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  • Why so easy ?

    Celcius said:
    Calaruil said:
    Celcius said:
    One Tamriel is not actually doing much scaling in terms of actual creatures. The players are all scaled to level 50 if they are not currently at that level, as that is the creature level of everything in the game now. So all the creatures have the same health for everyone, it is not dynamically scaling the creatures at all. Someone wanting a hard experience while fighting the same creature is a logical impossibility. As that same creature can't have more health and more damage to one guy and less health and damage to another. It is really easy to say that "oh it can do a different attack on different players", but the reality is that won't work. You would have a tank who sets it on easy to take the attacks while someone else who is on hard does the damage. People would get around the system easily. 

    The only way to do it is have different versions of the same map, which would work in theory, if you had an infinitely funded development team with tons of time to develop multiple versions of the same map. You notice this has never been done before in a game that is a proper MMO? It is because it can't be done. You would effectively be creating and supporting 2 versions of the same game all the time as there would be an expectation that every single map ever introduced has at least 2 difficulty levels. 

    If you don't know how many people are raiding, don't post data and use it as evidence to back up an argument. Saying "I heard" is the same thing as saying nothing at all without proof to back it up. Also, how would you quantify a raider? Sounds very semantics to me. If someone raids once a week are they a raider? If someone raids once a month are they a raider? I mean, quite frankly, that is likely one of the reasons that we don't have the data as there is no way to quantify what a raider is. I mean, some people complete a raid once and never go back. Are they raiders? This is murky territory here. 

    Why would WoW need to be redone? I mean hell, it is redone nearly every expansion ;P I know what you mean though, but the reality is that WoW is still the top grossing MMO, so whether you or me like it doesn't really matter.  (Dunno about subs since those figures have not been revealed in years, but considering how many sub games are left I would say it is pretty likely they are at least surpassing all the games with F2P options.) 
    Actually you could have all mobs in am area a set level, the mob does the same attacks with the same damage but the player can have a damage modifier so the incoming damage is multiplied.

    Also when you form a group the encounter slider is set by the group leader no individuals.
    So what happens when a solo player runs up to tank the creature outside the group :P 

    I'm suggesting difficulty for the player, not for his role, so a tank set on easy could survive well, but the dps player set on hard would find it very easy to pull agro, and that the mob was saving his nastiest attack for him to do just that ;)
    I had forgotten how One Tamriel works, so my bad, maybe I should have said GW 2.
    I'm 100% confident I could work out a good system that's hard to exploit. I won't say impossible. It would, of course, take multiple iterations to get it right.
  • PUBG Team Apologizes for Inappropriate Female Model on Test Server - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds -

    I would expect nothing less from a game designed by a male gamer XD
  • Destiny 2 - Was a Sequel a Mistake? - MMORPG.com

    Dareberry said:

    I feel like i am wasted 60$ on this game, it was very nice at first two days, then content suddenly over and i am forced to do same shit over and over again. Game is very unfriendly to those, who play alone, without instruments to communicate you are unable to do a late game content.. Items are very repetitive, feel of using the gun is very unpleasant on pc, i compare it to Overwatch, where i feel very satisfied of how weapons behave. So now i am stuck in grind at D2 and when i am trying to switch to Crucible i understand that i have better pvp experience playing Overwatch. This game is very overpriced, so don't do my mistake guys...

    I can't understand the comparison to Overwatch. A $40 game with almost no content. I can understand how some people like the head shot hit boxes the size of moon balls and enemy highlighting, but for me Destiny 2's combat is very satisfying and 100% preferable. The near non-existent death penalty and very linear missions I'm not a fan of.
  • Black Desert's Developer is Currently Working on Four MMO Games

    Why make one good game when you can make 5 worthless ones! 
  • Amazing Fan Trailer Makes Us WISH This 'Netflix Series' Was a Real Thing - Overwatch Videos - MMORPG

    A story about a game that has no story? No thanks. And before anyone says is has a story it a game about random "heroes" randomly teaming up to kill each other for no real reason. The characters on a whole about as unique and interesting as hipsters.