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  • How it works. Starting and ending with WoW

    Akulas said:
    The best MMORPG in the world has a playerbase of 52 with 2 old people trying to figure out what twitch is.
    I highly doubt "old people" care what twitch is.  I don't know if I'm officially old yet, but I'm in my early 40s and I don't know anyone my age remotely interested in watching other people play video games.  We play the fuckers ourselves like all sane people do.
  • Raph Koster's Postmortems Book Review: A Walk Through the MMO Graveyard - MMORPG.com

    What is it washed up Developer week at mmorpg?  First Smed now this guy?  Both were a bunch of hacks who have done nothing but get their games shut down.  
    I didn't care much for UO, SWG, or EQ, but UO and EQ are still running.  And the people that loved them really, really loved them. 

    Saying some of the key figures that started and shaped modern mmorpgs, and ran the most successful mmorpgs of their times are hacks is beyond disingenuous and pretty ridiculous.  
  • LF rollercoaster MMO (Like WoW/FF14)

    I assume you mean theme park?  Have you played Wildstar?  AoC as the guy above recommended too.  I'd start with Wildstar, as that is really great game that got a bad rap for being too tough at first.  
  • WoW CLASSIC News - It Will Begin with Patch 1.12, Drums of War - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    Celcius said:
    I think that claiming that this will fail completely is absolutely insane. This will be huge initially. I do think that it will settle after a few months and will become as big as smaller niche games like EQ1/EQ2/ DCUO / Rift / AA , ect. I don't expect it to last too long. They could gate content to make it lost a little longer, but I doubt they will do that. They are basically building this, maintaining it so that it doesn't break, and moving on. This is not a progression server. Eventually, all you will have to do is Nax and grind BGs. Some people want that, but that is again; very niche. 

    Its not just what there is to do - its the systems available while you do it.  Current WoW stripped all complexity and any system requiring thought or choice out of the game to attract a larger audience, while alienating their audience there because of those items.  No one disputes that, yet it still has a large player base.  Old WoW had less repetitive things to do, but much, much better systems that made the content available worth doing and the game worth playing.  

    This whole thread is people projecting what they currently want in games onto what made people want a classic server or what currently drives them to play private servers of old content.  The fact that if you are currently playing new MMOs, and taking your wants and desires, or the wants and desires of your friends who play them, is leaving out all the reasons why people like me and others extremely interested in a classic WoW server want it and why we do not play any of the shit, water-down tripe that is popular today.  Your arguments seem to be that WoW classic will fail because people want Harry Potter and without Harry Potter they will get bored.  Ignoring the fact that people who like actual good, classic, intelligent, adult literary works have no interest in Harry Potter and the success or failure of "Crime and Punishment" in today's market has nothing to do with Harry Potter fans.

  • WoW CLASSIC News - It Will Begin with Patch 1.12, Drums of War - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com

    I honestly don't think people saying the classic servers will only have short term success understand why people interested in a classic server are interested. You are imposing your beliefs and desires onto people coming from a completely different place and mindset. Its like a devout Christian telling an Atheist they'll get bored of having no religion because they won't get new content from the Christian community or Sunday service.

    I am absolutely baffled as to why or how people could be interested in such a low-brow games like modern WoW with systems literally made to attract and retain young children, completely devoid of any complexity, need for thought, or anything remotely interesting to mature mmorpg players. Yet, since I am reasonable I do not go into WoW expansion threads and tell all modern WoW players they'll get bored of WoW because it is geared towards stupid children. Neither do we do it for games with absolutely no content like MOBAs, battle royale games, or the crafting games called survival games. Obviously the people interested in tripe like that have different wants and desires for what they are looking for in a game. I certainly would be bored after trying them, but that does not mean the kid's playing them, or watching other people playing them, will.

    There is nothing saying they couldn't make a WoW BC server and allow character transfers to it from classic, nor another for the last expansion of WoW aimed at an adult audience - WotLK. And nothing indicates all three versions couldn't have very healthy populations that make Blizzard tons of money. Look how WoW's population has dwindled since they changed their focus from adults to children. This classic server will just recoup some of the numbers they've hemorrhaged over the years.