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  • Pearl Abyss Shows Off Remastered Black Desert Online - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    mgilbrtsn said:
    Radoo said:
    What an awful game lol! The devs have no clue what to do with this title and it shows here clearly!
    If you haven't been playing for the past couple of years, well not much has changed in terms of game systems, added or changed. The game is the same meaningless grind with the same meaningless PK. Fear not, children, now you'll get even more meaningless content!
    It's one of the most popular MMOs and has been for more than a minute.  That tells me that their devs must have something of a clue.  Let's not equate '''' way or everything sucks' hive think.
    Well, when you can sink in money things tend to get popular, don't you think? They need to justify the money spent. But, again, most people playing aren't actually playing. They could be just afk fishing, or afk walking in circles, or afk riding a horse... you get the point.

    To see the true community feedback go to the official forums... And guess what? It is not great. 
  • Are MMO with subcriptions too cheap? Games too cheap in general?

    Most companies are too worried about the price itself and forgets about payment methods. People won't pay if they can't pay it. It seems a really dumb things to say yet many companies refuse to simplify payment methods so they keep hostage to a certain market and when another trend comes over, bam, over.
  • Pearl Abyss Shows Off Remastered Black Desert Online - Black Desert Online - MMORPG.com

    I gave up when they added the AP bonus based on Gear Score mechanic. It means that people who pays to have that fucking zoo following them and play 24/7 to grind shit will be a galaxy ahead of you in terms of power PLUS the game itself giving them even more power based on the power they already have.

    It makes no sense.

    If you go to enjoy end level pvp / war and such you'll be rendered useless and will find out that just a couple (when not only 1) classes are usefull and that you can't even connect CCs anymore or help with damage: You just go there and die, basically.

    The GS AP system should be the opposite of what it is today: It should give AP the less gear score you have after reaching a certain treshold. So low lvl people have a chance of doing something against those no-life daddy credit card players.
  • WoW's Game Director On BfA's Pre-Event; Metzen on Toxic Nerd Culture - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.co

    Viper482 said:
    On one hand I think Metzen has some good points....on the other.....the freaking writers of these events are complicit in the fact they KNEW this would cause a huge community reaction. They also fed little bits of the story at a time on purpose so you WOULD jump to conclusions or at least speculate what was going on. Anyone who did not see this would divide the community is an idiot and shouldn't be writing for them....of course they knew! And the fact people have become emotionally invested in the lore should be celebrated. The reactions were not nerd toxicity, they were emotional reactions which most of the time are irrational regardless of the circumstances.

    Saying that....I think a lot of Horde players are misguided in that they have been led on to believe the Horde were boy scouts all this time....I mean you have a race of freaking zombies on your side, come on.


  • 'Multiple Diablo Projects Are in the Works' According to This Dev Update - Diablo 3 - MMORPG.com

    Guys.... For real...

    Diablo Kart