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  • What shoul di play in 2018 ?

    Give porn a try!  There is a reason it is the number one business on the internet.  :)
  • Petition rapidly growing for EA to lose Star Wars license passes 110k signers.

    Talonsin said:

     Disney didn't pay 4 billion dollars to own the most lucrative IP in the world so that a bunch of internet plebs can tell them what they need to do with it. And Disney certainly isn't going to completely alienate the only developer likely willing to pay them what these rights are actually worth because of "Rabble Rabble Rabble Rabble." The only thing unreasonable here is even entertaining that you have any say in multi million dollar transactions of massive billion dollar media conglomerates. You don't in this case and you never will. There's also a non zero probability that you will suddenly disappear from your computer chair and suddenly appear on Mars, but the difference is you're not here pretending to know something about quantum mechanics so thankfully we can avoid that equally ridiculous conversation.  

    But thanks for the laugh anyways fellas.
    Show me where the bad man touched you and made you so angry...
    Show me on the internet wayback machine when this was still considered a quip. I suggest start at 1996 and move backwards.


    PS. gotten to

    Show me where rational, non-angry people post stuff like this:

    "This is fringing on pathetic"

    "It's called business buckos, and pleading because 'muh feelings' about perfectly legal and sound business decisions from both entities is overtly infantile."

    "That's too fucking rich"

    "so that a bunch of internet plebs can tell them what they need to do"

    "I just don't like when people get into busybody activist mode"

    These are all from your posts in this thread.

    Using curse words - Check!

    Belittling others feelings and viewpoints - Check!

    Name calling - Check!

    Its confirmed, you are triggered!


  • Bungie's Mea Culpa & a Promise to Keep Communication Lines Open - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    Warzod said:

    Only today's gamer will complain about something, then complain about the way it is fixed, then complain about the fixes. Seriously these days I get the feeling alot of people just don't feel alive unless they are tearing into another human being. Not saying there is nothing wrong with D2. Just that the days of constructive criticism and polite discourse died long ago and were replaced with hate and wishes of ill will. If the human race is being monitored by other intelligence I certainly hope they aren't gauging us on our Internet presence.

    Well you be sure to thank the guy who steals your wallet and wish him a happy afternoon as he walks off to spend your money.

    I dont think you understand just what these guys did, not only did they throttle the XP to levels as low as 10% but they sold XP boosts to people knowing that many of them would be used to only gain a measly 5% boost and not the 50% boost advertised.

    I'm sure you are happy that they came out and said, "hey, we are going to communicate better". Notice they didnt say people who bought XP boosts would get refunds or at least a free boost to replace the ones they wasted when they were throttled. Not once did they admit any wrong doing or unethical business practices. Just some "we want people to come back and have fun" which translated into business speak means: "dont leave us or we wont get any more of your money".
  • Poll: Would you play Star Citizen Universe in Single Player if you could?

    Orinori said:
    I thought they were going to let people host their own servers? At least I think I remember something like that.
    I thought they were going to let your friends jump into SQ42 to play with you or against you...

    I thought the game was due out in 2014...

    I thought that Star Marine was going to be better than any CoD or Battlefield game...

    Sadly, much of what was discussed back in 2012 is no longer happening.

  • The positive CoE challenge:

    There isn't a game yet, so your "challenge" is just a bad joke, but I'm sure you know that already, and are, as usual, just trying to "provide facts for people trying to decide to back the project".  As soon as there's a game to play (assuming it ever gets finished), I'll list everything I like and don't like about it for you while you're no doubt still "giving facts to" everyone why it's bad and they shouldn't appreciate it.

    People calling you out on your relentless "questions" about a video game still in production are not necessarily "Defenders of CoE" as you put it.  Sometimes it's just "blindly defending the game they love and ignoring all logic".  After a certain point, the "quest for truth" you're on is nothing more than "helping" a developer into "admitting they were wrong" and when they do "The world will be a better place because finally we will have a developer who acknowledges the critics and works to fix their game instead of lying and pretending everything is awesome".  It's interesting that a lot of people here seem to admire "truth".  I think there's nothing admirable about it at all "because I have no facts to refute you so I will play the morally right card and call you a bully and question your ethics".
    Fixed that for you!