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  • SotA Telethon TONIGHT! Dem stretch goals!

  • MassivelyOP discusses Shroud; Shroud's Community Promptly Goes Bonkers

    Those SotA people are still trying to figure out if their game is even a MMORPG or not.  The most avid supports of this project still have no idea what the hell it's supposed to be.  I'd rather just agree that it's not a MMORPG and petition to have it removed from MMORPG.com.  It's a lot of things, and the media is going to crush it into oblivion it *if Portalarium ever commits to a commercial launch event*.
  • Is SotA leaving Steam? What would that mean for all the Steam players?

    Rawyn said:
    I saw this on reddit this morning, these snake oil salesmen that call themselves devs have changed thier early access description lately AGAIN....ROFL. Basically say the game may or may not ever change from what it is today, and don't play it if u're not ok with that and u may want to wait see IF it ever progresses any further. ROFL. They should change the games name to "The trainwreck that won't stop".


    Final Wipe was on 28 July 2016.

    The game is launched.

    The game is a crappy scammy trainwreck with an Early Access label used to dupe people into giving them money for *development*. LOL, all those suckers that just closed out the SeedInvest. HAHAHA - hey everybody, now that the game is GUARANTEED TO NEVER LAUNCH (or maybe it already did, we'll never know!)... Thanks for making them a Publisher.  hahahaha SUCKERS!
  • Is SotA leaving Steam? What would that mean for all the Steam players?

    Torval said:
    A little more clear? That was intentionally deceptive. You're no better than the project you criticize with your lies and twisting the truth. You deliberately led other people into lies to promote your point and agenda.

    Here, picture with link to the twitter feed so you don't have to make the extra click.

  • Is SotA leaving Steam? What would that mean for all the Steam players?

    This just went up on SotA's Steam forums.  Looks like Valve may be cutting them off.

    You mean some random person posted that on there forums via linking a twitter post that had nothing to do with SotA.  Nice try to make it seem like Valve was posting that.. Nice try I will give you that.  But it is not why they are considering pulling SotA from Steam. I imagine it has way more to do with they publishing the game themselfs.  I mean who really wants to give 30% of there sells to steam considering the constant changes to how the store front works there is no real grantee you are going to get a good feature on the page to actually make sells.  Outside of that you could take that 30% cut and put it into really marketing your product.

    That wasn't my intention, I'll go back and edit my post so it's a little more clear... but regarding your view of this, do you have some sort of inside scoop on how this doesn't apply to SotA?  Just because Valve doesn't call them out directly doesn't mean they won't be affected.   Berek is the one that let slip the the Steam community was in flux, and you're assumption is that breaking ties to save 30% on sales in where they're headed.  Could be both assumptions are correct.