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  • What is your most hated feature or paradigm in an MMO?

    I'll add another one - crafting games mislabeled as something else.  These games call themselves sandboxes and use it as an excuse to not have any content.  The original sandbox games all had content.  They had quests and npcs and stuff to do.  What is currently called a sandbox game usually means no content at all, or "player made content."  Player made content means grinding and grinding to craft.  If the whole point of the game is to craft it is a crafting game.  It is not a survival game, or rpg, or sandbox, or anything other than a crafting game.  

    Also, if WW3 happened today and I survived do you know what I would craft?  Nothing.  I would scavenge and sleep in already made houses in already made mattresses.  I would grow nothing and make nothing.  Everything I would need is already made.

    If I was dropped on an island with nothing man made in a hostile environment brimming with hungry large carnivorous creatures my goal would not be to become a master craftsman.  My goal would be to find something high enough to jump off of and die before I died much slower from exposer or as living animal food.  Even if I wanted to live my goal would never be to be a master craftsman.  It would be escape the awful island, and to not be a master craftsman.  In no situation do I ever want to master a building craft.  I hate building anything.  I hate mowing my lawn.  I even hate tightening door knobs.  I especially hate Ikea.  I work hard at my not building profession so I can buy completed furniture.  When my wife goes to Ikea I refuse to put it together.  She makes me anyways, but I hate it and complain loudly and often.
  • GOG Winter Sale

    The thing about gog sales is they really are only for young people or people without discerning taste.  I would have said young people only but people I know to be about my age still state they have a backlog of games to play.  This would only be possible if someone somehow hasn't refined their taste after decades of trial and few errors.  I really wish I could find some plentiful source of games I am interested in.  I envy these people.  

    I remember going to EB when I was young and there were tons of games I wanted to play, and 90% (if not more) of the store was PC games or PC related.  Its kind of weird thinking that games where actually more expensive back then.  I don't remember them having sales and it took lots of new technology to drop the prices on outdated games.  I had to spend $50 or so for pretty much every game - new, old, small dev team, large, whatever.  If it was a game made for the PC it was going to cost $50, with no returns at all (due to piracy) and a total crap shot on if it was good or not.  

    And this is where I regale you with tails of walking 50 miles through battle zones to school. And spending years in my science lab to make a working boot disk.  And hard disks louder than airplane engines.  Back when rock and roll was men dressed as women yelling nonsense.  We didn't need your damn hippy sales back then.  Sorry for wasting your time with this useless post.
  • Will classic servers be a long time succes?

    I honestly don't see how people can view the classic server with modern glasses.  The classic server isn't supposed to be the next WoW, or ESO, or Kotor, or FF whatever.  It isn't supposed to make kids and the modern lovers of current mmorpgs or mmos do an about face and get all giddy.  

    It seems these people keep asking, "Where do I fit in to this?"  The answer is - you don't.  Every modern game out there is for you guys to talk about.  This is for the people who want what we think is better...what we once had in the case of wow, and then that just got shit on by kids and people with extremely poor taste in mechanics.  The people who have kept all the older games alive and profitable, and want a new one to add to our rotation of good, or just a place to park we know we will like.  

    You guys are vegetarians talking about how the new meat lover's restaurant is going to stay open when they serve meat.  Guess what?  Not because of you guys.  We know, all sane people know, and you guys seem to be the only ones that don't know.  We want our meat back, and you guys don't like meat.  It really is that simple.
  • Titan Quest - THQ Nordic Announces Expansion Called Ragnarok - MMORPG.com News

    Gorwe said:

    SBFord said:

    Gorwe said:

    I am all over this. I guess the success of Grim Dawn has rubbed off on the game engine.

    Grim Dawn has nothing NOTHING to do with this. This is THQ Nordic, GD is Crate.

    Still, this is awesome.

    Sorry, not sorry. Crate Entertainment used to be Ironlore that developed Titan Quest. ;)




    Don't be smart now. Let's see how this works:

    ILE made TQ, right?

    Then they decided to do a dumb move and make Soulstorm.

    They went broke.

    The respective IPs were left to their "owners" as a part of bankruptcy payout(TQ at THQ and SS at Relic).

    They went and formed a new studio with like 6 ILE founding members, now named Crate Ent.

    CE decided to make and kickstart Grim Dawn.

    GD is a resounding success.

    THQ went bankrupt.

    Nordic Games eventually manages to get the THQ prefix and becomes THQ Nordic.

    THQ Nordic starts collecting IPs of fallen giant THQ and publishing them under its wing(Darksiders, Titan Quest etc). THQ:N releases TQ: Anniversary Edition.

    THQ Nordic makes TQ: Ragnarok.


    GD = Crate Entertainment

    TQ = THQ Nordic

    GD and TQ have nothing to do with each other. Except that GD is a spiritual successor of TQ.

    What code and engine is Grim Dawn made from?
  • ACE Q&A for August - Game Systems - Crowfall Videos - MMORPG.com

    Me too. I'm really glad to hear about specializations and not be able to max everything with one character. As well as the trees looking interesting and them wanting them to get a lot better.