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  • Anybody skip the recent gen of mmos?

    I have skipped most MMOs.  I like mmorpgs, and not the weird flashy ones that seem to be aimed at kids that are the only ones coming out the last half decade or so.  Thankfully, the old real ones are still up and running and I can still rotate through them.  
  • New DLC, Dragon Bones, Coming in Early 2018 with New Content & QoL Imiprovements - Elder Scrolls Onl

    blamo2000 said:
    N o word on an auction house?  I play games to have fun, not waste all my time trying to buy or sell something.
    If you're not an idiot it's actually an easy system that combats undercutters and RMT.

    What if you are an idiot that likes to play games instead of run around like a bigger idiot?  This system was made for people who don't work but instead play games all day.  I highly doubt these "non-idiots" that are unemployed or fraudulently on disability sucking off the system are more qualified to control a game's economy than undercutters and RMT people.  Especially when a good system allows people who work for a living and have a family they need to spend time with don't want to run around like actual idiots wasting all their game time trying to buy or sell something instead of doing something fun, like playing the actual game instead of an extremely flawed and time wasting system catering to invalids.

    This game destroyed the whole reason to join a guild.  Its a ridiculous system that only works for a different group of people as awful as the RMT people.  Or even more.  I'd rather deal with RMT people.
  • What is your most hated feature or paradigm in an MMO?

    I'll add another one - crafting games mislabeled as something else.  These games call themselves sandboxes and use it as an excuse to not have any content.  The original sandbox games all had content.  They had quests and npcs and stuff to do.  What is currently called a sandbox game usually means no content at all, or "player made content."  Player made content means grinding and grinding to craft.  If the whole point of the game is to craft it is a crafting game.  It is not a survival game, or rpg, or sandbox, or anything other than a crafting game.  

    Also, if WW3 happened today and I survived do you know what I would craft?  Nothing.  I would scavenge and sleep in already made houses in already made mattresses.  I would grow nothing and make nothing.  Everything I would need is already made.

    If I was dropped on an island with nothing man made in a hostile environment brimming with hungry large carnivorous creatures my goal would not be to become a master craftsman.  My goal would be to find something high enough to jump off of and die before I died much slower from exposer or as living animal food.  Even if I wanted to live my goal would never be to be a master craftsman.  It would be escape the awful island, and to not be a master craftsman.  In no situation do I ever want to master a building craft.  I hate building anything.  I hate mowing my lawn.  I even hate tightening door knobs.  I especially hate Ikea.  I work hard at my not building profession so I can buy completed furniture.  When my wife goes to Ikea I refuse to put it together.  She makes me anyways, but I hate it and complain loudly and often.
  • FCC killed net neutrality. What does it mean for gamers?

    Quizzical said:
    DMKano said:
    Quizzical said:
    Don't assume that if there are a ton of regulations imposed, they'll be the regulations you want.  Comcast can afford to hire a lot of lawyers and lobbyists.  A small ISP that only serves one market can't.  Who do you think that the regulations will be written to favor?

    When regulation really took off in the United States in the 1930s, the effect in many industries was killing off a lot of small businesses and pushing consolidation of industries into fewer, larger businesses.

    Lobbying laws need to change big time.

    Should start by if any politician gets a payment from any special interest group their vote no longer counts due to conflict of interest.

    Also anyone in politics should be required to have all their financials open and disclosed for life - to eliminate the loophole of "being paid after the vote".

    This would also eliminate a lot of shit politicians whose sole purpose is to get that special interest money.

    If you give a bureaucracy massive power to wreck businesses on a whim, then those companies pretty much have to find ways to influence what the bureaucracy does.  Laws can change the means by which the money gets there, but they can't change the fact of it.

    If laws along the lines of what you proposed were enacted, then whoever got to decide which groups counted as special interests and which didn't would wield far more power than any elected politicians.  I'm not sure what the right term for such a system would be, but "democracy" sure isn't it.

    It's usually more illuminating to think of campaign contributions that businesses make to politicians as being extortion on the part of the politicians rather than bribery on the part of the companies.  In many cases, businesses have to pay lobbyists just to get their side of the story heard so that politicians don't do something to gratuitously destroy them.

    I agree completely with DMKamo.  Besides their being a fourth estate working as a propaganda arm protecting one side, lobbyists are the next biggest problem.  Why are there politicians so stupid to only know one side of the story and need to be bribed or paid to hear the other?  

  • Elder Scrolls Online - What's in Store for Tamriel in 2018? -

    The guild function in this game goes against the reason to join a guild. It means customers only. There is no actual reason not to have an auction house. The current system serves no one besides those who are unemployed and have too much time to waste in a game at the detriment of sane people who work for a living and have families. I don't want to spend large amounts of time and energy buying something. When I can play I want to play. I do not want to do the mmo equivalent of going curtain shopping with my wife but even somehow more boring and awful since I'm not even earning brownie points for being a good emasculated buffoon.