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You do the right thing for the right reason. Not because everyone is looking at you but because it''s the right thing to do.A Texas Ranger


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  • Steam Spy is pretty much dead

    This change in user privacy appears in part to be a result of Steam's response to recent EU laws requiring default opt-in protection of personal information.
  • Steam Launch Day Coming on March 13th - Project Gorgon News

    Sovrath said:
    This game loooks older than me.
    It's done by a small team, I think of two. It looks very good for a team of two.

    Coupled with the fact that it's an indy game, I wouldn't go expecting Black Desert. It does have some really nice design elements though with, in my opinion, the exception of the cow curse nonsense. That's just unnecessary in my book.
    The cow curse was replaced with a big head curse.  Your head becomes to big to wear a helmet but you gain a buff to mana regeneration.  That regeneration can be really helpful when starting out.

    You can still get the cow curse but it isn't on the starter isle any more.
  • Dead Maze Exclusive Exceptional Nailed Bat Giveaway! - MMORPG.com

    The given name for the weapon in the article is wrong. It is named a Studded Baseball Bat in game. Like all weapons it will eventually break.

    Like most weapons you can also salvage it and get a recipe so you can make more. It is a Level 4 weapon and requires 10 wood, 5 blade, 1 screw, and 2 fabric to manufacture. Level 4 weapons are currently the highest level weapons in game. At the regular quality level it does 36 damage.

    It has the following chance to proc attributes of the weapon:
    [Parry] Physical damage +?/12/?/16/?, every 2s, for 6s
    [Combo] Projection +4m, on an 4m area
    [Combo] Physical damage +?/12/?/16/?, every 2s, for 6s
    Stats taken from http://deadmaze.wikia.com/wiki/Item

     TLDR? Salvage it at your base so you can make more in the future.

    Is it normal we only have a 5 person ignore list nowadays ?
    I just ignore their posts.  No one here can piss me off enough to not want to see anything they say.  If something really irks me then I will write a reply, read it and then not post it.  
  • Warframe - Kinda Sorta Maybe A Space Ninja – An Introduction - MMORPG.com

    I'm downloading it with a new account to start fresh (been years since I played) and check out the changes.  Any quick starter tips?
    Start with the Excalibur warframe.   Otherwise you won't be able to get it until you unlock the 9 planets.  The other starter warframes are a lot easier to get.   Rhino is a good starter warframe but you can get it early on through game play.  Use your starting 50 Platinum to only purchase weapon inventory and warframe slots.  

    Be sure to /listen/ to the narrators Lotus and Ordis.  A lot of beginning instruction is first given verbally.  Press Esc and explore the menu items. Be sure to look at the Codex for more game play and lore instruction.

    I suggest playing mostly Solo at first.  Solo or team play can be selected in the upper left corner of the planet system map.  The upper right is the listing of missions.  

    Mission wise, always take missions that reward Orokin Reactor and Catalyst (both are called potatoes by players) blueprints or Nitain Extract.  You can only (essentially) get Nitain Extract from missions that occur only 4 times in any 24 hours.