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  • Bard’s Tale 4 Review - An Epic Timeless Tale - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    Torval said:
    blamo2000 said:
    I stayed up way too late playing it last night and called in sick to play more today. It does a lot of shit I differently than I would have wanted or agree with, and you have to turn it on hard difficulty for combat to not be a steamroll waste of time, but I still am having a blast playing it.

    My biggest gripe is they said respecing for mercenary tokens would be included at the adventurer's guild, and it isn't that I have found, seen, or been able to figure out.

    I can't figure out the elven tree riddles that ask you to put an elven weapon in them for the life of me. And either my internet search skills are far worse than I ever imagined (and I know they aren't good) or no one else has either and only a handful are curious.
    I have not figured out the elven riddle things either and there is no info that comes up in search. Those sites probably don't rank well on SEO. :c

    [MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD - mostly about the puzzles, not story]

    - the spoiler tags keep breaking and won't work, so.... yeah.

    I wonder if these are similar to the puzzle locks that require you to put in key items. They have a riddle and then you answer them with the appropriate item. This is in the guide book and in game tutorial.

    There are also sacrificial shrines that have 4 symbols in the shrine pedestal. They are like the elven riddle trees too. I haven't figured out how to make either one work. I'm also not sure if they're something that will be explained later or if we're left to figure these out all on our own.

    There are puzzle weapons too like the one in the article. They have mini puzzles in them and then you insert something that powers a weapon buff. These can be really powerful in reducing skill timers and providing additional skill specific effects, like knock back.

    I have figured out one puzzle weapon that comes as a bonus item for paying for a higher package tier. It's the axe. Once I figured out the puzzles I inserted some gems or seeds and it unlock the bonuses.

    Later I found and elven bow and unlocked it and did the same, only the bonuses didn't unlock. Now I wonder if I need to go and insert it into the Riddle Tree. Either that or it's bugged. There were some sort of bugs about that system.

    Its great to know I'm not the only one not able to figure it out.  I just did the blood room in mangar's tower.  This game has some very good riddles.

    Minor spoilers (not really, just me speculating)-

    Are the sacrifice areas like the one you see almost right away right after first entering the underground?  If so are those the ones tied to the code wheel?  

    The elven tree things - one riddle mentions wine and ale and secrets, but the riddle itself specifically asks for you to put in the elven weapon.  The pre-order axe took up two slots, and all the other ones I found.  I made a dagger with the recipes you get in the first dungeon that uses elven fragment things.  I just thought about it right now and I'm in magnar's tower so can't test but I'll try the dagger since it takes up one slot, so I can also fit ale and wine in with it.

    So far I haven't had an issues with the elven weapons puzzles (on the weapon themselves) being bugged.  Solving them is another issue.  The Axe has a million possibilities with the leather hilt.  All the other ones so far have had a similar slide picture puzzle that I really suck at.  I get close, but then have to completely ruin it by trying to get the one picture in the right spot and just get further and further away from getting it.  I did get one by having my kid do it, but she is giving me a hard time about doing the others because she is an angsty teen and too cool to help her dad out I guess.  My other two kids are too young to serve my BT4 puzzle needs.  
  • Shadows Awakening Review - Fantastic and Flawed - The RPG Files - MMORPG.com

    Scot said:

    Play one MMO + one solo game at a time, that is the path of the Shepard young Lamb. :)
    I can't even do that.  I can only play one game at a time.  
  • Tabletop Fans Attend! Entromancy: A Cyberpunk Fantasy Roleplaying Game by Our Good Friends Som & Rob

    Torval said:

     Traveller with Stryker and supplements was fairly self-contained.

    Scot said:

    Traveller, there was a system, with a lesson in character creation using a life path approach. 

    Either of you play the Traveller crpg?  I think it may have been called mega-traveler.  I was really young when I got it, but that was the first time it connected in my head that the games I was drawn towards (crpgs) were an offshoot of pnp games.  If you never played it - it allowed you to print off the character sheets to use for pnp games.   
  • Whats you excitement level with WOW BFA a week out ?

    Zero.  I am super excited about the vanilla server though and playing WoW again from before it decided to focus on recruiting little children instead of making their adult audience happy.  That Ghost whatever guy just completely gutted everything good out the game, and then pissed all over it.  
  • Whales and freeloader symbiotic relationship conquering gaming?

    The whole argument is nonsense since the people that complain about it refuse to speak with their wallets.  Only play and support b2p and subscription based games and make them successful.  If you play f2p games where wales can pay to win you are part of the problem you are complaining about.  It makes a huge difference if you are not part of the perceived problem you complain about.

    I only like and play certain kinds of games.  I like games with decent character development systems.  I also can't get into games with no content that people mistakenly call "sandboxes," or games with a main system and game focus of crafting people call "survival" games.  I don't play those types of games, or games with no chardev like Destiny or The Division.  Because I don't want games I don't like or don't value what I look for in games having my business.  When WoW removed skill trees and any meaningful character development options and started focusing on recruiting young children - I cancelled my subscription.  

    Vote with your wallets.  If you want to end the wale-freeloader type games don't play them, don't give them money, don't click on links or news stories about them, don't watch videos of them, etc.  And subscribe to b2p subscription only games.  I can't play any mmorpg for long stretches, but I keep my subscription to a lot of games that value what I do going to support them.  

    Even if you aren't willing to support what you value with money, at least don't support what you dislike or don't value with your play time or clicks or any way to increase the visibility, popularity, or revenue of these games.