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  • There was just a shooting at the Madden NFL 19 stream of the tournament in Jacksonville

    Exactly, yet the stats for murder plus guns is very low in America compared to any other country.

    But every time this happens people always ignore the facts of how history has shown the murder rate is higher in countries where guns are banned. Exactly why the history of Hitler, Mao, and so on is always ignored, just like in this thread. Taking the guns is not the answer, never has been. Break down of family values and break up of families is statically shows that causes the problems with murder than guns. The problem of not having jobs for people and wages way down. Heck Venezuela shows that today. 
  • Ars Technica: Game Dev Suffers Broken Teeth, Skull Fracture After Trying To Film Arrest

    Guy cop has to rough a woman up to get cuffs on her? Sorry, that story is hard to believe, even if she did hit him. 
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Kefo said:
    MaxBacon said:
    Kefo said:
    No because the CIG knights will try to crucify you to your channel and probably stop watching right after and you’d lose revenue. 

    However if you take CIG’s side and your video is all about how the judge fucked up or how Cryteks lawyers are just reaching for anything then you will have an already rabid fan base watching your videos which will lead to revenue plus you will more then likely have said rabid fan base throwing money at you because they love that you are siding with CIG.

    So yes money totally plays into the equation and sets the bias. 
    Oh lol, every piece of controversy and drama about SC gets high views, not the opposite, just see the media outlets always with negative press on SC always trending.

    I'm not picking a side and saying "oh his opinion is the right opinion", I'm just seeing the informed views we have around on the matter. And the fact is, most of the views given on this whole lawsuit from informed people, do overall favor CIG and not Crytek in multiple points... Even the article you linked before of not being biased that also reviewed the case, but now they're biased?! hmmm!
    I’m starting to think you’re just picking random sentences from the CIG Defense handbook and cobbling them together because you’re not making a lot of sense in your reply to me
    Well, the way am reading CRYTEK and responses from CIG, I feel sorry for Max and others, because it's really starting to look like things are going CRYTEK's way. I believe Max and others really had faith in Roberts telling the truth about how Star Citizen/SQ42 was being produced.

    It would be hard for anyone to start realizing they well could have been duped. Not saying they were just starting to look that way.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    MaxBacon said:
    I am not sure I'd double down on the YouTube lawyers who seemed so sure Crytek didn't have a leg to stand on in the first place.  They haven't exactly been right, from the court proceedings.
    Yes but overall when it comes to judge rulings before the case even starts, one can understand that without much knowledge on the actual industry, they just apply copyright/contract law to their ability, it will be during the case itself that all that contextualization will happen, then yes we'll see the merit of the accusation and the defense.
    Right, but that's not the message the video is trying to send.  I mean, the title says the judge fucked up.  At this point, the YouTube lawyers seem more like they're pandering to the base than trying to make an unbiased assessment from the outside looking in.
    Well to be fair, YouTube people tend to broadcast for the cash, so whatever brings in viewers the better.
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Kefo said:

    CIG filed their response to Crytek’s amended response. I’m obviously no lawyer and clearly biased but it sounds like a lot of whining to me from CIG’s lawyer
    A lot of people expected Orwin to respond fast, because of certain things he has done could very well end up with his disbarment. This is really getting interesting.