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  • Why so easy ?

    Robokapp said:
    look at the real world. we give trophies for participation. what do you think those people will grow into in regards to gaming taste?
    People who believe that playing longer entitles them to automatic wins even if they don't use their longer playtime to develop anything in the way of player skills.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    AAAMEOW said:
    Eldurian said:
    Anyone who think themeparks are on the rise has to be straight delusional. None of them are growing in size, they are pretty much universally shrinking. 
    And where is  your example of sandbox mmorpg growing in size?
    I don't have one but I can point to several multi-million dollar sandbox projects currently in production (Star Citizen, Crowfall and Ashes of Creation seem to be the ones with the highest amount of funding.) So it can easily be argued the sandbox genre is growing atm where the themepark genre has dwindling titles and no major titles coming to replace them. 

    What would you say a genre is doing when all existing titles are shrinking and the rate at which new titles are releasing is slowing to a near stop? Does that sound like a growing genre to you?

    Sandbox MMOs make up 10% of existing MMOs at most while they make up about 95% of the ones in production. Does that sound like a genre on the decline to you?

    Like I said. We are on the edge of an MMO renaissance. One that will be built on top of the corpse of themeparks. And it's about damn time!
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    Also on your ridiculous car comparisons themeparks are more like this:




    While Sandboxes are more like this:




    Your genre is defined by having the same core content. Take away the questing, the endgame, and the things that make it a WoW clone and it ceases to be a themepark as well. The whole reason it's called a "themepark" is it's an on rails experience not that unlike any other themepark but with a different theme.

    The reason it's called a sandbox is because of freedom. And that freedom comes in many forms with many types of gameplay that are completely different.

    Your genre is defined by being a clone of the same general model over, and over, and over. At this point sandbox is kind of just a catch all phrase for any MMO that doesn't fall under that model.

  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    If a game has me pick a race and class at the start, then has me quest through a series of zones until I reach max level at which point I do "endgame content" like raids in order to earn "endgame gear" then it is a WoW clone IMO. Yes GW2 is a WoW clone. Yes ESO is a WoW clone. Yes Destiny is a WoW clone even though it isn't an MMO.

    Yes there are MMOs that are not WoW clones. EVE, Runescape, Darkfall and Wurm Online to name a few.

    Not being a WoW clone doesn't guarantee I will like your game, but being a WoW clone pretty much guarantees I won't.

    And no, the industry is not done with it. As long as people are willing to defend the fact the ESO and GW2 "Aren't WoW Clones" and continue to play those games despite them only having a few differences from WoW then big developers will keep churning out clones and wondering why we get tired of them so fast (Or in my case simply refuse to try them at this point.)

    Can't speak for BDO because I haven't tried it but it could be from what I know about it.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    For me has less to to with political bias and more to do with economic belief.  I believe free market capitalism is the driver of innovation.  When someone can make some cash people will compete for it.  Net Neutrality removes that drive.  While without there is, I hope, a desire for companies to provide new and better service than someone else to get your money.
    Yeah if the sky was going to fall without net neutrality it would have fallen before it became a thing in 2015:

    Funnily enough "net neutrality" is loved by the big corporations, big government, and the many people who's opinions they have swayed using money and deception. It's hated by those who love the free market.

    That's because you're being lied to. 0% of this is about protecting your rights. 100% of this is about government giving unfair market advantages to certain businesses and protecting ISP monopolies.

    This video really sums up the issue nicely: