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  • The Importance of Story and Lore in the MMORPG

    I don't like it when the story is contrary to being in the MMO part of the MMORPG.  If I'm roleplaying a MMO, then I expect to be part of the MMO story.  When the game has a single player story inside a MMO it feels wrong.  This is what I don't like.

    If I can become a unique part of the world story through gameplay and story arcs allow me to integrate my role into the MMO, then I like it.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    The dev that manages the economy said the game is P2W this morning in one of his blog posts.  He said for the whales, the game is pay to win because they can get gold without having to do anything for it.

    I don't think SOTA is supposed to be a fun game.  I think it's just for moving money around.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    As to COTO you didn't even read what I posted.  You don't have to spend a dime on COTO's you can get all that in the game cheaper then you could if you spent money.  And remember COTO's only get you fluff that is not a win in a game unless that is what the game is to you owning everything sold on the Port store lol.  I don't know about you but a new lamp or sofa never interfered with my quests or killing dragons, or hunting , gathering, killing players.  

    As to Taxes, you do know there are free places to stay in the game? you don't need a house unless perhaps that is your game too having a house to decorate.  I understand now why you are upset.  you want to play the Sims and have a house with decorations and not have to be out decorated by a neighbour. 

    You can also use COTO to pay taxes, that's another P2W.  Anytime you can P2W in a game that has PVP, pay for leveling, pay for weapons and armor, pay for taxes, skip all gold sinks, and just pay, that is pay to win.  Game is pay to win.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    But the game is pay to win.  Even the devs say it's pay to win.  The game has so much pay to win that the entire EULA is being redone to allow everything to be RMT. So you can go and buy everything for real money and win.

    But that's not the original pay to win, that's just to get around all the time sinks.  The gold sinks have real pay to win in the cash shops.  Buy a tax free deed, now you don't have to pay taxes.  That's pay to win.  You can also buy a commission free vendor so you never have to pay fee for selling anything and that's another huge pay to win benefit.  But wait, that's not all.  You know that $100 sword you bought in RMT?  You can go to the cash shop and buy premium currency called COTO and use that to fully repair your sword to max durability, so that's another way for pay to win to happen.

    Really glad to hear you like the game and think it's a sleeper hit.  Enjoy it while it's around but don't spread misinformation.  The game has so much pay to win it leaves people feeling dirty.
  • The Making of The Lost Vale

    The whole game is RMT and nothing exists unless people can make money doing it, the devs don't spend time on things just for fun.  All RMT is allowed, power leveling and gold selling are popular.  What's special in this instance for exploiting?