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  • Feeling all alone...

    Kyleran said:
    Also, I loath l listening to most voice chats, people talking all over each other, extreme profanity, non game related conversations, personal issues, and "that guy" always telling everyone how drunk or high they are while failing miserably in game. (And chat)

    Oh yes.. All this as well.. 

    I mean, I don't know what it is, but in every guild I have been in, the Voice chat is filled with people that need to hear voice every second of their game time, related or not to what is going on.

    NO.. NO.. NO.. I do not want to hear about the Tupperware you just bought while in the middle of a raid, if we have gotten to that point, when you can talk about stuff that is totally not game related while we are playing together, we really do not need voice chat.. not that I expect that little factoid to dawn on anyone that positively loves voice chat. 

    Which is kinda funny, because some games have voice built in, and one of the best parts of playing Eternal Crusade, is that the game is so bad, that the only people still playing are Fanboi's of the IP, so.. lo and behold, these people are role paying in chat.. Like "Greetings Battle Brothers! We shall purge them!, My Loyal Bravo Squad, come to A and help me squash these xeno scum!"

    And I love this.. I really wish every voice chat was like this!

    But I cannot find that kind on voice involvement in ANY other game.

    I have never witnessed this in any MMO, and NEVER seen anything close to this on discord where people are all just "Like you know, let me tell you about how my mom made we wash dishes and this girl at work....."
  • The innovation that matters in the videogame business right now isn’t game play. It’s payments.

    Ungood said:
    Ungood said:

    And.. Ummm.. FFXIV is not a tale about people not spending money changing a game, it's a cautionary tale about not putting out a piece of half baked shit, and thinking it's going to sell.
    Cautionary tale for whom? Did the industry suddenly stop putting out half done games? No, I don't think so. In fact, no one really cared that the first pass failed... people only cared that the second succeeded.  The only lesson learned was that you can still put out a classic MMORPG, and make money.
    This is not really true.

    I know it seems like yesterday, but FFXIV was release in 2010, this was a time before everyone was selling Beta and Alpha access, yet After FFXIV, Early Access and Beta Access, Skyrocketed among the MMO's landscape, Companies were handing out free "test" passes to every game reviewer, 'elite gamer" and almost anyone else out there to so much as even ask for one, to give their game a once over before it went live.

    They have now turned this into a cash grab, but FFXIV, made it clear, you need to have gamers look at your game before you go live, you need to get that input, that real input from real people who you are not paying to tell you how great you are.

    Just saying on that one.

    I don't think those events are related. The rise of crowdfunding (Kickstarter.com started in 2009, Indigogo 2008) and early-access (Minecraft started in 2009) resulted in selling alphas and betas. 

    I agree on that part that any project can benefit vastly from potentially user feedback while in development and yes, FFXV is an example of how one can fail. But I that didn't result in the above. 
    AFIK Kickstarter didn't really have MMO's or major projects like that till later in time, but, none the less, even if they were they were not directly correlative, you have to admit the timing was an amazing coincidence.
  • The Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Team is Growing as It Heads to Pre-Alpha 4

    Wedlen said:
    I sure hope the graphics are far better than what they are showing. Why cant we have amazing lore and story etc AND great graphics? NOT ESO or Gw2 graphics but graphics like BDO and even better

    Great Graphics
    Great Lore
    Great Gameplay

    You get two.
  • The innovation that matters in the videogame business right now isn’t game play. It’s payments.

    The monetization model is pretty simple actually. Get the money from where it is.

    The losers without a job living in their parent's basement don't have any money. The "hardcore" don't make a company gain much money.
    What they target is the grown up adult, with a job, who has the money to compensate for his lack of time playing games.

    And I'd do the same. You go get the money where it is. There are so many ways to part a fool and his money...
    This made me think.. as one of those guys with a job and all that, I don't care much for MMO's these days, all the grind and the market trend to try and cater to hardcore players, just not my flair, so I play mobile games and MOBA/FPS now (as the matches are like 30 min tops, and I can just jump in and get me some digital adrenaline rush), and.. yah.. now days, if a Game Company wants to cater to hardcore or whatever, that is their sale, for me, I see things like raids or massive hardcore content, or anything along those lines.. and that game is dead to me by the time I pick my phone back up.
  • NDA Violation During Anthem Alpha Nets One Player an Empty Origin Game Library - MMORPG.com

    gervaise1 said:
    In the EU the "Supreme Court" was asked the question about ownership by multiple large companies - they have "bought" lots of expensive software. The ruling was they own the software; a side result of which is that "we" own the games - in the "EU" at least.

    Now since then "gaming as a service" - renting essentially - is something that has become more of a thing and brings with it different questions.
    Just want to address this.

    In America, a similar case was also brought up, and as it turns out in America at least, the EULA stands, and no, the consumer does not own the software to do whatever they want with, they are only buying a non-transferable licence to use it.

    This is why some companies now, like Autodesk for example, which was involved in both cases, no longer sells the same suite to the EU, they sell older outdated products to the EU and their most recently developed software is sold only in nations that uphold their EULA right, like America.

    Just for academia on that one.