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  • Celebrate the Fourth Starfall Anniversary Throughout June - WildStar - MMORPG.com

    I really enjoy most of Wildstar. It has decent character development, it made getting from a to b fun, it made combat fun, but - it also separated those who suck from actual good players. Those who suck didn't like it and had hissy fits, letting developers know that they should never make a game that cuts them out of most content again or else. I put a huge effort into not sucking at Wildstar, and was successful in dungeons for the most part, but the higher level raids I was clearly a weak link. It is, to this day, the only mmorpg that I got nervous when playing, even in dungeons, and really, really had to try. What compounded the issue was how rote the people I played with were in ridiculously hard raids. When I was going crazy just trying to pay attention to myself and not dying, they were able see what everyone was doing, talk to people coherently, and make it look easy. I still play Wildstar in my rotation, and I am glad a game was able to completely humble me and change my view of pve. And this is both before and after all the nerfs.
  • Will MMOs Become the Entertainment of the Future? - Garrett Fuller - MMORPG.com

    I would love to see esports enter the general sporting arena, but the rest is just nincompoop fodder. Anyone who sits around watching other people play video games just to watch other people play video games is seriously mentally ill and in need of help. The same would go for anyone who sits around watching other people watch TV, or watching other people read books, or anything else clearly insane people do. Play the goddamn game if it is so interesting to you.

    Watching the best compete makes perfect sense and is and always will be a cornerstone of most societies. I think fanatics stalking stars is far more sensible than people watching other people play video games for no reason at all. It is weird and unseemly. My kids do it all the time and it will never make sense to me. If what my kids are doing is the future of entertainment I would much prefer the world end in nuclear holocaust. Its seriously embarrassing to the human race. My oldest has, thankfully, grown out of this nonsense. She and her friends now prefer talking over watching some idiot play minecraft. They also prefer going out and watching real shows and doing normal people activities. This gives me hope that my younger two will follow suite and this is just a new subculture for pre-teens and a new outlet for nuts that isn't increasing the amount of nuts in the world but just pulling from older activities the nuts were distributed into.
  • Level Scaling Borefest...

    This is just one more reason to ignore WoW as a serious gamer until they come out with the vanilla server.  The only way this game can be more kid inclusive is to remove chat and just have an emoticon reply system like most games made exclusively for children.  
  • So you are happy with the direction It's going?

    The first MMORPG I bought was EQ when it was new.  It took a while for me to get it working.  I had to get the internet, and then had to get a graphics card after that, all in all it was a hassle to get it to work.  The whole time the idea in my head of what it was going to be like versus what it actually was like was very disappointing.  I wasn't a fan of that game. 

    The idea in my head was pretty neat.  My character coming upon someone overwhelmed by monsters in the wood and helping them and the meeting having significance, like in stories etc.  

    Unlike most people who seem to only like to be forced into grouping to do generic nonsense and consider that to be the pinnacle of MMO social interaction, I find that to just give truth to the lie there is any worth while social interaction in mmorpgs.  Its meaningless interaction and I avoid it as much as possible.  I have to deal with people all day at work, and if my interaction with them in games can't be of any significance (and trying to rp for no reason isn't significant either) I'd rather not do it.

    There is this false dichotomy of people believing the two choices are these single player MMOs or their preferred forced chatroom MMO.  In both there is no interaction of any meaning, and if I can't have that I'd rather be left alone and churn through the solo content by myself.

    For my likes, since I don't bemoan the loss of games that are still around and you can still play (which has always confused me), I can play all the games that have came out that I liked...from AO to Wildstar.  I am playing DDO now and loving all the character development options.

    But, in a perfect world, I would love to enter a game that tries to emulate what the core of the P&P experience wanted to give...to enter a blank book with my character and fill it with his story.  P&P can't give it because of scale and scope.  Crpgs can't and are going in the opposite direction by having a highly narrated story dictated to you as you passively watch like a book or movie.  But MMOrpgs could possibly if they went back to the drawing board and just did everything different, and then built upon that released game after released game until some decades later I can enter a game as a character I created and make my own story, and not just churn through scripted content on my own or with a small chatroom of meaningless nothing.  
  • Microsoft Partners with Mixer to Allow Viewer Interaction with Streamers - Minecraft - MMORPG.com

    Am I the only one that thinks watching people play games online is the stupidest thing to ever happen to mankind? I can see watching competitive events when its the best versus the best, but that probably makes up less than 1% of what people watch. Judging by my kids minecraft has a huge chunk of the market.

    I love my kids, but in the interest of mankind evolving instead of devolving further, if there was a vote on if people who watch other people play video games online should be executed to the last, I may vote yes and then just try and hide my kids in an small hidden closet and then force them to play the piano without going to the bathroom.

    When I was a kid and we were allowed to play the Atari waiting for your turn was like torture. I bought my own NES when it came out and still the same. Why would anyone want to watch some other person play a game when you can play it? Just play it. Hit play on the game and not the video. I don't see the difference between watching someone watch a movie and watching someone play a game.

    My wife does not allow me to ban my kids from participating in this insane atrocity. But she watches pretty much every reality TV show so her mind is obviously compromised and there is no logical reason for her wanting her children to be super weird idiots who watch people play games online way more than they ever play games.

    Please commence telling me what an idiot I am, how wrong I am, how awesome watching people play video games online is, etc. I will read and absorb all the comments very carefully and eagerly as this is obviously a super fun activity for perfectly sane people and I just need a lot of name calling to get me to see it correctly.