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  • $50 tent added to cash shop - and it's a damn good one

    TheScavenger said: 
    Sovrath said:
    DrunkWolf said:
    DrunkWolf said:
    I havnt played BDO, is the game real grindy or something? this seems like a item you set down because you are going to be grinding mobs in that spot for a few dozen hours. then what happens when you max out? you have this 50$ item sitting there thats worthless now.
    no such thing as maxing outin bdo, unless you can get to level 80 in your lifetime ? and even then it probably still keeps going.
    ah so its like a korean grinder? where you grind mobs for 8 hours to get .5% of a level?
    No.  Korean grinders have meaningful group content to do after you finish grinding.  BDO does not.  There are zero dungeons and group pvp is basically meaningless (solo pvp is totally meaningless).

    There is literally nothing in the game worth doing for progression other than grinding.  That's why this tent is appealing.  It saves you multiple trips back to town to repair and sell stuff.

    Now you can just grind for fucking ever!  Hooray!
    I"m not sure you've played a Korean grinder.

    So, what is there to do in Lineage 2, quintessential Korean grinder, in those "dungeons" you are talking about? Well, grind: Giant's Cave? Grind. School of Dark Arts? Grind. Tower of Insolence? Grind.

    Now, some of them did have bosses but the bosses would drop regular gear one could also craft with the exception of some special bosses that dropped a particular piece of jewelry.

    But that's what you did in those dungeons, grind.

    Solo pvp in Lineage 2? As useless as it is in Black Desert. Sieges? Black Desert is similar to Lineage 2 as the winner can set up taxes. They are hella laggy but same thing.

    It's worth noting that Black Desert doesn't have as many dungeons as Lineage 2 but it does have dungeons/caves. But "yes" I'd like them to add more.


    That. And every MMO is grindy anyway.


    And even EVE is a grind. In EVE you need to grind for ISK to get better ships and stuff.

    Not at all true, in EVE you can sell PLEX for ISK and never grind a minute, I've known several PVP oriented players who did exactly this, .

  • Portalarium and Travian have a new website with new terms for SOTA

    It looks as if management of the game is being handed off.
  • Player Imitates South Park by Leveling to 60 Killing Only Boars in Elwynn Forest - World of Warcraft

    Galadourn said:

    How? You get no xp at 8+ level difference iirc...

    New scale system when mobs at your level all the time it seem to me. Look at the video they are 59 before he hit 60.
    Unimpressive,  in Lineage 1 there were some small goblins of limited quantity in one of the lower level zones worth 3 or 4 pts per kill, regardless of player level.

    One person leveled to 50 killing just those goblins,  and L1 was a game where every new level was double the experience points of the previous.

    This got so brutal I never got past lvl 48 and few reached 50 without many weeks of killing high level mobs. (And never dying) I can't fathom what it was like to do so on only goblins. 

  • State of the Studio

    Let. it. go. wow , tired of seeing this post
    This thread needs locked.

    Shame the forum automatically opens this thread every time you visit.....

    Oh wait,  it doesn't.   Walk away, just walk away....
  • What are the best movies/shows with good magic in them?

    why are so many russian bots fishing for things on mmorpg ? What is your favorite blah, what don't you like about bleh. this is not just this website, but across all social media.

    This is literally the 10th or so post in the last 3 weeks for phishing
    @Cryomatrix is a Russian bot?  That explains so much.....