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  • Can A:IR and Bless Revitalize the AAA MMORPG? - Bill Murphy - MMORPG.com

  • Elder Scrolls Online - To Trinity or Not to Trinity? - MMORPG.com

    This article is fundamentally flawed. It's the same argument as doing a Mythic Keystone dungeon up to a certain level without a healer in World of Warcraft. Gear, levels, and progression allow the player to delete archetypes from the trinity up to a certain point in some content.

    However, what the author fails to realize is that the trinity is required in most endgame content. Endgame content would be defined as Veteran Dungeons with the Hard Mode scroll enabled at the end, allowing you to receive two pledge keys instead of one. Good luck doing that without tanks and healers.

    All trials require at least one tank with all Veteran trials requiring two and multiple healers. The normal dungeons in this game are very, very easy while DLC dungeons with veteran hard mode are nearly impossible for a good amount of players. Based on the CP the author has in that screen shot it's clear he hasn't played for very long nor does he have a good grasp on the end game content or how it works.

    Veteran Ruins of Mazzatun Hard Mode without a tank or healer? Not going to happen.

    Veteran Imperial City Prison Hard Mode without a tank or healer? Not going to happen.

    Cradle of Shadows on Vet Hard Mode? Good luck even beating it.

    Vet trials without a trinity? Good luck.

    Horns of the Reach dungeons like Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold on Vet Hard Mode? Yeah, good luck.

    I think this author needs to really experience the full game before making these generalized posts.

    Lastly, he's running around with a broken weapon which indicates he is doing trivial content, only plays for write ups, or just doesn't care. It's indicated by the red bow at the bottom of his screen. Try doing actual content with broken gear or gear that hasn't been recharged with soul stones. This isn't a person that is involved in all facets of the game.
  • Dragon Bones DLC & Update 17 Coming to PC on February 12th - Elder Scrolls Online - MMORPG.com

    If anyone hasn't tried ESO and loves player housing this game does it best. The designs and customization options are jaw dropping.
  • This website has significant power and with great power comes great responsibility. (MMO Related).

    Torval said:
    The ESO beef is really something that should go in that thread, not this one. We've already established the OP has no grounds and isn't interested in making their OP case. They just want their own personal attention ESO thread. That's rude to the ESO article author.
    I was asked to shows some examples and I did. There were counter arguments from you and others about the ESO example. It's not realistic to expect me to be attacked on a point I was requested to make and then tell me to bury it into the ESO thread. 

  • This website has significant power and with great power comes great responsibility. (MMO Related).

    Both articles you flagged are editorial columns - like any editorials, they’re specifically opinion based pieces. They're standard practice in web and print sites like ours for ages. We make it as clear as day that they’re are opinions, and it’s your job to agree or disagree. 

    What you're asking for is that hat we ONLY post fact based news. That would make a very dull site.  If you want that, and only that, I’d suggest just reading GamesPress. At least here you get gamer’s opinions in articles and on the forums. 

    Or, smartly, you could just read the news and avoid the features. 
    No, I am not only asking for fact based news and I have no desire to really argue with you. It goes beyond just those two articles but if you don't believe there's any problem with it or that this site possesses significant power in the genre then we'd both we wasting our time in a back-and-forth.
    Well, to be fair, if you're going to assert a claim, you should have evidence to back it up. As pointed out, neither of the links you provided are news articles or reviews, hence why several of us are still confused about your initial point regarding "opinionated reviews" (specifically, biased ones).

    BillMurphy asked for your input on which "opinionated reviews" you were referring to, so that they could improve; he's being very open-minded. Stomping your foot and saying "well, if you don't agree with me, then there's no point in discussing it" is kind of silly, especially when you still haven't provided evidence to your asserted claim.

    Furthermore, there really isn't anything wrong with opinionated reviews, as already pointed out; otherwise, you'd really just be looking at a feature list, which is better saved for the back of game boxes or store front pages.
    Articles falsely claiming that there is no trinity in a game or that another game could die in a year, without any evidence, is a bit troubling. it also has the power to change a persons perspective on a game they were once willing to try. This can create droughts in one title and promote growth in another.
    Neither of the articles in question did either of these things. At best, the ESO article argues that the trinity isn't *needed* for most content, not that there isn't one in the game whatsoever. Furthermore, any sentence referencing the trinity in that blog post is actually a question, not a statement. It only take a few moments of extra research outside of this blog post to find out that the game does, indeed, have healer, tank, and DPS roles (ie, the "holy trinity").

    So, even if you wanted to restructure your argument based on that (that MMORPG.com is spreading false information), you'd still have no evidence for your assertion.

    The article implies you can do most dungeons with four DPS with resto staves. End game content which is comprised mostly of Vet Dungeons and Vet Trials would be impossible in that fashion.

    The article tries to create some sort of dilemma for Dragon Knights that seemingly only exists in that article or in the authors mind. I doubt they are doing end game content.