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  • Get a Good Look at the Assassin's Powers and Effects - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    Kyleran said:
    Some of you guys are absolute nutmegs with how you switch on/off your disgust with mainstays/tropes in the genre. Y'all are some unstable mf'ers. XD
    Naw, they are just really bored of playing the same classes for 20 years now...
    I'm cool with the general archetype, it's an RPG standard.  But at least show us something unique to their rogue.  Admittedly, the reveal doesn't go into a whole lotta depth, but instead, a whole lotta flavor text to hype the class up.  That's not really an excuse for not having a single thing that seems even somewhat unique so far (again, unless they expound on the magician phrase, but I think the staff here added that, because I didn't see the phrase on the class page).

    EDIT- compare and contrast Crowfall here to CU's class lineup.  It's like night and day in creativity.
    Considering that they didn't expand on the fantasy aspect/definition of magician at all for the assassin after mentioning it, odds are pretty good they meant the real life version of the magician.

    From Wester.com:
    Magician: one who performs tricks of illusion and sleight of hand

    Which is pretty much what this assassin is doing.

    Still... you don't see someone use "Magician" with the real life definition of professional magicians in a fantasy setting very often.  With good reason (after all, real life magicians are rather mundane compared to fantasy wizards for obvious reasons).
  • Crytek Filing Lawsuit Against CIG

    Phry said:
    Cryteks response by the same token didn't address most of the reasons why the case should be dismissed either, so without that 'document' the existence of which is entirely questionable, its hard to see how dismissing the case out of hand is not the most likely outcome, the judge after all isn't interested in what might be, but what is, and given facts presented so far, i don't really fancy Cryteks chances, Crytek is fast becoming a laughing stock tbh that hole they are in is only getting deeper. ;)
    This case isn't some dinky forum war.  Crytek is under no obligation whatsoever to pander to the forum peanut gallery. The qualifications for a legal case to be dismissed are much higher and harder to get than the qualifications for a case to go to court.

    This isn't even Round One of the battle. This is just the determination of whether or not there will be a battle, and it does not take that much for THAT.  As stated by Bacon, the case already meets the qualifications to go to Court.  There is no reason for Crytek to further respond to reasons why the case should be dismissed when the case already should not be dismissed.
  • With $7.5M in New Funding, Accelerated Development On Its Way - Camelot Unchained - MMORPG.com

    Looks like you're jumping to the right ship now, @MaxBacon.


    According to massivelyOP's version of the story, Camelot Unchained hired a new producer away from the Star Citizen team.
  • Get a Good Look at the Assassin's Powers and Effects - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    "The Assassin, specifically, will utilize this new availability of sneak-attacks! Toxins are crafted items that Assassins can use to imbue their attacks with additional effects."

    NEW availability of sneak-attacks!


    Just the typical backstabbing thief DPS class with the usual stealth and some debuffs.

    ....meh.  Needs moar ninja.

    0:13: My current reaction to this.

    1:06 and beyond:  Not my current reaction to this.

    Maybe I got spoiled by Diablo 2 giving my assassin shadow images and booby traps in addition to the kung fu.

  • Layoffs Confirmed, Sustainable Development Now Stable - Chronicles of Elyria - MMORPG.com

    Scot said:

    For publishers something like flying and being able to swim undersea would be an interesting feature. Aging and death causing your subscription to have days knocked off is not seen as an interesting feature, it is seen as dangerously new.

    Death causing your money to get knocked off isn't new.  In fact, the ENTIRETY OF THE VIDEO GAMES INDUSTRY used that model for a while in the beginning.  Go look up what an arcade is.  It's a rather old antiquated term.  Arcades have been extinct in most parts of the world for a long time now.

    And that business model went extinct for a wide variety of reasons.  For one thing, it encouraged games to try to kill the player as much as possible to make them pay more.  Also, quite a few players eventually got so good at the games that they were basically paying one quarter for hours upon hours of gameplay.  And the games just didn't bring in much money as time went by compared to people just buying the games outright.  Not even as much as a subscription.  And nothing compared to those games that go hog wild with P2W.

    You might think bringing up arcades is an exaggeration.  However, considering that Chronicles of Elyria planned to balance the average cost per player to be around $30 PER YEAR, it really isn't.  At least in terms of making absolutely microscopic amounts of money just like arcades do, while also making the player get pissed off at dying because dying costs real money, just like arcades do.

    ......but seriously, we live in a day and age where even WoW has a cash shop.  And SBS thinks CoE can survive off of a $30 per player average per year? With no cash shop, according to Caspien.  Compared to a $15 per month subscription, that's ONE SIXTH the amount of money per player.  No wonder why publishers kept on bringing up alternative ways to increase the revenue.  That business model is INSANE.