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  • A Growing Subscription Base to Rival WoW's Heyday & F2P 'Could' Happen - Final Fantasy XIV - MMORPG.

    They are also one of the few MMO I would call fair with what they ask for their customers. You can even play a single char for 9.99 a month and you can do everything on a single char. Would still be playing this if it was more friendly with playing with friends. Leveling my wife and I kept being forced to play solo to play the story that is required to advance your class. With my wife's arthritis she does not solo well.
  • Base Classes & Abilities Unveiled - Ashes of Creation - MMORPG.com

    All the bases classes? Because this doesn't make sense if they are planning to branch sub-classes off these 4. 
    They have 8 base classes, Tank, Fighter, Rogue, Summoner, Cleric, Bard, Mage and Ranger. Each of there classes are later paired to augment your class into something more. This would make the class you play. We have not been given that info yet but if you start out as a Tank and pick Mage as your second class, you could be a Battlemage. Tank base class and Cleric secondary class you could be a Paladin. 

    These skills you see now will evolve into something more as you progress. You can earn augmentations by the race, religion, secondary class and more. To give you an idea how that works. A Mages skill "After Image" after picking Cleric as a secondary class could augment "After Image" with the Cleric skill "Stolen Blessing" so the copies of the mage when they expire could blow up and damage enemies and heal allies in range of the copies. 

    This will lead to thousands of option. As you notice you have 8 skills, each doing more then one thing. Augmentation deepens that even more. Like the Clerics large heal also being used as a res. Taking us away from having 50-80 skills and a million hotkey/bars. This will make combat more fluid. Stop you from fumbling because 1/2 your screen is filled with hotbars. Letting you focus on combat. About time I say. This also opens up Ashes to port to consoles very easily. What you are seeing here is skin deep on their class system.  
  • Ashes Base Class skills reveal

    Kyleran said:
    Nanfoodle said:
    Each class seems OP on some level. Its the extreme of what I would want a class to be if I was to play it. Like the Cleric, healing and doing damage at the same time. A large heal that will also res. Less mess on skills, seems like each skill does a few things. I love it.
    Actually this standard class design is a bit of a negative for me, in particular when it seems to be missing some like crowd controllers, buffers/debuffers and speeders.

    Perhaps those are still pending,  or specialties of some sort?

    Any idea what typical group size is?

    Max group size at this point is 8. Steve said they are bringing back roll/class interdependency. This game will rely heavy on teaming and having a good balance of classes. 
  • Ashes live stream 8/23 + some awesome screens including UI

    Link to the stream HERE if you missed it. 

  • What upcoming mmorpg are you excited for?

    Pantheon and Ashes are the only MMOs I am following. Both bring back heavy dependence on team focused content.