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  • This is what kills PC gaming and mmo’s

    Well if you were single I would say this:

    Go to a free dating website like okcupid. Answer a bunch of questions but only answer a few of the ones you find very important to you publicly (You can only see questions your match has answered publicly if you have answered them publicly as well. Being selective means you only get to know about a few things you consider very personally important as most users answers everything or nearly everything publicly.) Once you've answered a lot of questions do a search of the entire nation by gaming related keywords, match percentage, and other things you my find important like non-smoker, a specific religion, age range etc. If one particular aspect is important to you (GAMER GIRL) search by related keywords in their profiles. Read through the profiles to see which ones you really find interesting. Send them a thoughtful message that proves you actually read their profile and not just checked out their pictures. Do this for a small number of girl.

    Of the ones who respond, talk to them, get to know them better, but don't progress the relationship any further than is appropriate when you are talking to multiple girls. I've actually found this to be a very important part of the process as it avoids you settling on a girl because she is "good enough" or obsessing over any one girl without good reason. When one girl clearly seems the most interesting and and you are ready to progress things with her, politely excuse yourself from conversations with the other girls.

    And that is how I landed myself in a relationship with a highly compatible girl who was already a gamer.


    In terms of turning an existing relationship on to a hobby of yours... that is much harder. If you want something you might have to give something. Ask her if there is a hobby of hers she wants to share with you enough to start gaming with you if you do that for her. If her gaming with you is important enough to you, then I'm sure you won't mind ball room dancing or whatever to make that happen. ;) That seems like the most reasonable approach to me.
  • Why so easy ?

    Dvora said:
    Eldurian said:
    Robokapp said:
    look at the real world. we give trophies for participation. what do you think those people will grow into in regards to gaming taste?
    People who believe that playing longer entitles them to automatic wins even if they don't use their longer playtime to develop anything in the way of player skills.
    That's still better than people that think they should be able to catch up or get ahead by opening their wallets.
    Thieves and conmen men aside, people with money in their wallets usually earned that money by doing something of value to society. Unlike basement dwelling grinders.
  • So, Where Are YOU on Net Neutrality?

    Horusra said:
    For me has less to to with political bias and more to do with economic belief.  I believe free market capitalism is the driver of innovation.  When someone can make some cash people will compete for it.  Net Neutrality removes that drive.  While without there is, I hope, a desire for companies to provide new and better service than someone else to get your money.
    Yeah if the sky was going to fall without net neutrality it would have fallen before it became a thing in 2015:

    Funnily enough "net neutrality" is loved by the big corporations, big government, and the many people who's opinions they have swayed using money and deception. It's hated by those who love the free market.

    That's because you're being lied to. 0% of this is about protecting your rights. 100% of this is about government giving unfair market advantages to certain businesses and protecting ISP monopolies.

    This video really sums up the issue nicely:

  • Why is Wildstar Hated???

    Whenever you try to be "More like WoW than WoW" in a market saturated with WoW Clones, expect a less than exuberant reception.
  • If all mmo's were diffacult, would you enjoy them more ?

    We are talking about games here. Games are for some quick fun. If i want real challenges, i go solve work related technical problems.

    The best pve games give the illusion of challenges, not real ones. 

    Yeah no. Human beings are build to desire challenge. That is why would prefer a video game over say mowing a long.

    Mowing a lawn offers a sense of progress. Every time you make another pass you see another big strip of grass gone until eventually there is none left. Same concept with shoveling snow, or digging a hole.

    So why would we choose a video game over any of these past times. Simple manual labor certainly is more productive than gaming in most instances and they both offer us a sense of progress.

    Why would most people rather play or watch sports, which are ultimately as meaningless as video games, than sit there and mow a lawn or watch someone mow a lawn?

    Most video games engage the brain. Good games offer challenge. This is the same reason most people want to race to endgame. Because endgame content offers the most challenge.