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  • Is Crowfall skating on P2W / P2A ice?

    Frykka said:
    blamo2000 said:
    When is the "soft-launch?" 

    Likely in December with the free Beta starting in September/October and the Commercial advertising push coming around Feb/Mar 2019.

    I figured with the activity and discussion in this post the release date was somewhat close, and an actual date given.  

    December 2018 means November 2022.  By that time the robots will have taken over the earth and all this discussion will be moot.  

  • Release the Kraken - Shroud of the Avatar Columns

    Scot said:

    I have heard a number of posters talking about the P2W side of the game. This seems to be about earning gold and a special currency.

    What I have not figured out is how this is P2W, can gold help you level, get PvP boosts, etc? I understand lots of gold means you have good equipment, is that where the P2W lies?

    Unless the changed something from about 6 months ago, the only thing I found worth buying in the eshop was $5 purchase to upgrade bank slots. Everything else was useless cosmetics. There was a currency I got somehow that I could buy more of for some pots that boost some stuff, but they didn't do anything worth wasting money on. I couldn't even be bothered to spend the currency the game gave me on any of them.

    And I do buy good stuff worth buying for games. My wife and I have got into a lot of fights from me going a little crazy on DDO when they have the XP gem boxes.

    I have zero interest in buying houses or housing lots - or shit for fake houses or cosmetic items that change my characters appearance. If you are into houses and shit then the eshop is probably a money pit for you.

    My biggest criticism of the game is they have whole cities that are just player houses and shops. People probably paid good money for that shit and I know I will never visit one in a million years. I find it hard to believe I am in the minority on this, so it just seems like very poor development having people pay real money for a town, house, and shop all the sane people who play the game will never even consider visiting. Its like ESO with no real AH. That retarded system caters to people even more awful than the actual gold sellers the system is supposed to protect against. I have no idea what people have against real, functional auction houses for sane people.
  • Producer's Letter Teases Out 2018 Content - Dungeons & Dragons Online - MMORPG.com

    This game is like a rare, fine wine that gets exponentially better as it ages.
  • What is your most hated feature or paradigm in an MMO?

    I'll add another one - crafting games mislabeled as something else.  These games call themselves sandboxes and use it as an excuse to not have any content.  The original sandbox games all had content.  They had quests and npcs and stuff to do.  What is currently called a sandbox game usually means no content at all, or "player made content."  Player made content means grinding and grinding to craft.  If the whole point of the game is to craft it is a crafting game.  It is not a survival game, or rpg, or sandbox, or anything other than a crafting game.  

    Also, if WW3 happened today and I survived do you know what I would craft?  Nothing.  I would scavenge and sleep in already made houses in already made mattresses.  I would grow nothing and make nothing.  Everything I would need is already made.

    If I was dropped on an island with nothing man made in a hostile environment brimming with hungry large carnivorous creatures my goal would not be to become a master craftsman.  My goal would be to find something high enough to jump off of and die before I died much slower from exposer or as living animal food.  Even if I wanted to live my goal would never be to be a master craftsman.  It would be escape the awful island, and to not be a master craftsman.  In no situation do I ever want to master a building craft.  I hate building anything.  I hate mowing my lawn.  I even hate tightening door knobs.  I especially hate Ikea.  I work hard at my not building profession so I can buy completed furniture.  When my wife goes to Ikea I refuse to put it together.  She makes me anyways, but I hate it and complain loudly and often.
    gunklacker[Deleted User]DvoraMrMelGibson
  • GOG Winter Sale

    The thing about gog sales is they really are only for young people or people without discerning taste.  I would have said young people only but people I know to be about my age still state they have a backlog of games to play.  This would only be possible if someone somehow hasn't refined their taste after decades of trial and few errors.  I really wish I could find some plentiful source of games I am interested in.  I envy these people.  

    I remember going to EB when I was young and there were tons of games I wanted to play, and 90% (if not more) of the store was PC games or PC related.  Its kind of weird thinking that games where actually more expensive back then.  I don't remember them having sales and it took lots of new technology to drop the prices on outdated games.  I had to spend $50 or so for pretty much every game - new, old, small dev team, large, whatever.  If it was a game made for the PC it was going to cost $50, with no returns at all (due to piracy) and a total crap shot on if it was good or not.  

    And this is where I regale you with tails of walking 50 miles through battle zones to school. And spending years in my science lab to make a working boot disk.  And hard disks louder than airplane engines.  Back when rock and roll was men dressed as women yelling nonsense.  We didn't need your damn hippy sales back then.  Sorry for wasting your time with this useless post.