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  • Warframe - Kinda Sorta Maybe A Space Ninja – An Introduction -

    I'm downloading it with a new account to start fresh (been years since I played) and check out the changes.  Any quick starter tips?
    Start with the Excalibur warframe.   Otherwise you won't be able to get it until you unlock the 9 planets.  The other starter warframes are a lot easier to get.   Rhino is a good starter warframe but you can get it early on through game play.  Use your starting 50 Platinum to only purchase weapon inventory and warframe slots.  

    Be sure to /listen/ to the narrators Lotus and Ordis.  A lot of beginning instruction is first given verbally.  Press Esc and explore the menu items. Be sure to look at the Codex for more game play and lore instruction.

    I suggest playing mostly Solo at first.  Solo or team play can be selected in the upper left corner of the planet system map.  The upper right is the listing of missions.  

    Mission wise, always take missions that reward Orokin Reactor and Catalyst (both are called potatoes by players) blueprints or Nitain Extract.  You can only (essentially) get Nitain Extract from missions that occur only 4 times in any 24 hours.
  • Warframe - Kinda Sorta Maybe A Space Ninja – An Introduction -

    Warzod said:
    I love everything about Warframe except the fact that frames have gender designs. Some guys actually don't like playing female avatars. When you have an amazing frame like Octavia but don't want to play a female designed avatar it's annoying.
    What you are essentially saying is the artificial constructs of warframes (or avatars in other games) should all physically resemble male.

    Approximately half of the gaming population is female.  I have never heard a woman state they refuse to play a game because there are only male avatars.  They don't like that limitation but they have accepted that the artificial avatars are not representative of who they are.  Can you do the same? 
  • Warframe - Does Warframe Need a Gear Score? -

    Siris23 said:
    I never really understood the hated of gear score, it's just an extension of character level.

    You wouldn't invite a lvl 40 to do lvl 50 content, why would you invite a GS 400 player to do content designed for GS 500?
    Warframe does not and should never limit who runs with who.  A MR 1 player can be in a mission with three MR 23 (current max) players.  The MR rating is largely an indicator of how many weapons, warframes, sentinels and pets a player has chosen to maximize on their levels.

    An MR 6 player who has chosen to only level one warframe and a few weapons can be as good as the player who has maximized all weapons and warframes.

    Gear score would mean nothing in Warframe. 

    IF you don't want to run with random players then set your mission setting to 'Friends only'.  Of course that will mean you need friends.

    Word of advice to the article's author.  Break those mega paragraphs up into about 3-6 paragraphs each.
  • Computer boot but not signal to monitor??

    Read the motherboard's manual.  See if it has any on-board indicators of whether the systems has booted at least to BIOS.  You only need a good CPU and 1 stick of good, supported RAM to boot to BIOS.  There should also be an LED indicating whether the CPU is identified as being present.

    You don't state the specific RAM model numbers and specs.

    Mismatched RAM can cause problems.  RAM not specified as supported by a motherboard manufacturer can cause problems.  Find out if the RAM is specifically supported by the MB.  Try it with only one stick of RAM until all sticks are individually tried.  If it boots with one stick then try two sticks.

    System board DIMM slot specs:
    1. 4 x DDR3 DIMM sockets supporting up to 32 GB of system memory (Note 1)
    2. Dual channel memory architecture
    3. Support for DDR3 2000(O.C.)/1866/1600/1333/1066 MHz memory modules (Note 2)
    (Note 2) To support a DDR3 1866 MHz (and above) memory, you must install an AM3+ CPU first.

  • A game for my father

    If he's now interested in PC games then have him jump into fray.  Don't coddle him with 'easy' games.  He's only 60.  I'm over 60 and I play all types of games that interest me.  From turn based isometric games to RPG to MMOs to Racers to FPS.  

    He may now have concentration and possible physical limits that he didn't have a year ago but his mind still works.  Some of the comments here imply those people think 60 is old and frail. Don't treat him like a child.  He's an adult. 

    Challenge him.