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  • Richard Garriott's Official Shroud of the Avatar Description Eliminates 'CEO' Title

    I would like someone in the media to contact Tracy Hickman and get the scoop on the novels that are still owed.
  • Richard Garriott's Official Shroud of the Avatar Description Eliminates 'CEO' Title

    kaladek51 said:
    Actually, the fact that there are no directors (or if he is no longer a director) has legal implications in the event of a lawsuit and who can be sued. Interesting.
    There was a COO but he quietly left last May I think it was.  I don't recall who the most recent CFO was but there's no longer mention of one on their team page.
  • Richard Garriott's Official Shroud of the Avatar Description Eliminates 'CEO' Title

    Who's titles changed besides Garriott?  Starr Long and Chris Spears titles didn't change.
  • Richard Garriott no longer listed as CEO, is this a typo?

    Richard Garriott responded on Twitter. I don't know what to make of this. It sort of explains why he's always been absent and the game is nothing like what it was Kickstarted to be, but it's still strange.  I don't understand how a company with investors and partnerships can just say the CEO position was a meaningless title after blowing through tens of millions in funding.

  • SOTA dev just said they have 255,000 registered players

    Not that this means anything saw another person in the forums post when we were talking about the new bind anywhere that is coming in the future.  I thought my list of friends was big with around 1000 peoples this guy has a lot more. 
    I know.  It's very sad.  People with friends lists with many thousands of player names listed and still only a few dozen to a hundred or so players online.  It's no secret that close to 70k accounts have been sold since Kickstarter but only a few people online at a time.

    SotA Trivia: For the players that were here since the beginning, even through all the updates, never has Portalarium wiped or reset a Friend List.  The list always carried over, so these players with many thousands of Friends have been collecting names for five years now.

    He is talking active players for teleporting.  you can't teleport to offline peoples.  This is what myself and others were stating that some of us have massive lists of online people.  which is why we know along with what Richard has stated that steam is not the primary launcher for the game.  I do know why you keep bringing it up as its the only metric you have that you can see, unless you are a player who has a large friends list then you know that 100-300 players from steam are only a fraction of the players.  you wont take Richards word for it which he mentioned in Eurogamer mag. that most the players play on the original game client.  Whats your ingame name so I can see when you played last or pull up the metrics on you from sota.wiki site :) 
    Do you have any proof?  I've heard devs say that Steam numbers represent a third or half of the numbers, but that was prior to commercial launch.  Quite a bit more than a fraction, and still not accurate or representative of current numbers.  

    Portalarium won't provide the means to show current player numbers in real time.

    No player has ever produced even a screenshot showing more than a hundred or so players active.

    Please prove everyone wrong, show proof.