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  • How do we define "toxic" in a pvp game?

    I don't know if I'm alone in this, but my reaction to "toxic" pvp is pretty toxic.  People like me provide a lot of motivation to the "toxic" people.  

    So many times in games I got ganked and spent the rest of my game time trying to get revenge, which rarely pans out and usually gives the ganker hours of entertainment.  They can kill me 99 times, but as soon as I manage to come up with a strategy that kills them (like timing mass agro on me as I'm getting killed, popping smoke with vanish so he gets the agro, then killing him when he has a sliver of life) - I consider that a complete victory and win, log out with a smile and pretend I didn't get laughably owned for hours.  

    I remember the good nights like that a lot more than I do finally getting a raid boss down.  God bless the toxic people and the good memories they provide us.  
  • This Is Anthem Series, Part 1: Story, Progression, and Customization - MMORPG.com

    "They didn't show the character development in the video, just the Javelin loadouts/customization.
    Javelin gets all the abilities because it's hardware. The character development is more pilot related."

    I wish this made me feel better but the fact they completely left out and didn't even mention the chacater development in a video with this title/focus doesn't fill me with hope.

    I'll check it out since I am spending all the money I usually spend on new games from Steam on other platforms in protest to their authoritarian anti-free speach bullshit, and it seems I get it for free for having the Origin membership I just picked up recently.  I just don't have high hopes I'm in their target market or that game values what I do.  But, at least according to you, they do have a character development system so I'll go into it with an open mind and give an honest go of it.  
  • Chronicles of Elyria: Wherefore Art Thou? - MMORPG.com

    I said it before and people seemed to think I was an idiot for saying it but the way to fix kickstarter is for devs to post full budgets. I don't want to invest in a studio upgrading computers from serviceable to unnecessary, or KSs ignoring simple things like a basic understanding employment costs. You can separate most of the wheat from the chaff just by requiring them to post a budget and learning if they even have a rudimentary knowledge of budgeting and finance.

    I would still KS a ton of games. But I love most of the heavy, indy rpgs that come from them. I am willing to risk $50 on a hope and prayer for a good rpg that values what I do by a small, passionate team working on a nothing budget and asking for almost nothing and won't enrich themselves with it even if successful. But when it comes to mmorpgs - and the crazy budgets they ask for - I get really skeptical. It would be different if there was one being made that I really wanted and was passionate about - but none of them being made hit the notes or selling points for me that small indy games do.
  • Child Like

    Great post OP.  I completely agree.  I think its insane people will fly off the hooks if a game's animations is a little off, but everyone does cartwheels when combat is literally designed to be easy for seven year old children.  Its a mad world. 
  • MMORPGs dead? Nonsense! This is the most exciting time for upcoming games that I can remember.

    I dislike the "evolving" argument.  Because things always "evolve" in a direction exactly away from what I want or enjoy.  I like A, B, and C elements of traditional mmorpgs.  I would love them to evolve into A^2, B^2, and C^2, but what happened is elements I liked as a secondary or tertiary supplement when included with A, B, and C (elements D, E, and F) all broke off into their own genres.  And they didn't even bother with A, B, or C, or included a little of A, like .00001*A.  

    Again, that is great for people that enjoy just D or E or F.  But I don't want A, B, or C on their own.  I also don't want just A, B, and C.  I want it all - but better, more complex, more options.

    What I see happening to the mmorpg is like the opposite of education.  I started early in mmorpgs (UO, EQ, AC, then AO), and each new one gave me more of what I liked - until it started going in reverse.  Most players of WoW seemed to be ecstatic when they removed character development and all meaningful player choices.  That part of the game they were not interested in - it was an annoyance, something that didn't matter because you just copied whatever the raider putting up the best numbers did and it made the arena harder to balance.  So, remove that, then this, then this other thing that confused and was a barrier to nine year old potential players.  

    That's great for people that don't care.  But it is clearly not "evolving."  Its devolving.  Its regression.  Its going from graduate school to grade school.  Evolving in gaming terms means making games to including a wider and younger audience, and pandering to the lowest common denominator.  Its like starting off reading Tolstoy and Thoreau and then you "evolve" into reading Harry Potter and the Werewolf/Vampire lover lady books.  Its a 100% definite regression.  

    And I'm not saying its bad.  Liking Harry Potter and the Werewolf/Vampire team lover books and movies isn't bad.  They are super popular because people love them.  But it just isn't interesting if you used to have and love Tolstoy and Thoreau and you want more shit like that.  And obviously comparing old WoW to Thoreau is ridiculous, but not if the scale is now what we are getting for mmos.  Its a pretty solid analogy.