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  • Big reason why community got worst in MMORPG...

    I blame MMO developers for the decline in community really, and this is brought upon because of how they build their games.

    See a lot of games are designed to be time sinks to players, but then developers do not respect the time that players put into their games. They will do things, like pump out expansions that raise level caps, put out whole new gear treadmills, and this invalidate all the work and effort that players put into the game already, so much so, that is begins to work against you to have been with the game for a long time, as the new stuff is better then the old stuff.

    Then their are revisions to the game, which all too often take the form of nerfs, where gear, abilities, classes, combos, gear, and a slew of other things that players put a lot of time into getting become vastly weaker then they used to be, making all that effort and time a total waste.

    And this is a huge Trend for MMO's to do this to players and it affects them socially, in a massive way, the more the players efforts become invalidated the more it is never going to be worth it the player to deal with annoying other people. IE: That "raid leader" that is acting like a jerk is suddenly not worth it to put up with because when a new expansion comes out, or update happens, this gear that is currently the "must have" will be vendor trash, and putting up with the headache of dealing with annoying people is just not there anymore.

    That Ganker that is killing people in a starting city, it's not worth the time and effort to deal with, they can have this game, if that is what they need to play, suddenly a game that even has that kind of environment is not worth the head ache, because as a long time player of MMO's, you just know that the company won't respect your efforts, so, it becomes easier to just move on, leave those people that game, and find a new game where perhaps players are forced to be nice, or at the very least, you're able to just ignore them fully to enjoy the game.

    Hence the rise in Solo Aspects of MMO's. This was not because Players want to solo, it is because game companies have for years, decades even, disrespected the time and effort players put into their game, so much so, that it is not worth the frustration of dealing with people that a player does not like, just to play a game anymore, because the rewards, whatever they may be, will never be worth it, every time a nerf happens to your raid gear, it makes dealing with that annoying raid leader less worth it.

    As such, players are not in the mood to deal with other people that are less than pleasant. And it shows. That is why communities are not building. It's not about slow leveling, the reason why players won't put up with that slow leveling, is because they know that the company won't respect their grind time to earn those levels, and will just nerf some ability like it's nothing to them, and the player that just put in 20 hours getting that last level to get that ability now feels slighted. Like, you think they are going to take up long ass grinds when they know that the MMO company won't respect their efforts... screw that.

    So a large part of the problem is that MMO companies just didn't respect their players time, so now players are not feeling the urge to put in that kind of time or work into their games, and the community suffers for that.

    You reap what you sow.
  • A true D&D MMO is missing

    Wizardry said:
    Why would we need a system that is worse or not the best version of a rpg we could have?
    This is like saying...what we need are classic cars with coil over suspension,WHY would we need to bring back crappier suspension?

    We should ALWAYS be looking to improve ideas,improve the games and their systems and to look to add systems that are not even there yet.

    I'll field this one.

    Many people build Classic Cars, because they have more personality, (IE: Look more impressive) Then newer cars. But, they put in the Better Modern Systems, but.. only the BETTER modern systems.

    In the sense of DnD, the Modern Rule Set was not an improvement, it didn't make the game better, as a game, designed to make gamers think about their build, their play style, and what they want to do, better.

    Basically what WotC did was, keep the Coil Over Suspension and gave it that Turd in a Wind Tunnel Looking modern plastic body. 

    In this sense, what gamers want is the best of both worlds, modern graphics and functionality of the game, with the dynamic, enjoyable, and thought provoking systems of the past.
  • A true D&D MMO is missing

    DDO is your best choice for a good Dungeons and Dragons MMO (Not sure how it is today, I stopped playing years ago)

    But, when you think about it, DnD, was never an Open World Game, when you played with your friends, some other group of players didn't come along and enter your campaign, kill your mobs, steal your loot, and save the town, you had your own private instance that you played in, and other players had theirs.

    So the Instance Based set up that DDO uses, fits well with how DnD was played right from the table top.
  • Returning to Guild Wars 2: That Pesky Itemization - MMORPG.com

    Unlimited Tools are like 20 bucks a shot. I am going to bet, it's not a safe bet to wager a returning player with 460 gold, has dumped 60 bucks into just gathering tools.
  • Do you think MMO developers dislike player housing?


    There is a massive difference between enjoying a game that was designed with Raids in mind, and there is a group of people that enjoy doing those raids, in those games I will also enjoy raids assuming I care enough about the game to get involved. But I am not talking about that, I am taking about this parasite of the game community that raises ruckus in every game they play that they need to ADD-IN these features to the game no matter what.

    Again, in GW2, players made a huge stink about raids. So they got added in, screwed up the whole style and feel of game. Then they cried about Mounts, and they got added in no matter how inappropriate they were to the game set up, and now they are crying for Housing, and I have faith that Anet will cave and there will be some housing system put in that will mirror their guild housing, which IMHO was moronic to say the least. 

    On the flip side, in Trove, the Mounts, Corner Stones, Club Words, and the like, fit the game design perfectly and just expanded the game for the better, but they were core features from the start, the game was built with these things in mind.

    So, it is not the Raid, it is the incessant crying by some degenerate subset of players that feel that every game needs to have Raids, that is issue, even games that raids would not fit into thematically.