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  • Were done.

    Another doomsday post with no data to back its claim. You should try a new hobby, like scuba diving. Maybe you will find what you seek in deep dark waters.
  • Star Wars Battlefront II or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and the Love the Loot Box - Michael Bitt

    Torval said:
    Wizardry said:
    Blinkenn said:
    Corporations that prey on the weak-willed need regulating. At least China, Korea, and Japan have some laws that force devs to show loot box drop rates.
    I agree the same reasons we have laws behind seatbelts and distracted driving and selling liquor to someone already over the limit,tobacco to minors,because a lot of people are not capable of thinking rationally or with any common sense.

    Even when there are laws,those corporations,businesses are still using lawyers to find ways around circumventing the law.Geesh even the governments are trying to circumvent their own law/legislature with new legislature that claims to  be on behalf of homeland security,people all over the world are SOB's,corrupt and trying to exploit other people.
    You know the first sign someone is incapable of engaging in a rational argument? False equivalencies. It's a favored tool of those that have no logical footing to stand on.
    50 to 100% damage reduction scaling. That's my logical footing to stand on.
  • Looking forward to this MMOFPS! Very few PVE MMOFPS/shooter games come out

    Forgrimm said:
    lol @ creating a thread just to push the mmo agenda with the title.
    Ikr... It's not like they need validation so they spam about it. They are actually really sure about it. They really do not need to scream about it every 5 minutes.

    I would be playing that mmo but I'm busy playing a Fighting MMO called Street Fighter 5. Where I play with thousands of people around the world in lobby based match finding tools. That's what a mmo is, right?

    And it's mmo because there is grind, you have to farm those fighting points, so it's a mmo, right? 
  • PUBG and Fortnite – The Drama Continues - General Columns

    ianicus said:
    This article makes me glad not to have played PUBG.
    lulz @ missing out on one of the biggest breakout successes in the last 5 years.....
    Why are you not playing Candy Crush and that-facebook-game-with-the-boobie-girls?

    According to your logic the greatest games ever made.
  • The 10 Best Cancelled MMOs of All Time - The List - MMORPG.com

    "Note that this list only includes games that fully launched. We’ll cover games that never made it out of the gate another time."

    I was going to say World of Darkness, but unfortunately, it was never fully launched.
    Hello, brother. We are in the same boat, fellow World of Darkness lover.

    But, FYI, White Wolf got their rights back and are in talk with Obisidian for an WOD crpg.