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  • Lootboxes punishable by Dutch gaming authority

    What's to stop these companies from no longer selling the games in that country and blocking the entire nation's range of domains?

    A year from now. "Silly Dutch, you can't get any real games there.  Losers!"

  • Shroud of the Avatar, insanely awesome!

    It's got crafting, hasn't it?  What is it with the recent obsession with crafting in games? Yeesh. What's next, washing clothes simulation? Advanced lawn-mower simulator?

    Will be giving this game a miss, obviously.

  • lf: an mmo without

    I am looking for a new MMO. Well, new to me, it can be an old MMO. Boring thread, right? Well, here is a new twist: instead of saying what I like, I will instead only be listing the things that I do not want in the game.


    Pets. Seems almost every MMO has pets. Maybe one can avoid using the pet, but one finds that game play becomes more difficult, as things are designed/leveled for a player that uses a pet. Yes some of them are cute but I'm not in the mood to (in essence) manage and equip two characters (me and my pet) at once.

    Crafting. No. Just, no. I don't want to trudge to the forest of Nob to collect thirteen giblets of Moogly Sap to then go to a Crafting Station (woops, crafting level is not 33, can't use this station) to then form two bricks of unobtanium which I can then lug to the city of OtherSideOfTheMap in order to trade for a Needed Quest Item Of Annoyance, but only if carrying an Umbrella of Alchemy and only on a Wednesday. No!

    Time-limited quests or missions. No. I could be putting this quest aside, to finish it at some other time, which could be hours to years later.

    WASD-only movement.

    Telephoto lens (narrow FOV) camera. Errm, do I want to see everything whip around real quick at the slightest right-mouse-drag? No. I do not. The first Borderlands (though not an MMO) is an example of this problem.

    Anime-style characters. Nope.

    Puzzle bosses. Can't just kill them in the usual way. Have to hit glowing spots, but only at a certain time. Or the monster will periodically lay a spell down that will one-hit players regardless of anything, so one has to look for the warning sign and run away just before. Jade Dynasty is notorious for this.

    Immutable inventory object. It's in my inventory. It's taking up space. It's my decision to get rid of it. Let me get rid of it!