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  • Why so easy ?

    Dvora said:
    Eldurian said:
    Robokapp said:
    look at the real world. we give trophies for participation. what do you think those people will grow into in regards to gaming taste?
    People who believe that playing longer entitles them to automatic wins even if they don't use their longer playtime to develop anything in the way of player skills.
    That's still better than people that think they should be able to catch up or get ahead by opening their wallets.
    Thieves and conmen men aside, people with money in their wallets usually earned that money by doing something of value to society. Unlike basement dwelling grinders.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    Star Citizen may or may not be an achievable project (I believe it will be released and be a good game but will only offer like half of what they are promising for a good many years after it's release.) That's not the point. A good MMO not built on the WoW model that appeals to people for many of the same reasons (Freedom, immersion etc.) is a very accomplishable task. But not one has been attempted by a company with any kind of realistic budget for an MMO up until now. And two of those shoestring budget games (EVE and Runescape) took off anyway because people loved them so much.

    The thing is in your example people were delivered exactly what they wanted and paid for. A joke. Nobody paid into that project because they wanted a potato salad. They paid into it because the idea of a project like that raising 10k dollars was amusing to them and they got the laugh they desired in the end. Your example proves that people are willing to pay 10k dollars to have something to laugh about, not that people don't care what they are kickstarting. If you don't believe me go start your own kickstarter for potato salad and see how well you do.

    Crowdfunding Success = Proof of Demand 

    To say anything else is ridiculous.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    Somehow people can deny this but I would think that when a game has raised almost 175 million dollars for their unreleased product and AAA titles have almost completely abandoned MMOs that it would seem to be a pretty good indication of what people want, and what people just aren't having anymore.

    Whether SC never releases or is the next WoW gamers have spoken loudly and clearly about what they want from their next MMO. Anything but another themepark. People don't pay 175 million dollars for something they don't want. Not including the nearly 20 million Crowfall has raised or any of these other titles.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    The problem with threads like these is that we cannot even agree on defining the foundation on which the definition of a "WoW Clone" would rest upon. Meaning, we can't even agree on what a sand box vs what a theme park is. How the hell can we define a WoW clone? Game X is a Theme Park, therefore it's a WoW clone.........It's not a theme park, so it's not a WoW clone. 

    But then there is the argument that says, not all theme parks are WoW clones....... There are no definitions, Only a loose general consensus that doesn't even agree. This means, that while the question posed by this thread is a good one, it's also pointless.

    Go figure.

    I think the definition of "clone" that truly matters is "What is different enough that people playing these new titles don't feel like they are just playing the same old titles they tried over a decade ago?"

    If the decline of this genre is any indication, most consumers have voted with their dollar that the meaningful innovation coming out of the MMO industry constitutes little to nothing in their eyes.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    Anyway I think we've reached the end of productive debate so I will just give my answer to the original question.

    The Age of Themeparks is dead. They will always be a presence in MMOs but they will never be the king of a dominant genre again. We're currently in the dark ages of MMOs in which Themeparks are still the king of a dying genre. When we recover and see a renaissance it will be because fresh ideas gain dominance in this industry and attract people back to it. 

    There is no future for MMOs in which they are both successful and the people guiding the industry think that ESO, GW2, and FF14 are truly innovative titles.