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  • "If we don't do that, then the game will never be finished." Port response to funding questions

    SEANMCAD said:

    I personally enjoy low pop servers

    Then you should love SotA.
  • "If we don't do that, then the game will never be finished." Port response to funding questions

    SEANMCAD said:
    well that is learned by looking at the exploits of the so called AAA market.

    But what I am getting at is that these ideas that big publishers refuse to do, are clearly something many people want to see done and guess what...they are getting done.
    what the hell are you talking about?

    The OP is about Portalarium telling its backers that if they don't keep buying through the add-on store the game will never finish.
  • "If we don't do that, then the game will never be finished." Port response to funding questions

    SEANMCAD said:
    I am an investor and I can tell you, you are not guaranteed a positive return.

    here is the thing that so many here are struggling to understand, the future always delivers conditions that one does not expect. 
    In the vast majority of so called 'promises' there is always a large unknown about the future, buildings burn, people die, money gets stolen, people go rouge and loose all the cash, walls dont get built, courts supercede executive orders. and even though you have DESERVE the money it might not exist.
    There are very few exceptions, even your FDIC guaranteed iron clad major legal agreement to the interest in your bank account is not assured 10%
    I'm sure you're also a doctor, lawyer, president, holy man, and a time traveler.  That does not change the fact that when a publisher signs on to publish a game that they wouldn't want to see the game published.  This game has three publishers and still the developer says that if players for this Early Access title don't use the cash shop the game will not finish.  I don't need to see a contract to know that investors and especially publishers would want a product to make money.  Why wouldn't they want to at least try?
  • Shroud of the Avatar - Invading Europe - MMORPG.com

    Mitara said:
    The biggest problem with SOTA is the unity engines seperation of areas. Had it been a one world server instead, ti would really have boosted the quality. Right now.. loading times are dreadful and I cant see them fix that.

    Port finally came out and said they were having major issues with Windows and Unity compatibility.  Anyone following Unity knows there have been issues there since Win10 was released, and finally the devs are acknowledging it.  Unity and how Port uses client machines to control AI and scene host, this game will always be loading screen with mad hitching and hacking.
  • Massively Sums Up Shroud - "

    Did you read the see the new list of priorities?  They had promised a commercial launch later this year just a few months ago when they were asking for SeedInvest money and now they're saying in so many words that they have to remake the game.  They have to fix/create localization, UI, AI, story, loot, grind, client performance, server performance, player direction, launch readiness services (they don't have any customer support strategies, etc) they need everything.