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  • Portalarium/Black Sun business deal against EU-laws?

    "We share only the account data with Black Sun that is necessary for them to be able to service your needs."

    They're sharing personal account information with the Russian Federation without consent.  That's not good.

  • I think this is Commercial Launch scheduled for Tuesday March 27, 2018 what is this?

    Did you read the whole thread?  Lord British is like it's no big deal and they're not even planning to have all the development completed by this time, that's in the thread too.  Maybe this is the Beta, finally.  They always change the words for everything that is common in the industry, so maybe candidate phase is just their way to say beta?
  • I think this is Commercial Launch scheduled for Tuesday March 27, 2018 what is this?


    We are excited to announce a candidate launch date for Shroud of the Avatar! On Tuesday March 27, 2018 (Release 52), we are planning to launch out of Early Access!

    So what does that mean exactly for a game that has been both persistent for over a year and been doing monthly releases for over 4 years? Well, for us it means that we are delivering the list of features, including physical goods, promised during the Kickstarter albeit with a few exceptions and/or replacements (see below). It also means that we are going to grow our community through marketing campaigns

  • UPDATED: Free Trial to Possibly Become a Permanent Fixture Starting Dec 20th - Shroud of the Avatar

    Darkstarr made an announcement that the game is going to be freemium now.  https://www.shroudoftheavatar.com/forum/index.php?threads/visitor-system-aka-free-trial-updates.105876/#post-915406

    They've been moderating and locking threads that say they're going F2P and they're pushing hard for people to call it freemium and not F2P.   It's more F2P than freemium though unless they are planning to create a microtransaction store for game services purchased on the fly.

    He said you could call it that through some definitions. They based their model of WoW, so if you call WoW freemium then you could theoretically call SotA freemium.

    "Well yes you could use some definitions of “freemium” to conclude that our limited free trial being available at almost all times makes us a type of freemium game. For us to truly be considered free to play though, all the above limits would need to be accessible after some amount of playtime but unlocked “quickly” through purchase.

    It is worth noting that we modeled our free trial limits after World of Warcraft Starter Edition and we are not sure anyone refers to them as free to play nor even freemium."

    They rename stuff all the time, it's a little game they play with their players.  Like how they don't use alpha or beta to describe the state of development because that's too old school and how when they talk about commercial launch is doesn't count as official if the word launch doesn't start with a capital letter L.  This is the same thing, they're just messing around with their players.

    F2P and Freemium.  Everyone knows what that is and it's what Portalarium is doing with their game based on what Darkstarr said.  They are giving access to the game without having to pay, that's called Free-to-Play.  But they are also putting content behind microtransactions, that's called Freemium.

    If it walks like a dog and it smells like a dog and it barks like a dog, it's a dog.  In case you were wondering, the dog is a metaphor for SotA going Free-to-Play.
  • UPDATED: Free Trial to Possibly Become a Permanent Fixture Starting Dec 20th - Shroud of the Avatar

    Does this mean Free Trial can talk about their experiences in the forums now or is all that still locked up behind a paywall?