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  • Five Things We Want from New World - The List

    Filbur said:
    The listing on Amazon.com is gone [...]
    Someone on reddit found the new listing: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078YF9KW1

  • Five Things We Want from New World - The List

    Tiller said:
    Read my last post above. They are working on something
    I think that's for the studio in San Diego and it may not be working on NW. 
  • Five Things We Want from New World - The List

    Filbur said:
    Looks like the game got cancelled. The listing on Amazon.com is gone and the “leaked“ video reminds me of the time when 38 Studios and Project Copernicus fell apart.
    6 days ago they've updated their job posting page for Sr. Rendering Engineer (New World) and they're apparently still looking to fill certain positions for NW.

    A few months ago there was a job posting on amazon.jobs for video editor/creator or something to create a trailer or marketing material for New World if I remember correctly.

    My impression is that the leaked video is dated and wasn't a trailer meant to be released to the public, just something quickly assembled to work with when creating the real trailer(s).

    edit: damn the job postings seem to have been removed... bad omen =/
  • Crowfall - The Good, the Bad, the Obvious: A November Crowfall Week - MMORPG.com

    5.3 combat looks pretty fun. Graphics are great too

  • From an old vet ... this looks like the real deal

    Kyleran said:

    Old smoke and mirrors trick. Doesn't matter if they have a list of items to complete, what needs to be added is when do they project each task / all tasks to be done.

    I told Mark long ago I don't care how busy they've been, nor how many tasks remain, tell me when you believe they'll be done.

    For me it's like CSE is in a car, somewhere in Manhattan, and they can tell us where they are exactly, on what avenue, what intersection, etc. And they're live on Periscope showing the traffic and all, the pedestrians, the traffic lights, etc. And they tell us exactly where they're going, somewhere in New Jersey, and what kind of traffic to expect in the streets. They tell us at what time they departed and how long they've been stuck in this traffic jam. They inform us about their average speed, the size of the car, their driving skills, their past experience as taxi/bus drivers, etc. and ask us to check on Google maps to see how long it says it's going to take before getting there. But they don't know at what time exactly they'll arrive to their destination. It depends on so many factors. So instead of bullshitting us and giving us an estimate that isn't reliable, they're waiting until they at least get on the bridge so they'll know that the worse traffic jams are behind them and the estimation is going to be more accurate.

    They surely could do like (almost) every other KS MMO out there: announce dates, miss them, rinse, repeat.