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  • WoW clones, are we done with that?

    It's funny to hear people say the quality of MMORPGs is going down, and no good MMORPGs are being released . . . and that means the gaming population as a whole doesn't want MMORPGs . . . XD  I don't believe there are any gaming "Band Wagons", as far as I can tell when someone makes a good fun game people play it. When a good MMORPG does come out and it goes way beyond niche, I won't want to say I told you so . . .  no, that is a huge lie, I will definitely be happily saying I told you so. :P

    As far as defining what a clone means, it should be pretty obvious, it should be near identical. There has to be a difference between a game in the same category and a clone. All the things discussed here that indicate something being a WoW clone are pretty much the staple of MMORPGs. When I think something is cloning WoW it's because they took something right from WoW that didn't really need to be done. Champions cloned WoW's quest dialogs.  People didn't play WoW for the format of the quest dialog, people didn't drop other games because the quest dialogs were different from WoW, and thus confusing. But someone in Cryptic obviously though the quest dialogs better be just like WoW's. Other games clone the action bar format. 

    When one product is popular, others will create similar products, that's not called cloning, that called modern business. It happens in movies, snacks, clothes, cars, everything. Would I like to see more innovation? Sure. But it seems most investors want to go the safer route.
  • Destiny 2 - Our Curse of Osiris Review - MMORPG.com

    Interesting about locking out non expansion owners from content, and a quick Google shows what I expected, it was a mistake.
  • Curse of Osiris Stream Canceled in Favor of Addressing Community Issues - Destiny 2 - MMORPG.com

    It's so weird. But, like with more casual MMOs, since I'm playing D2 casually, it seems I don't have the hate so many do. I'm still light level 242, and climbing slowly. It's good to be slow...

    In reality this only affected people who grind events, no? Bungie's comment was that the system had the OPPOSITE effect on people who did longer activities like Strikes and Crucible. Hiding that was obviously a bad thing, but I wonder if that was even the intent. I'm still playing, I care more about the horrible social system in the game. I'd be playing more if it was easier to team up with guildmates in game for group content. Finally got to do a Night Fall, had to result to cold calling online guildmates XD
  • Credible Sources Saying MHO Closing Friday, Not December 31st After All - Marvel Heroes Omega - MMOR

    Dreycraft said:

    Hariken said:

    I can only hope Disney goes after EA and swtor next.

    Um you can shut your trap now, there a tons of people who absolutely love SWTOR, myself included. I have no love for EA, but SWTOR is a quality game that the dev team is still committed to.
    I played that game for at least 2 years, but I can't call it quality anymore. If it turns out they can't sell loot boxes anymore I would bet it won't last long.
  • Destiny 2 PC Review In Progress - Destiny 2 Columns

    I was lucky enough to get almost a full day in thanks to my wife conveniently taking our daughter to meet her mother and sister :)
    For what Destiny 2 is I think it does it very well. The combat is the most satisfying experience I've found in a game in a while. I don' t think it will vary enough between the classes to make the replay as fulfilling as it could be though.

    About clan chat . . . how much is that still used? Most guilds I have been in used voice primarily, even for casual banter. With all the overlays provided by different social apps and the popularity of Discord it might not have been seen as a worthwhile effort to add it in.

    I would have liked the world to be more open as well, but that isn't what this game is, and I think I'd prefer the warning to an invisible wall, I definitely prefer it to a visible wall.

    My wishlist is allowing 3rd person all the time and add helmets off all the time n top of that. For now when I'm running around I just equip a sword to get my preferred view. Then I have to look at the back of the helmet though . . .

    After a while doing events and quests on Earth I decided to do the main story first and unlock my other 2 subclasses. On the 3rd world now and I love it, very fantastic and alien, and even the enemies act very different that the Fallen and Red Legion. There is still so much to explore on all the worlds, and there is stuff to find while exploring, just some chests with common mats and reputation items, but better than nothing.

    I am still waiting for someone else to realize that they could put a lot more money into a game and still get as good of an RoI. Despite Destiny 2 being a great game, I find myself constantly thinking it could have been so much more and attracted a lot more players.