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  • Star Citizen - The Incredible Video Thread

    Found this video interesting and like they know what they are talking about. Plus not Derek Smart.

  • Running a social guild for older players

    You could always join us, http://www.grievancegaming.org/

  • Zenimax Accidentally Integrates Ad Spyware, Removing It Monday - Elder Scrolls Online News

    Every move Matt Firor has made with this game is all about the money. Don't get me wrong that's a good thing. But he has really been going over the top with Crown store prices and now this. It clearly shows he wants to make cash on players information.

    I was banned from ESO forums for arguing the way Matt has run this game. I went too far and deserved the ban, but he needs to start doing things differently. I would tell him, fixing PvP in some way could be a big plus for the game. People say PvP or lag can never be fixed because of the base it runs on.

    Thing is, he (ZOS) has a great game here. Summerset is amazing and makes the game look all new and shiny again. There is no doubt they could take a year off on new content and just go crazy on the base game to make it run like we all would love it too. Maybe am just a dumb pole and dream the impossible. :p

  • Maybe coming back

    For people reinstalling the game, don't pick high rez file. Install it after the game is installed. That is how I got around errors on install. Brandywine has become Russian server after their servers were taken offline. Crickhollow is my server, lot of great kinships and people.

    For 100 points I recommend getting Stone of the Tortoise, so you slow XP down. I hate running around with grey quests. 

  • Does Star Citizen deserve its hate?

    Eldurian said:
    Yeah, going back to the SWTOR analogy all you could see in local on the day of release was people griping about the bugs. I remember when I first tried LOTRO in beta it lagged so bad that I concluded it was crap, tried it again a year later and it became probably my favorite theme park title.

    When people gripe about buggy alphas and betas and even buggy releases it makes me wonder what game they've ever played that would meet their standards at that stage of development. When we are talking major unaddressed issues multiple years after release like Mortal Online or something then they might have a point.

    SC has it's bugs like any title but it's far from a title like Pathfinder Online that was subpar even for an alpha.
    Yep the doors wouldn't open, players could stand in door ways and block people. It was a mess, yet was fixed relatively fast. Because they had publishers pushing them to fix it.

    SC hasn't that problem, they can leave a game breaking bug as long as they wish. No one is behind them pushing them to get things running correctly. 

    Just pointing out it's a little unfair to compare. When both are run differently from the top down.