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  • Pantheon vs Wow Classic

    As an aside, it seems EQ1 has brought the classic death penalty back.
    At max level res does not give you back your xp loss.  Its a bug though, and will be fixed... eventually.
  • The many lessons of Agnarr

    Kyleran said:
    Wizardry said:
    In EQ1 I could go into main cities, sneak past guards, kill people at banks, loot an item and all coin. I once looted 10,000 Platinum off a guy. That was worth hundreds of dollars back then. Please tell me a fantasy 3D MMORPG that you can do such things in? The experience was amazing. 

    How could anyone consider that as fun?Maybe if the favor was reversed on you,then you might understand it is a dumb mechanic/idea and not fun at all.There is a reason we don't allow that in the real world it is a dumb idea.

    pvp is also going to pit players against each other,how is that in any fashion creating a fun coherent community?

    My concern is how they do the grouping because i did not much like the way SOE did their grouping as in all dungeons.I want a PVE grouping game that brings players TOGETHER and creates a friendly atmosphere and NOT a cutthroat atmosphere.

    Having separate servers will NOT work for PVE/PVP split because what ALWAYS happens is the classes get nerfed and changed constantly to cater to a bad pvp design that is ALWAYS bad in mmorpg's.

    If you don't see how that scenario I stated would be fun, I would suggest you stay off the Pantheon PvP server. The amount of skill, patience, risk involved with doing something like that is quite high.

    It is all about risk vs reward. With great risk comes great reward. With no risk, comes no reward. The reward is fun. Modern MMORPG's have virtually zero risk.

    Even if that one scenario doesn't float your boat, it's the idea that it CAN be done that is so engaging. I could come up with hundreds of stories similar to that one. 

    If you want a "coherent" community, once again definitely do not join the PvP server. Strife is captivating. 
    Have the Pantheon devs confirmed their PVP servers will be the same design as EQ1 circa 1999-2001?

    I'd be surprised if there aren't a few changes from the original.
    They have barely even confirmed that there will be a pvp server at release.  It wont get much focus.

    Pantheon is primarily a PvE (player vs. environment) game. In fact, when we say ‘environment’, we don’t just mean NPCs, but also contending with climates and atmospheres, the very world itself. That said, we understand that a portion of our target audience also enjoys player vs. player. Our experience is that separate PvE and PvP shards is the answer, however it is too early to predict how many PvP servers we would launch with. It is also worth mentioning that, when we do eventually focus on PvP we will do so such that tweaks and changes to classes and races in order to make PvP more fun will not affect the balance of Pantheon’s PvE experience.

  • Larger goals, less chain quest

    The problem with chain quests is if there isnt a good reason for a group to go to the spot if they arent on the chain quest.  Solution is to make the area interesting whether you are on the quest or not.  That way you find a group going to the area you need to be in and just do it while you are there.  No begging people to come help you do a quest where no one wanted to go.