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  • Get "For Honor" for free!

    Gorwe said:
    kitarad said:
    Yay! Free anything free grab with both hands even if I do not end up playing it but it's FREEEEE!

    Thanks for the heads up.
    It's not like it has a choice... Look those tiny paws.

    Now about the game.... Yeah... They still have the same issues from the start.

    For a "fighting game" it has a lots of problems in regards to "move priority".

    It is pretty to look at as long people are playing their role and not bumping in each other. Once people stop playing the paper, scisor, rock game and rush it starts to look like a kid is mashing two hot wheels together and making explosion noises.

    The game can't handle "who shot first". And it shows a lot.
  • World of Warcraft - Before the Storm Book Review - TL;DR Alliance Good, Horde Evil - MMORPG.com

    Orcs came from another world to fuck Azeroth.

    Good orc is a dead orc. Long live the Alliance.
  • Class Combat Overview Videos Show Off How Each One Fights - Bless - MMORPG.com

    I liked Gw2 a lot, like really a lot. Like, for realzies. 

    I like what I see here too. Let's just wait to check if it is also a lot for realzies.
  • BfA Q&A Tidbits - No Alliance High Elves, Strand of the Ancients to be Removed & More - World of War

    Nepheth said:

    Albatroes said:

    Aren't void elves just blood elves with different colored skin and some of the hairstyles having glowy effects? Aren't Highmountain Taurens just Taurens with moose antlers? Aren't Nightborne just Night elves that can't flip? Aren't the new draenei just light colored draenei with tatoos? Dat logic SE....dat logic....dont even get me started on Magah(sp) orcs (even though I'm making one for sure). I mean all the "stuff" you get could've basically been added into the character customization. Just sounds like a lazy excuse to me ontop of an already lazy concept.

    No they are not. Each one of them have a lore behind them that makes them different from their original versions. But it is not the case with Blood-High Elves. Blood Elves literally the High Elves we know from the lore. The only difference is their eye color and that comes from the sunwell. Which is why we will able to create blood elves with yellow eye color in BfA. Because Sunwell is no longer corrupted with fell energy.

    Highmountain Taurens have their own tribe, zone and lore behind them. And there are enough of them in the Warcraft universe that make them vaible as an allied race.

    Nightbornes are not Night Elves. They are releated like every single elf race in the game but after more than 10.000 years they are very different from each other. Their culture, believes and power sources are complately different.

    Lightforged Draneis are Light's soldiers and they are fighting with the legion for more than a thousand years. They didn't even set foot on Azeroth till now and they are just introduced with some of the most common things about Draneis. And again there are enough of them in the game that makes them viable as an allie race. On top of that normal draneis can become Lightforged after they earned the right and complated their trial.

    You are only right about Void Elves. They are the most forced and weird race lore wise in the game. And they are very small in numbers unlike other races. They look amazing I won't deny that but it is ıgh I can't explain.

    High Elves are vey small in numbers and like I said they are literally Blood Elves. There are not even 2000 high elves in the game according to the lore. There is nothing between them that makes them different from each other. After the third war %90 of the high elves literally died and %90 of the survivors changed their names to blood elves in remembrance of their fallen brethren and no longer consider themselves high elven. That's all you can find about the difference between those 2 races.

    Yes there are a lot of people who want High Elves as an allied race but they don't care about the lore even a bit. They just wanna play blood elves without leaving the Alliance and Void Elves are not what they want and I get that. But at the same time there are a lot of players like me who are against this idea because of the lore reasons. Blizzard knows this very well and that's why they introduced Void Elves. Even though they are weird lore wise, at least they are a new race. So Blizzard can work on them however they want without destroying the lore they created years ago.
    That's not his point... You can make up "lore" and create anything. His point is that it is somewhat lazy and hollow.
  • Hitting 'Em Where It Hurts, EA's Stocks Lose Over $3.1 Billion in a Month - SW Battlefront 2 News

    azarhal said:
    So people dropped EA over lootboxes to go and invest into Take-Two that pretty much announced all their future games were going to be microtransaction heavy game as a service in the near future and Activision-Blizzard which already has super expensive microtransaction in a lots of their games.

    There are other companies and other games you know...