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  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    dadazar said:

    So my vote goes to the nerdy, authentic team that i consider my best bet, to get this. And they don´t need to be the best managers or neat economists, and they might struggle more with some particular challanges in that regards as the neat ones, but also will master other struggles. Back from my digression.
    So basically, they're just role-playing the capability to do this thing.  That's what we've been saying all along.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    dadazar said:
    oh dear! picky pretensions, hollow phrases and discrediting accusations.

    didn´t i just split up the arguments and argumented my thoughts on them while you only come up with these? oO
    What are you rambling about? :open_mouth:
  • Curiosity ..

    Arillix said:

    Oh, you mean this game play?

    Or this one?

    One more for good measure.

    Way to be intentionally blind.

    It's not intentional blindness. The blindness is because those videos are so awful that my eyes began screaming at me to make it stop.
  • Soulbound Drops SpatialOS in Favor of Internal Solutions - Chronicles of Elyria News

    dadazar said:
    Shaigh said:
    dadazar said:
    Shaigh said:
    I already had a feeling this game was going to end up shitty but changing something like this when they're supposed to be as far along as they are?  Lol.  RIP people who gave them money.
    I will never feel sorry for people that put $10k into a kickstarter, I might feel sorry for their spouse.
    er.. you mean we gamers should rely on the big publishers to make innovative games with a passionate dev-team? :/
    risky uncertain backing is supporting is caring is voting is encouraging is loving true games!
    Makers of spatial OS got a huge lump of money because their tech has a good potential on making money. You need to have something more substantial than just words to attract investors.
    Yea, this "investor" attitude seems quite common, but i think it´s inapt for this context, as the typical "backer" is a player who don´t get any monetary profits back from his "investment".

    One could see such crowdfunding as a kind of collective, solidary effort. Like, you and your friends make a bbq, everyone spend some money for the ingredients and the best skilled making the salads and does the grilling. ;)
    Yup...just like that... except you gave your friend money for the BBQ and the party was supposed to be Sunday.. but then your friend tells you he couldn't buy the ingredients so the BBQ is postponed.  He won't tell you when the BBQ will be, but now just tells you when he expects to go and buy the individual ingredients.  Then to top it off he just told you that the Webber Grill he promised to use you money on was too expensive so instead he and his 2 buddies are fabricating their own grill in the garage.   

    Don't worry Bro.. we got this!

    And the guy that's supposed to be the "best skilled" that's "making the salads and does the grilling" is really just a guy who roleplays being skilled at making salads and doing grilling.
  • State of Elyria update from Caspien (Jan 2018)

    Haha. As usual, Slap can't back up what he says with proof.  So instead he tries to find something else to bitch about. *Looks very amused*
    Per chance would you happen to have other examples of "as usual" where Slap doesn't have evidence

    Just curious. I mean, you called him out on this example and it seems you may have something here. However, I'm just wondering because you are trying to springboard this example into a pattern.

    Just like to see it. 

    The reason I am curious, is that from what I have seen, Slap is pretty meticulous about his information. And if you can show a pattern here, that I haven't seen, well....you know.

    Otherwise, you are just undermining your own credibility.
    I have, and when I have time to look back over the forums I will post them for you. Tonight is not the night though since I have other things to do. 

    // Edited to add: Well I had a brief look and can't find the posts I am referring too but you can be certain I will be calling him out from now on. 
    So the usual for mystichaze, then.