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  • Refund Requests Piling Up, Gazillion Remains Silent - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMORPG.com

    How long ago did Disney decide to cut ties and end the game?
    When did they let Gaz know?

    Those questions need to be answered, as they will have a huge impact on how many people should be eligible for a refund.

    If Disney knew months ago, and still let Gaz go ahead with console sales, should they refund all console purchases , or did players get enough play time to enable them to refuse refunds?

    How far back should they go for PC players wanting a refund?

    Who should be paying out the refunds, Disney or Gaz?

    Really, they should have converted the game to an offline, single player game, so that people could at least play with what they paid for, if they wanted to. 

  • Poking around your own files can get you banned.

    Just more crap from the OP trying to justify cheating to be honest.
    All I have seen from the OP are post's complaining about anti cheat software, complaints about being banned due to being caught cheating, and complaints about other people being banned for something that is against a games ToS/EULA.
    All the while claiming to not like cheats....lol
  • How many people buy MMOs together?

    I usually buy two copies of each MMO I plan to play, one for me, and one for my daughter/partner to share.
    If they do not like the game, I have alts, many, many alts.

    As for RL friends that I game with, there are 7 of us that tend to stick together, and migrate from game to game together, but each of us also know a few other people that tag along from time to time as well, depending on the game.
  • Thoughts on the prospects of the survival genre

    Survival games are pretty much all the same.

    First stage: You start out weak, spend most of your time finding food, making shelter.

    Second Stage: You hit the point where you have shelter, still spend a lot of time on food, while getting stronger fighting wise.

    Final stage:You hit the point where you have pretty much maxed out how strong you can get fighting wise, shelter is maxed out, all that is left is finding food.

    The only time it is different, is if you play on a PVP server, where most of the time you do not get past the first stage, as while you are logged off, one or more (so called) PVPers will happen along and destroy your shelter, steal/destroy all your stuff, leaving you with nothing but the clothes on your back when you log in again.

    Very simplistic view of survival games, I know, but pretty accurate nonetheless.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II Blog Reveals 75% Reduction in Top Hero Credit Costs - MMORPG.com News

    And some people said complaining about it would change nothing.....