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  • EA Says 'Year-on Year Growth was Driven by MEA' - Mass Effect: Andromeda - MMORPG.com

    Eothas said:
    Where is DA 4 though? I'm not hyped for Anthem :\ Now that Anthem is the focus it will take at least a year for DA news.
    Agreed about DA. DA2 is complete garbage but Inquisition took a "turn for the right direction", at least for me. 

    I would like to see what they can do with the series after DA:I. Even if I like Origins better.
  • so, hows the game?

    Forgrimm said:
    Kyleran said:
    Sigh, yet another thread derailed and taken off course over this same issue.

    What do you suppose we're up to, perhaps at least 25+ threads and several hundred posts by Ren and those responding?


    Yup, I reported him and finally put him on ignore. Shit has gone beyond the point of ridiculousness.
    He created other accounts to support himself, tho. Like "next season in Walking Dead".
  • Pcpowerplay article accurately nails what's wrong with SC

    Kefo said:
    Nyctelios said:
    Kefo said:
    Saxx0n said:
    If we humans did not aim high we would still have horses as our primary means of transportation. We would be reading this forum discussion on parchment paper and passing it back and forth with carrier pigeons, as we read it at night by the light of a whale oil lamp...
    You didn't just compare creating a, imo good looking but mediocre, video game with things like the discovery of electricity, creating the internet or the computer chip right?
    Ok, when did SC became "mediocre"? You lost me there, mate.
    Well I did say it was my opinion but can you explain to me what makes it above mediocre? Rules are you can't use graphics as a reason and you can't use features that don't exist yet.
    Atmosphere, gas and liquid systems for a sandbox space sim where you can work as a ship thief by going in space and board it manually by force and killing its owner and taking it?

    Or you can salvage, mine, build a small outpost in some moon and mine rocks for ages.

    Or working as a rescuer getting people drift in space or left in a planet to die after losing its ship?

    C'mon man, you are trying like super hard to bash this. It became nonsensical. The space fight is good, the FPS is ok. I can see they missing the spot on everything else and the game becoming just "good"... But mediocre? Ah, come on. 
  • 2018 Overall Production Roadmap (updated 19th January)

    Regardless if take another year(s) to come out. I get this feeling this game will become standard in terms of features.
  • Are MOBAs and Other Match Based Games MMOs?

    Eldurian said:
    @Nyctelios- I made no assumptions about whether or not those games were MMOs in the original post to avoid biasing peoples answers. I didn't say they were. I didn't say they weren't. I just asked a question.

    If you read every single post I've written since then you can see my assumption is these games are NOT MMOs. Including the 2nd post directly beneath the OP.

    Stop trying to argue with me like I disagree.

    No, you are not making questions.

    You are just applying a passive aggressive way to keep pushing your stubborn assumption that things are not what they are if you take the terms and twist their meaning.

    Don't come with bullshit demagogy on me.

    This is as much a discussion as flat Earth theory is.