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  • SkySaga Studio, Radiant Worlds, is Snapped Up by Rebellion. Game's Fate Unknown - MMORPG.com News

    It's been a couple months since they shut down, hasn't it? There can't be much of a studio left.
  • Player's Choice 2017 - The Most Wanted MMO - General Awards

    Vexiusx said:

    Anthem of-course.

    Hope they will show Destiny 2 what it should of been and take their small remaining playerbase away.

    From the people that brought you BF2, EA introduces Anthem!
    Play all you want!*
    *Playing on average $5per hour, local charges may apply.
  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    It's funny to hear people say the quality of MMORPGs is going down, and no good MMORPGs are being released . . . and that means the gaming population as a whole doesn't want MMORPGs . . . XD  I don't believe there are any gaming "Band Wagons", as far as I can tell when someone makes a good fun game people play it. When a good MMORPG does come out and it goes way beyond niche, I won't want to say I told you so . . .  no, that is a huge lie, I will definitely be happily saying I told you so. :P

    As far as defining what a clone means, it should be pretty obvious, it should be near identical. There has to be a difference between a game in the same category and a clone. All the things discussed here that indicate something being a WoW clone are pretty much the staple of MMORPGs. When I think something is cloning WoW it's because they took something right from WoW that didn't really need to be done. Champions cloned WoW's quest dialogs.  People didn't play WoW for the format of the quest dialog, people didn't drop other games because the quest dialogs were different from WoW, and thus confusing. But someone in Cryptic obviously though the quest dialogs better be just like WoW's. Other games clone the action bar format. 

    When one product is popular, others will create similar products, that's not called cloning, that called modern business. It happens in movies, snacks, clothes, cars, everything. Would I like to see more innovation? Sure. But it seems most investors want to go the safer route.
  • Jeff Kaplan Introduces Next OW Hero During Christmas Eve Stream - (It's a Christmas Joke...Geez)

    Today I learned that defending yourself on this site makes you the bad guy. This site really is an absolute pit from the top down.

    Never too late to apologize! You'll feel better :)
  • The Last Jedi DLC Comes Today + Poor Sales Cut Profit Estimates Sharply - Star Wars: Battlefront II

    heerobya said:
    Overcharged? It's the same price as any other $60 game, has a campaign similar in length to most shooters these days (4-6 hours) and offers near countless hours of multiplayer play, just like Battlefield 1, Call of Duty, Halo, Destiny... etc. etc.

    There is nothing "half ass" about the experience.
    And do you know why you get that campaign this time around? Because last time people complained that for the price it should at least have some campaign in it. Not because the game sold well and the company decided to give us more this time around out of the goodness of their hearts. Which happens never. So on behalf of all the people complaining to get better games, I'll steal a line from Maui "What can I say except you're welcome" 

    Once you realize that is true, maybe you should take a stand against this nonsense so the next game will be even better.