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I have been an avid computer gamer since 1989.  I only did FPS and Sims (Flight and Mech) before 2004, and then I started playing City of Heroes (RIP), which hooked me hard!  I have played almost nothing but MMORPGs since.


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  • Ship of Heroes - Discord Q&A Wrap Report - MMORPG.com

    I enjoy these updates on Ship of Heroes, but isn't there ever any news on Valiance or City of Titans? Or is there some sort of exclusive arrangement here?

    I think their marketing/PR guys just happen to be better than the others. Plus, I don't recall the others updating the public this frequently. It's been a while since I've checked their sites however.

    While SoH does have a marketing guy on board who is very good, a lot of the visible updates and reports comes from fans, like me. This is the 2nd article I have written about SoH, and fans have written/ made other articles, such as Nephthys on this site and on 2P.com, and the Positive Gamer on YouTube.
  • The 10 Best Cancelled MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    Kyleran said:
    I think Im the only one on the planet that didnt like CoH...I just could not get into it.
    Right there with you, tried it at launch and when CoV launched, both times I just didn't see the draw.

    Actually the game didn't get REALLY good until Paragon Studios took over development, which was 2 issues after CoV.  It was really niche before that, but Paragon added diversity of playable characters and powers, fixed things that should have been fixed years before, and drastically filled out and expanded the storyline.  So if you quit a couple of months after the release CoV, you missed the best part of the game!

    But, even at its best, CoX was never more that a niche game.  But it was a really big niche!
  • City of Heroes

    There are a total of five CoH successor projects.  VO is the only one playable right now in an alpha state, through Steam if you donate to the project.  It also has a late release date.

    As far as release dates go, it is:

    City of Titans - Q4 2018 (I have a tough time believing they will make that date, but honestly I really hope they do it)

    Ship of Heroes - Q2-Q3 2019 - they are saying June-July, so right in between the two quarters

    Valiance Online - Q2 2020 - even though they are the only one with a playable game, they have the most world to fill out

    Heroes & Villains - They don't yet have a release date, but I am guessing late 2021 or early 2022, based on their progress.  Even though they may end up last to the show, they will probably be the one closest to CoH as far as gameplay and mission systems.

    Redside - Who?  They are a very small project (two guys using the Unity engine) based on CoV, and they don't have a projected release date.  I would be very surprised if they release at all, but if they do I will check the game out.
  • Devs Test Out New Gameplay Element - Mission Instances - Ship of Heroes Videos - MMORPG.com

    GladDog said:

    Siveria said:

    This game to me looks like a ripoff of city of heroes to me. Hopefully it will be done better than the orignal.

    If City of Heroes was still active, this might be a valid complaint.  But, it isn't.  A direct ripoff would likely be welcomed by thousands of people if someone could get away with it legally.

    That said, there are a lot of things separating this game from City of Heroes.  This game is being made considering the lessons learned from CoH.  They are planning to use the good ideas from CoH and making them better (more modern engine means they can do a lot of things the CoH devs could only dream of).  And, they are learning the lessons from the 'less than good' side of CoH.  I've often said that if City of Heroes was perfect, it would still be running.  The not-perfect things are a lesson of what to avoid, or what could have been better if they had done it 'that way.'

    That's very vague. Can you give specifics?

    What are the things separating this game from CoH?
    What are the good ideas that they're making better?
    What are the things the CoH devs could only dream of?
    What are the lessons from the 'less than good side' of CoH?
    What are the not perfect things that will be avoided?
    1 - The game is set in space, so the sky is the limit.  They can (and are planning to) have planets be zones that are visited in a cycle.  The Augment (enhancement) system is different, and is not limited by something like Enhancement Diversification.  The way this is set up though, it is going to be a lot harder to min-max than it was in CoH.  People are going to have to make tougher choices how they slot things than with City.  Team size is larger, and Temp powers are going to be critical to success, as they are a LOT different than in City.  That's just a bit, there are a lot more differences.  Check out their forums.

    2 - Team persistence and team size, among other things.  One of the big complaints about City was if you disco'd you were dropped from the team.  That is different in Ship.  Also, one thing a lot of players wanted was bigger teams, which Ship is supplying.  The random mission generator will be much better than the one in City.  More, but you get the point.

    3 - Graphic quality, building textures, effects, ease of powerset implenmentation, and so on.

    4 - TERRIBLE random mission generator.  You could go into a shiny new office building and be in a cave.  You could enter a cave and be in a Rikti spaceship.  There was not enough controls in the system for people behaving badly, and they did behave badly, especially after the game went free to play.  That will not be the case here.  Also, this is a game that can survive on a smaller player base than City, so they can deal with misbehavers in a proper way, including banning for a period of time.  And so on and so forth.

    5 - If you made a character in City, and you hated it, the only option you had was deletion.  They are working on a system to take a developed character and change them to what you want.

    There are lots more things, but I'm not gonna do 40 pages of notes answering this question.  Go to www.shipofheroes.com and read the forums if you want more insight.

  • If you aim to play Pantheon, why would that be?

    I'm going to give this game a go, but I really hope it is not over the top difficult, where it takes over a year for a casual player to get a level cap.  I'm sure that is not a popular opinion, but I want to play a game that survives. 

    The dev team can no longer do whatever they want, because they have investors that want to get their money back with interest.  For that, they need a bare minimum of 50,000 subs, and probably more like 100,000 if they want to advance the game.

    Are there that many hardcore players out there?  I am sure that the aforementioned investors will consider this carefully, and will probably demand that they broaden the scope of the game.  Probably not a lot, but enough so they can corral a larger portion of the casual player base than they would with a true 'hardcore game.

    In-between Easy mode and OMGWTFBBQ there is a lot of space, and I hope they hit the sweet spot in that range.