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  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Pingu2012 said:
    Looks like we have a few people who like the taste of rough dough and can't wait for the timer. Just order the nicest thing on the menu and when it takes longer than you expect for it to be made, expect it to be free and them to apologize to you. 
    In my industry we get penalty clauses for late delivery...
    In my company they fire everyone in the site responsible for late delivery / poor optimization and hand it over ro another.
  • Star Citizen, I am disappointed.

    Orinori said:
    Trixxell said:
    Good article, all valid points.
    Sure they are! If your point is Star Citizen isn't complete yet. This is big news to everyone I am sure and well worth every ones time :D
    Well that is his point, SC isn't complete yet, nor does he feel they've made much progress towards being complete.

    When do they plan to launch then? Until you have at least an estimate, all criticism regarding the lack of progress or delay in delivery is valid.

    It does not matter what is accomplished to date, only how much work/time is left to reach a MVP state so players can experience the entire game as it is has been promised to be.

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  • Login Issues & Server Stability Blamed on Meltdown Vulnerability - Fortnite -

    To be fair it sounds as if the reported issues this week are due to patching activities which are being frantically implemented most everywhere atm.
  • Anybody skip the recent gen of mmos?

    I play what I feel is good regardless of time period or generational standard. Right now Black Desert isthe best mmo I've ever played. it literally is what Vanguard SOH could've been.

    LOL, you obviously never played Vanguard, by played I mean not tried it. Anyone who thinks BDO and Vanguard were similar is talking shit. 


    Vanguard = PVE.

    I mean I could go on but I don't want to embarrassed you more. 

    I played Vanguard from beta to last day. 

    Hmm, I dunno,  when I played VG at launch it was on a faction based PVP server.

    I think it quickly closed, which is one reason I never gave the game another try once they fixed it up some.

  • Life Is Feudal MMO Early Access First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?"

    Gylfi said:
    heh the tester seems like a crybaby, oh no it's all wrong, i can't see exclamation marks and lights guiding me, and there's actually TEXT, like they assume i want and can read.

    guys like this made gaming and MMO's what it is, pastimes for wimps.
    At no point did he complain about a lack of quest markers, he said on his 1st try his character spawned at the edge of a vast wasteland where he could find few objects or players to interact with. 

    Even after 45 minutes of running he still found little of interest especially as his desired goal was to build something.

    So he dropped created a new character who randomly and by the luck of RNG ended up in a "better" area and he quickly achieved his goal.

    In a MMORPG supposedly designed around player interaction and dependence it seems like a poor idea to spawn alone and clueless.

    It's a poor mechanic made worse if players do not all spawn in areas of similar viability, I might have walked away from the game after his first character's experience. 

    Now were I to try this game I'd prepare for a month,  even line up a guild first, but here's the thing,  more gamers start new MMOs as he did, with little to no prep work

    Now you can say, so what, they are weak and unworthy to play this game can make the new player experience more fun and helpful and maybe you'll win a long time customer.