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  • MMOs didn't go free because they have good hearts

    Wizardry said:
    Well we have been paying for games since gaming began,we never asked for these new age lame tactics to make MORE money than they deserve.Nobody wants FREE gaming,so they can kindly remove the FAKE ,lying term FREE to play as well.

    I should point to a very good example as to the difference from lame developers and not.

    POE and exact identical game to Diablo,guess which one costs a lot of money to buy and guess which one doesn't cost a dime.You can spend a little in POE and still play the entire game,likely for some added space but they do give you enough space to play one character class easily.

    I am not alone in saying that POE is perhaps better than Diablo games ,so sometimes there is the odd case where we over pay right out of the box before we get to any cash shop or loot boxes.
    Interesting recent post on the POE forums, appears their "free" payment model isn't quite as benign as many believe it to be.

    The weirdness of PoE Supporter Packs does it make any sense that im arguing myself out of buying whole games (AC : Origins,ME : Shadow of War and more) because they're "too expensive", yet when GGG releases new supporter packs i'm like "I'll get the 160$ Pack first and then i gotta figure out how to buy the 480$ pack without my wife noticing" without further consideration? Every time ...

  • Lets build a definition of "MMOG" most of us can live with

    As I don't believe there's much debate over the terms online game, I think the question focuses on how many players does the term "massively multiplayer" represent, and specifically where must this massive number of players present itself?

    Long ago and far away, this site used a qualifier of 500 players in a persistent game world.  They didn't say you had to interact with all of them at once, but you did have to be able interact with all of them in some fashion in reasonably large numbers. 

    I can't agree with folks who say 50 is an acceptable number for any game deemed massively multiplayer, the term massively by itself implies something on a "vast scale" by most definitions, and whatever number "vast"  is, 50 isn't it.

    So the simple way to solve this debate is to come to an agreement of how many players constitute vast, and define in what context this number applies.

    Then the debate will be over.....

    Good luck with that. 


    * Certified "Harbinger of Failure" 
  • When developers say the game is in BETA, but still have a working subscription / cash shop?

    A good quote from Steam, where LiF is clearly flagged as an Early Access title..

    "You should be aware that some teams will be unable to 'finish' their game. So you should only buy an Early Access game if you are excited about playing it in its current stat"

    If one is really upset with their purchase, asking for a refund or doing a chargeback may be the only recourse.
  • Call of Duty Swatting leads to death of a innocent man in Kansas

    Rosenborg said:
    klash2def said:
    SBFord said:

    I hope that the investigation leads to a conviction of the guy in LA and a thorough investigation of how the hell he was shot in the first place. There seems to be a disconnect between the mother's story and the police version.
    I find it hard to believe a confused man who did not own a weapon would be reaching for his waist in that situation.

    I thought about that question when I heard about this case. I guess it's just something you don't really think about, happens out of instinct.

    Insightful, unfortunate results but this video highlights something I always told my children, when dealing with the police always listen carefully, don't talk back, and do "exactly" what they tell you, especially if its a guns drawn situation. 

    This kid reached behind his back after first putting his hands down on the floor (they could have shot him at this point) despite being told to not put his hands down for any reason, even if he had to fall face down on the floor.

    I carry my handgun in the exact place he reached his right hand behind his back so the police are not wrong to be concerned,  though I still think this was an extraordinary over reaction by police that should be calmer than they appeared to be.

    Might not have been something they could be convicted on, but they should never work in law enforcement again, its clear they lack the nerve for it.

    So the same could have happened in this case, was mentioned the man killed was Latino,  he may not have understood English and didnt follow instructions.

    As mentioned, a different problem and a serious one here in the US, which affects all of us.

  • Dead and Gone: What shuttered MMO did you want to succeed the most?

    Tabula Rasa. It sounded interesting, and I was holding off playing until they delivered on some planned upgrades when suddenly they shuttered it.