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  • CoE announces plan to commoditize and sell many perks individually, gets hit in face with backlash.

    Of course.  IMHO it's a horrible shame they way companies like this have perverted the idea of Kickstarter. I mean, they are even now about to start selling tokens for $10 that you give to someone to "vote" for them to become one of the Kings. Always finding new ways to sell advantages.

    PS- Jeremy... many of the quotes in the OP were from people who pledged hundreds or thousands of dollars to your game.  Yeah your highly moderated forum resulted in a +16... should we slowly golfclap? When people who have given you hundreds or thousands of dollars for your game are complaining publically (ignoring both of your paywall locked high roller forums where IMHO you try to keep dissent from public eyes) feel free to pat yourself on the back all you want.  

    Keep adding monetization features. Keep announcing DLC for your unreleased game.  Keep renaming features like the mud.  Keep missing deadlines and blaming your supporters for making you spend time explaining things to them.  

    The problem isn't the MMORPG forums. 

    The problem is that your game was supposed to be in 3 month no wipe Headstart now and full release by the end of the year.  Instead you have released nothing excepts more and more monetization items.  Maybe by January (per your post) people will have a client to move their minecraft figures around.  If... instead of blaming everyone else... you actually did what you said and had launched your game's Exposition by now.. there wouldn't be a need to blame anyone.  But since you're  now saying you will be 2 years late.  That's on you.   Suck it up, stop deflecting, do what you promise and guess what.  All the complaints go away.

    First off I think this Slapshot guy is one of the most biased uneducated people I have ever encountered, even more than American Media Sources. Let me break his post down here.

    $10 Tokens to vote for a king, well he fails to mention that the purchaser also gets 100EP to spend in exposition. He is correct currently there is an event where the community can vote for players to become a King on the NA-E server. He also did not define or give reference to the said post. Here is a link https://chroniclesofelyria.com/forum/topic/22176/the-free-kingdom-of-elyria?page=3#31. But I will still break it down here for everyone too lazy to go check it out. 1st Place a modified Monarch package, 2nd-7th place receive a modified Duchy title, and 8th-151st place gets a modified Count package. What does modified mean "Modified packages do not contain Design Experiences and all counties and duchies awarded are restricted to being inside the 'Free Kingdom' of Luna (NA-E) during settlement/domain selection."

    Highly moderated Forum, first off I am better Slapshot has been banned from the forums and has read only privileges and he is frustrated by that. The moderation is all normal stuff, swearing, racial slurs, off topic posts. Maybe he means highly moderated because moderates are active in the forum. Oh no! There is an active community and the devs and mods are involved what will we ever do.

    Private forum for early backers and royal pledges, yep that is a thing it is a small focus group for the devs to bounce ideas off of during the making of the game. Also IMHO Slap there is nothing honest about your entirely biased posts.

    Adding Monitization features, I assume here he means the Al a Carte store, it wasalluded to a while ago in a Q&A, it didn't seem to bother anyone then...

    Announcing DLC. This I have no idea what he is talking about, maybe the fact that players will have a change to purchase a mini engine during the Alpha & Beta period to see how it works in smaller instances, not required and actually not part of the game.

    Renaming Features, yep they did that. There is no longer a mud it is a voxel based testing program for players to test features before the graphics for unreal 4 are finished. Again your extreme bias shows it was an improvement therefore an improved name.

    Missing Deadlines, no deadlines have been missed sense the State of Elyria post this July that gave everyone an updated timeline, also missed deadlines are part of any business.

    The problem is not the MMORPG forums, correct! Good job if there is a problem it is you Slapshot spreading for toxic cancer and biased opinion without references. 

    Again at the end here Slapshot keeps referencing their Kickstarter deadlines that have been done away with due to the additional stretch goals, and yes some delays but now they are back on track and have a larger team. Again I will iterate all business have delays on projects no matter the size.

    Want a good read on the updated schedule of the game?

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