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  • MMOs with Necromancer Class?

    Second vote for the guild wars 1 necromancer.  It is almost three classes in one: can focus on raising undead minions (death magic), curses or stealing the life force of enemies (blood magic).  And the interaction with the secondary class adds more possibilities.  Necro is one of the most flexible classes in GW1, actually.  :)

    p.s. and if you play as a female necro, you're gonna be sexxxxy.  :D
  • Fill the Town (Design fun)

    Scot said:
    Beggars: they illicit very interesting PC behaviour, will you give the beggar a coin for nothing in return? You can have all sorts of fun with this. Everything from finding out the undertown is run by a beggar king and you have not been paying your dues, maybe the beggars are secretly messengers of the gods who will eventfully reward those who are selfless, or maybe the "messengers" are con artists who when realising they have a good mark pass on classy looking rubbish as gifts of the gods.

    Hmm. Off-topic to the thread, but this gives me the idea of begger as a playable class, with a corresponding skill-tree and sets of begger-gear (rags with stat-boosts and such?).
  • Looking For Summoner Class

    Guild Wars one has Necro and Ritualist classes, both of which have summons.  The necro raises corpses. The Rit summons spirits.  Hmm, actually the Ranger class has some spirit summon skills as well.
  • What Character options do you think are missing from most MMORPGs?

    In threads like this in other forums over the years I've seen Two recurring requests: fat people, older (gray hair) people.  In the case of the latter, it was unsaid (but assumed) that their stats would be the same as everyone else: the analogy is of the fit (goes to the gym, can bench press YOU without breaking a sweat) dude with gray hair. We all know someone like that.

    With the recurrance of those requests you'd think would make the game companies put these options in.

    My own request, coming up, is going to seem subtle or minor compared to most of the posts on this thread, but here goes:

    I would like more options for a female character that has andro/butch style.  Short hair, no obvious makeup in her features, a jawline you can cut diamonds on ... that sort of thing. Hardly any games have good sexy short hairs for women (Fallout 3 being one exception).

  • Which MMO do you think have BEST/MOST FUN Endgame Grind ?

    Could have sworn I'd seen this thread and replied to it.  Heh, maybe I did and the forum software ate it.

    Anyway, to recommend a game that is fun after the end-game, the first Guild Wars comes to mind.  Yeah you can get your character to max level and then (with help) beat all four campaigns.  That's just when the game really starts!  :)