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  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Asm0deus said:
    "Why NN is important" made easy for the layman.

    LOL, BS, NN is all about only allowing certain news to be allowed on net, has nothing to do with speed. After 8 years of last administration pretty shocked you guys don't get it.
  • Lior Leser Esq, Youtube Lawyer "Crytek Misleading Court. Squadron 42 Was Authorized."

    Doesn't matter what this lawyer says, it will be how the judge reads the complaint and law. This guy could be looked at like we look at 9th circuit. They have been over turned majority of time by our SCOTU!

    I stopped being surprised how SC fans treat anyone that doesn't agree with them. Calling this guy names is just par for SC fans.
  • Another lawsuit but this time it is personal

    Have to laugh at a lot of these comments, which are direct attacks against the guy in video. I'm pretty sure Roberts attorney will be there. Be interesting to see how Judge responds! 

    I used to live in a society that respected peoples thoughts and ideals with debate not attacks. Times sure changed, where the good has to watch what they say and the bad can do or say whatever they want, and the ugly are too disgusting to respond too!

    Have to admit when SC is talked about, there is no surrender on either side and both have a no prisoner attitude!
  • The New Life Festival - What's Your Favorite MMO Holiday? - Elder Scrolls Online Videos - MMORPG.com

    ESO/Zenimax has been really redeeming themselves lately IMO
    Really? They took what 2 weeks to fix Xbox One servers? They still have issues. If they would stop for 6 months on this DLC stuff and just sit back and fix bugs from day game released would be a good thing. Yet, more important to create more DLC that just adds more bugs.

    I have to say I love FFXIV Christmas the most.
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    AAAMEOW said:
    Sildanair said:
    Means nothing. I played FFXI and WoW all I wanted before 2015.
    Do they have net neutrality before 2015?  I don't know much about the topic.
    https://is.gd/tWz4hd get's a little confusing reading it, but that is what people do on the left to confuse the masses. You know us stupid people. Obama put these rules into effect in 2015. What they could have done is take any talking point they didn't like and wipe it off the net (this is the basic reason rules were put in) and then ban that person or site. Sort of like what the IRS did to conservative sites for Trump.

    Was best to have it dismantled and go back to way it was before 2015. There is already laws in books that take control of illegal acts on the net.