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  • Gameplay is the most important thing.

    MaxBacon said:
    World of Warcraft disagrees with you. An engine that originally ran on DirectX 7 and JUST received SOME animation updates in Legion is going strong. 

    If you want a graphics simulator just download the Unreal Engine editor. Why even play a game if game play doesn't matter?
    Put a new game MMO out with the World of Warcraft graphics and animation and see how well it sells.

    You can't use that comparative, it's one old extremely popular game that keeps a large player base, one new MMO has new standards to play by to meet the expectations of gamers that are obviously higher.

    Graphics are the master race, they drive gaming altogether, the so-called "next-gen" or "current-gen" games, the industry of hardware and console gaming itself, it's simply where the money is.
    Pantheon looks at least five times better than World of Warcraft already. Nonetheless, I think people are expecting "Black Desert Online" equivalent visuals which is a bit much given the engine choice.

    IMO Pantheon doesn't look bad at all. I do think the UI makes it seem worse than it is which will likely be improved.

    World of Warcraft:

    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen: 

  • PC Gamer: " There's something strange about Ashes of Creation. "

    Ponzini and I would like to thank everyone that attended the show this evening. Please check back tomorrow at the regularly scheduled posting time. 

    On the next episode:

    • An even bigger twist
    • New faces arrive as the plot thickens
    • A special guest
    • Find out who lied to who while lying to who while telling who what happened to them.
  • PC Gamer: " There's something strange about Ashes of Creation. "

    Realizer said:
     It's funny seeing folks across the internet who were vehemently opposed to Star Citizen, are now shilling for this upcoming disappointment.  I suppose it's hard to judge the validity of a team if they don't have someone doing it for them.  

     Now it's funny that people are trying to drag Camelot Unchained into this mess, simply because they had enough foresight to make their own engine. Sad days in game development. 

    How dare you speak out against Ashes of Creation! They promise butter smooth frame rates and massive pvp sandbox with a legendary development team. Here check out this video so you forget everything.
  • PC Gamer: " There's something strange about Ashes of Creation. "

    SBFord said:
    What treatment is that? There are people on both sides of the issue "tilting" at their cause and tons of others who don't have a horse in the race. Most people are adept at determining which ones are which and will draw their own conclusions about the issue when more information is available.

    It was unnecessary to accuse anyone who is defending the game as being "paid" to do so or somehow insinuating that they are somehow being "sponsored" when it is as equally true of the converse opinion. 

    Everyone needs to keep it civil. Sometimes the best course of action is to agree to disagree with people and call it a day. Arguing back and forth when neither side will be convinced to change their opinion is just futile...though we appreciate the page hits. ;)
    I'll admit it's not my first go-to in a debate and I probably wouldn't have said it normally. The reason being is they have been accusing people of being "hired" or "competitors" the whole way through. 

    I enjoy promoting the page traffic. It's important that people form their own opinions.
  • PC Gamer: " There's something strange about Ashes of Creation. "

    Ponzini said:
    Raquis said:
    don't crowdfund is my policy these days and if they don't want to make games anymore screw them I say!
    My hope is that the FTC will crack down on Kickstarter after a few more fail. 
    Just goes to show your mindset. Every project I have Kickstarted has been amazing so far. It isn't your money. The funny thing is if this game comes out and it is really good you will probably be playing it even with all your effort to try and stop them.