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  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    The dev that manages the economy said the game is P2W this morning in one of his blog posts.  He said for the whales, the game is pay to win because they can get gold without having to do anything for it.

    I don't think SOTA is supposed to be a fun game.  I think it's just for moving money around.
  • My Review after playing a year+ now

    But the game is pay to win.  Even the devs say it's pay to win.  The game has so much pay to win that the entire EULA is being redone to allow everything to be RMT. So you can go and buy everything for real money and win.

    But that's not the original pay to win, that's just to get around all the time sinks.  The gold sinks have real pay to win in the cash shops.  Buy a tax free deed, now you don't have to pay taxes.  That's pay to win.  You can also buy a commission free vendor so you never have to pay fee for selling anything and that's another huge pay to win benefit.  But wait, that's not all.  You know that $100 sword you bought in RMT?  You can go to the cash shop and buy premium currency called COTO and use that to fully repair your sword to max durability, so that's another way for pay to win to happen.

    Really glad to hear you like the game and think it's a sleeper hit.  Enjoy it while it's around but don't spread misinformation.  The game has so much pay to win it leaves people feeling dirty.
  • The MMOsThat Had It Worst in 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    Shroud of The Avatar is probably the worst MMO I have ever seen with the hype that it had. That game is pure trash and will be an epic failure. That said, Richard Garriot supposedly made great games back in the 1980's. Seeming that Koster was the charge of UO, I am not sure it would be fitting for Garriot to take credit for that.

    Anyway, SoTA is trash.

    Cry some more. Maybe rune_74 will buy you a beer and cry with you.

    Nah, better to wait for the next telethon. Devs are always down for a party.

  • The MMOsThat Had It Worst in 2017 - The List - MMORPG.com

    If Shroud of the Avatar would do a wipe before they launch in March and stop all the RMT and stop making items for microtransactions the priority, they could focus development on all the broken mechanics and glitchy systems and bugs.
  • SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list

    Check out this $14,000.00 digital bundle that includes a lock of Lord British hair.  SC has nothing on SotA when it comes to useless microtransactions.