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  • Why do we need big budget to remake old mmorpg?

    Did a quick search and came across an article of the cost of game production (including some MMOSs) over the years.

    What is interesting is how the cost of all games appears to go up exponentially starting around 2004.

  • Legends of Aria - Anyone hyped?

    Extremely ambitious, terribly underfunded, mixed reviews so far from those who've played it, some call it the closest thing to UO in recent years, and others say not even close.

    Changed it's name from Shards of Aria as I recall, for reasons I no longer remember.

    I'd be interested in learning how many players can be in a "world", as there will be official servers and player run shards that can be connected together.

    Very transparent on their their timelines, a big plus in my book and planning for a Steam EA later this year. 

    I'll be watching it's progress, but seems likely it will go the route of Albion Online.
  • 5 years later and no Beta?

    They really need to get this out sooner rather than later otherwise the community interest will slowly begin to evaporate ... I think that's happening already.
    IMO - They need to have a fun, competitive game.  If it's not ready, it's not ready.
    I 100% agree with you but if they can't get that game out the door in a reasonable amount of time the technology they're trying to implement may end up being too far behind the curve to be interesting to their proposed audience.  Whatever it is that's holding up production, they need to fix that shit and soon.
    That's a great point, take too long and overall technologies change and you may end up having to rework everything or be obsolete.

    In the past 5 years the product I support has under gone a full forklift upgrade in hardware, (switched from Solaris to Linux) one major vendor version upgrade on the back end, (another is planned to start this year), two major vendor version upgrades on the front end GUI which now has to do a hardware refresh this year. The amount of reconfiguration, updates to ancillary tools and testing is staggering.

    Due to the changing marketspace we have recently developed and incorporated machine learning into the vendor decision engine and cloud migration is in the near future.

    My guess is game development is undergoing similar changes as well, and it all cost a lot of money to keep up with. 

    Every year they delay puts the project at increasing financial risk if they can't find additional funds like the SC and Crowfall teams have.

  • Why are bigger developers scared to make an Old School MMO.

    Kyleran said:
    AAAMEOW said:
    VicusEQ said:
    you've been given plenty of answers, now tell us why they should
    I already have.  Games like vanguard and darkfall had sold over 200,000 copies when they launched (Vanguard 242,000 and Darkfall over 200k Worldwide).  These were games that were sold mostly because of the style of game and ofcourse the Brad's name being so strong from EQ.  BOTH these games were unfinished jokes of a real product that could never recover from their horrible starts.  They did not have a real dev team (vanguard had a better one but was released to early..we all know the story).  If these games had real funding that would allow them to be released as a full product at start it would of been a different story.  Those 200k would rave about the game.  Reviews would of been positive and thats how you go from 200k to 2mil +.  

    Going back to FFXIV.  This was a HUGE franchise and the original version of FFXIV sold 630k copies it's first week.  Then their numbers went down to less then 40k players playing because they saw how horrible and broke it was.  They remade it to the WoW clone it is and then it's 10mil strong.

    So my answer is that if someone puts out a REAL true sequal or a legit old school style game that has a legit dev team able to keep up with the game, it would be a very profitable game.
    But Final Fantasy is a big brand that is played world wide.  Vanguard or darkfall have no brand.

    There are more people playing ESO just because of skyrim.  Having a brand is what helped them.  No one would give FF14 a second chance if it is run by a no brand company.

    People play MMORPGs because of their brand but otherwise wouldn't bother? 

    Isn't that a lot like saying if not for the labels on them, people wouldn't wear clothes?

    C'mon Kyleran, there's a reason CoD can release titles over and over without any real fear of a true "failure"- brand recognition is a huge boon no matter the industry.
    No, I am saying if someone creates a good game, peoples won't play it if it lacks a popular brand?

  • Why are bigger developers scared to make an Old School MMO.

    SEANMCAD said:
    guys I dont want to get banned for all your insult exchange so please stop
    Hmm, no one is insulting "you" @SEANMCAD, you didn't start/reply to this thread with one of your alt accounts and then make a mistake here did you?

    It's suspicious....  ;)