasing a pile of bugs then they may very well have the cojones to make new content to keep up with players.