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  • RIP Stan Lee

     The Passing of an Icon, he will be missed.

  • The Recurring Issue in Guild Wars 2 - MMORPG.com

    Ungood said:
    Aeander said:
    Ungood said:
    They chose to cater to the "hard Core" player group when they made HoT, and that group will only do the "events" when they are new, once they have chewed though the content (and they will do it very quickly) and got the item they needed or wanted, the content becomes worthless to them and they swiftly return to their end-game grind content like raids and fractals.

    This is what Anet wanted, this was their design direction, and that was the group and community they wanted to cater to.

    You can't fix getting what you wanted.
    If by "cater to," you mean acknowledge the existence of, then sure. They have harcore content now. It exists. It makes up less than 1% of the game, doesn't provide any superior progression, and is strictly optional. 

    Every time you make these statements, it comes across as entitled whining. Other people exist and want content which appeals to them. Them putting a handful of developers out of their pool of hundreds of developers towards optional raiding content doesn't remove the incredible breadth of casual content that the game already has, nor has it stopped them from producing large, high quality casual maps every few months. 

    You still have what you want, but you're also throwing a fit because a small group of other people are now able to mind their own business and play content that appeals to them separately of your experience. The game doesn't have to only cater to you in order to cater to you.
    HoT, is hardly 1% of the game.. and the whole expansion, all it's content, and even the entire elite spec of every class, is geared towards hard core players... spare me your ill informed and totally wrong rhetoric.

    A full revision to Fractals, and even a few World Bosses got revised to appeal to the hard core crowed, this is NOT some little off in the way side with your private thing, this encroached into the entire game.

    Coupled that with Anets approval and support of DPS programs.. they went and catered to the hardcore crowed. No matter how much you can cry and lie about it otherwise, that is the truth.
    Try sucking less.
    Try go fucking yourself.
  • Guild Wars 2 Stream Raises $65k for Charity & 2 New PvP Maps Previewed - MMORPG.com

    Glad to see this.. Umm anyone have any clue what Charity that gave the money to?

    Added: Never mind.. Extra Life supports Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

    Great cause.. really heart warning to tell the truth.
  • Self-evident,yet ignored

    I believe I voted for one of those "negligible modern options" when it came to MMO's, so.. while the negativity is obvious to me, I don't share in it.
  • A true D&D MMO is missing

    Wizardry said:
    Why would we need a system that is worse or not the best version of a rpg we could have?
    This is like saying...what we need are classic cars with coil over suspension,WHY would we need to bring back crappier suspension?

    We should ALWAYS be looking to improve ideas,improve the games and their systems and to look to add systems that are not even there yet.

    I'll field this one.

    Many people build Classic Cars, because they have more personality, (IE: Look more impressive) Then newer cars. But, they put in the Better Modern Systems, but.. only the BETTER modern systems.

    In the sense of DnD, the Modern Rule Set was not an improvement, it didn't make the game better, as a game, designed to make gamers think about their build, their play style, and what they want to do, better.

    Basically what WotC did was, keep the Coil Over Suspension and gave it that Turd in a Wind Tunnel Looking modern plastic body. 

    In this sense, what gamers want is the best of both worlds, modern graphics and functionality of the game, with the dynamic, enjoyable, and thought provoking systems of the past.