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  • Will the next WoW level MMO even be on PC?

    But the best chance we have atm of a major hit MMO is Star Citizen.

    IMO, what made WoW big, most of all, was accessibility.  While it was certainly more difficult a game than it is, now, it was still much simpler and had a more streamlined interface than its competition at the time.

    My point in mentioning that is... so far, SC doesn't seem like it will be that way, at all.  It's clearly going to be more simulator than arcade.  That in itself will make it a niche game, no matter how spectacular the visuals, or seamless the gameplay.
  • EA Wins Dubious Honor as Most Downvoted Reddit Post Ever for Star Wars Battlefront 2 - MMORPG.com

    Robsolf said:
    Yeah, that's sounds like how cancelling SWTOR is.  Every time I have, I've scoured the website, found nothing, then googled and could only find a link that way. 

    To paraphrase DNA:  "The link was in the cellar in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying ‘Beware of the Leopard.”
    At least, that type of thing isn't completely unique to video gaming.

    Ever tried to cancel a gym membership at a franchise gym?  Holy shit.  It's got all the convenience and expediency of a medieval age religious ritual.
    Well sure, they don't generally display the cancel button right next to the Cash Store link, but you can usually find it somewhere in an "Account/Subscription/Profile" section on their site, within a click or 2.  Sometimes MMO's get tricky by putting it under an "add subscription" link.  But I don't think I've ever been able to find SWTOR's cancel link without Googling it.
  • It's hard to get involved with LOTRO, The model doesn't work for new players

    Torval said:
    They do over monetize and it can be confusing, or you just subscribe for $10 a month and none of that matters. There's no need to figure anything out then. Just play it like a sub game where you have the occasional xpac purchase on top of the sub.

    It only gets complicated when players try and game the system and figure out how they can play even cheaper and spend less than the $10/mo sub. If that is how someone wants to roll, then yeah they need to sort out what to buy and what is the cheapest way to get there.
    Agree... if you're a long time veteran that stopped subbing at some point, it can be pretty frustrating(I'm one).  Also, if you've been playing games like Star Trek Online where you get the same content that subscribers do, I see where those people might think LotRO is holding out on them.

    But LotRO is a far bigger effort.  The landscape has to mean something, if you can't just skip past it as in other F2P games.  It has to have a point.

    But sure, they too could offer mostly repeatable instances, and they could certainly be entertaining in that model.  Matter of fact, that might be where they go from here, with so much of the land mass required now being created...

    We should always be careful what we wish for...

  • Old school design flaws... are they real problems !

    Rhoklaw said:
    Wizardry said:
    I don't like the dungeon idea at all but i can accept it IF they are done well enough.

    Dungeons are also typically small narrow passages forcing you to waste time killing stuff you don't want to kill.It is the devs lazy way of forcing longevity from a meaningless strip of cave passages.

    Mobs should be there for a reason,like why are they even there,what do they eat,which is why an eco system should exist.Boss mobs should not have  drop loot,then there is no need for instancing.They should be tied to the quest lines,not  as rinse/repeat loot grinding placeholders.

    Devs need to lose the cheap one directional game design and start creating realistic worlds,mobs killing mobs as part of an  eco system.Fire doesn't work in the rain or less effective,flooding,winds ruining your accuracy of  arrows etc etc.Let me see some real rpg game creation elements instead of end game loot grinding dungeons.
    I don't think any game developer wants to invest the amount of time and money it would take to make such an MMO. I agree with you that a focus on dungeon raids as endgame content is overused far too often in MMOs. Which is why I enjoyed ArcheAge and BDO a lot more than most other recent MMOs. Their worlds offered a multitude of activities to choose from to occupy your time. I'm not saying everyone enjoys farming, trading, fishing, crafting, horse training, treasure hunting or gathering, BUT having that amount of features DOES make a game seem more interesting and believable.

    However, things such as your eco system or the social AI I've been talking about for years, would probably end up having an astronomical cost. I believe a truly living, breathing sandbox world with a working eco system and socialistic AI for both NPC and mobs would be the only way to top WoW numbers. Unfortunately, I think game developers are content with feeding off the scraps for a quick and cheap investment turnaround.
    Ryzom has ecosystems.  I only had a short playthrough with it many many years ago, so my recollection is vague.  I clearly didn't like it enough to keep playing.   Not saying anybody is wrong or right; just that if they want ecosystems, they can try Ryzom.

    IMO, I think it's a mistake to just think that if someone just added X feature to the game, that it will be awesome.  I think it's more about figuring out what a player can and can't do by having that feature.  If an ecosystem just consists of species hunting/running from each other while the player goes through the map, I don't think that adds anything significant.  If, like GW2 you have social AI which does raids on towers or moves wagons back and forth as you repel bandits along its path, that too loses its luster.  It beats reading a wall of text, sure, but it just doesn't hold on its own for very long.

    These days, we're lucky enough that companies try to build MMO's at all, let alone building super-risky niche MMO's.  If I were looking for a "new old school game", I'd be latching onto the best bet I could find, smooching that company's butt, and doing whatever I could to help it launch.
  • LOTRO - New race, updated character models and summer expansion Mordor

    Torval said:
    Filbur said:
    Mordor is their biggest expansion pack in years (since Moria according to the devs). $40 is in-line with a normal expansion price plus a level boost as a bonus. That the high elves are only available in the next higher tier is unfortunate, though.

    For example in Rohan you got a mount and cosmetic, but there were 3 different color sets and the base included one which you had to choose. The premium included all three plus more goodies.

    I remember in the previous premium packages...

    -they were cheaper, first off.  The tiers were like, 40-60-80 or something similar.
    -the top of the line often came with free quest packs.  You might pay 30-40 bucks more for the highest edition, but it might come with 50-60 bucks worth of stuff from the store or TP's, plus some nice fluff.  It was a good deal if you were a regular player of the game.

    Compare that to the top tier of Mordor:

    Some nice fluff, plus:
    • Three Relics for all characters  (couple bucks)
    • Two Essence Reclamation Scrolls for all characters!  (5-6 bucks)
    • Ten Extra Shared Storage Slots (10 bucks)
    • A code for a month of VIP Access (15 bucks)
      An XP accelerator and port to house (not in the store)
    ...all for the bargain price of 130 bucks.

    The math just doesn't add up.