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  • New Sale/Event (Searing Plague) is now live:

    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    An investor is a person or organization that buys securities or property in order to receive a profit.

    Securities are stocks, shares, bonds, or other certificates that you buy in order to earn regular interest from them or to sell them later for a profit.


    Neither a speculator (who takes on high risks for high rewards) nor a gambler (who takes on the risk of total loss for out of proportion rewards) but one whose primary objectives are preservation ofthe original investment (the principal), a steady income, and capital appreciation.

    Always happy to help.

    Wow.. someone that is willing to step and make a point, while not be a huge douche about it.. Color me Impressed.
    I've been trying to be nicer and squash my inner jerk.....clearly I don't always succeed. 

    It also helps to pick your battles. ;)
  • Guild Wars 2 - The Journey So Far - MMORPG.com

    I loved GW2, till Heart of Thorns.. 
  • So when is the soft launch, and is this playable right now?

    Kyleran said:
    This is a 2+ year old necro thread and its amazing how the status of the game is still pretty much the same, always making tons of changes with another 2 years to go.


    don't you hate it when someone uses the search option, as opposed to making a new topic? :)
  • New Sale/Event (Searing Plague) is now live:

    Gonna agree with Curebear.

    He really ought to keep a positive note to his close supporters and piss on everyone else.
  • New Sale/Event (Searing Plague) is now live:

    Kyleran said:
    Ungood said:
    Kyleran said:
    Further update:

    @here As an update, we brought the website down for maintenance a little after 12:30pm today to deploy a new version of the website with updates to the Searing Plague event, and to modify the database, deploying new tables and awarding complementary Cure and Purity. However, immediately after brining the website back online we got pummeled with automated bots trying to generate purity and use their instant abilities. This, combined with the new transaction logic we rolled out to prevent partial transactions and race conditions, immediately brought the website to a crawl, as peoples' pages seemed to become unresponsive while they waited for their button clicks to process. This is obviously not the experience we're looking for. So, in the short term, we're rolling back the transaction system we deployed to allow for faster transactions, in order to complete the deployment and bring the website back online. However, the stability of the system has not improved, and users are HIGHLY discouraged either from spamming buttons if something seems unresponsive, or interacting with the the Searing Plague page simultaneously from multiple browser windows. These behaviors lead directly to the invalidated actions people are seeing and until we fix the synchronization issues, should be avoided.
    Much good. Very wow.
    So they basically created a fund raising event that encouraged the participants to bot spam them?

    It's like they launched a DDOS attack on their own website.

    Very Wow.
    I really think he just underestimated what level of asshole gamers are.

    This should be a great lesson for anyone else looking to get into making an MMO, like: Before you make anything, First Imagine the most Asshole thing you can do during this even.. ok good got that in your head.. now... expect gamers to do something twice as bad.

    Well the previously showed some naivativaty about the nature of gamers during the early days of the name registration. 

    They were surprised at the behavior of some of their higher tier backers and belatedly added coding to solve the issue 

    This event further goes to show they might be placing a little too much faith in their assumption the COE community is a bit "better" than most others.

    If the game ever launches I'll be surprised if they aren't initially overwhelmed by the "creativity" of some gamers to get ahead by most any means possible,  just what happens in a competitive environment.
    To be honest.. I really hope this game gets made so Caspian can lose his shit at how brutal players treat each other in game once is launches.. 

    he might become desensitized by then.. maybe not..